Saturday, August 25, 2012

Great pupdate!

Update from the foster mom on Nala and Bruno:

"I want to start off saying I am blown away from everyone’s support. I can’t stop crying reading all the emails and facebook posts. It has been crazy. So if I don’t respond to communication as quickly please forgive me.

Renaldo and I went to visit the babies around dinner time. Like Sharon has said the blood work looks good overall but they haven’t been peeing. Well we spent an hour and a half with them and got both Bruno and Nala to pee a good deal, and #2 several times for both of them. They are definitely swollen and retaining water. While we were out their gums got white toward the end so we went back inside and laid down next to them.

Another 15 minutes and both of their gums were pink. So that is good news. They both drank water but are just very swollen and lethargic. Walked very well but just looked exhausted. They were VERY happy to get outside to see each other and walk around and lay in the grass.

So we are still in rough territory and this by no way means that they are home free, but I am so glad they peed for me. So keep those prayers and vibes coming. Thank you all so much for your help."

Wow, who knew humans would be so happy to see dogs pee? :)  Since antifreeze poisoning shuts down the kidneys, peeing is a really good sign because it shows that their kidneys are still functioning!!

LBR set up a ChipIn page to help cover Nala and Bruno's vet bills. (Since Nala isn't a foster dog, LBR can't cover her bills directly.) Thank you to anyone who helps!


  1. all our paws are crossed for their recovery
    Have a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  2. Still sending strong sibe vibes and crossing our paws for a full recovery. Mom once had a little cockapoo who got into rat poison. She should have beena goner but with lots of meds and good care and love, she came through even if it took almost a year before she was fully herself.

    Thanks for the pupdate.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. OK.... so I guess this means that they need someone they feel Safe and Comfortable around... in order to Pee and Poop. THAT says a lot about YOU and Renaldo.
    I am so glad that they did go. WHEW. THAT is a BIG step in the right direction.
    Ernie and I have our paws CROSSED fur them and are sending STRONG
    fur a Swift and FULL recovery.
    I hope to H--- the one(s) responsible... are made to suffer the full extent allowed. And it STILL won't be Enough.

  4. That's a wonderful pupdate! Thanks for letting us know!
    Play bows,