Friday, May 28, 2010

Rest in Peace, Boss

I am very sad to say, we lost this boy.  He was dumped at a shelter because he was acting sick, and then he tested positive for parvo.  The shelter and LBR acted quickly to start his care, but it was too late.  We are so sorry we couldn't save you, Boss.

Please don't forget the importance of vaccinating your pets.  A cheap vaccination would have prevented this handsome boy's pain and his death.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Puppy Naming Auction

Yes, we have puppies, and they need names!  You can bid for the right to name a puppy on ebay.  Click here to join the fun!

I have some ideas for naming the puppies...  This boy should be Saffron, I think.

Hmmm....this guy is cute.  Maybe he will be Hericot Vert.

Look at this boy!  He should be Wedgwood.

This one I think should be named Clifford.

Oh, she is pretty.  I think Fuchsia would be a good name for her.

I will think on it a little more.  Meanwhile, you can go and bid to name one of the babies!  Click here to join the game! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just a small sampling

Saturday was Pet Fair again and by all the smells on mom they had a good turnout. You know come to think of it her face looked a little chapped afterwards, surely she didn't smooch on all these dogs (mom-oh yes I did!).
This is Zinnia and Wade. Just look at those smiles, they must like having their pictures taken.

This is Sassafras and Camacho. Their buds and enjoy it when they can hang out together.

This is Indica (fawn) and Kotton (white). They're a mother and son pair that need to be adopted together. If you want two dogs you won't get any better than these two.

Milky Way and Rhome. Rhome was showing off his skills! Milky Way looks a lot like me!

Last but not least, this is Dugan. He got adopted this weekend. Way to go Dugan, enjoy your new home!

This was just some of the dogs that made it out to pet fair and just a small sampling of the dogs with Legacy just waiting for their forever homes!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Amarillo is a Toy Boy

Big, loud, handsome Amarillo has been with his foster mom for almost five months now, and has shown no real interest in toys - until now.  The boy has shown his true colors by picking a small, hot pink, shiny toy, as his first to play with.  ;-)

There were tons of dogs toys for him to choose.  Big, small, all different kinds and colors.  Until now, Amarillo has shown little to no interest in ANY of them.  Then, his foster mom, Rebecca, stopped by Ross on a toy quest and this hot pink dog looked so wimpy, she almost left it there.  For only $2.99, she decided it would be a good fetch toy that Amarillo's foster sister could play with in the yard.  It turns out that Amarillo likes it instead.  He's been carrying it around in his mouth, fetching it and playing with it.  I can't believe this is the toy that he chose! 

Ever since that little hot pink squeaky toy caught his fancy last week, he keeps playing with more and more new toys every day.  He even discovered the joys of an empty water bottle (1 liter size for his big self, thank you very much).

I'm so glad to see the boy is enjoying himself now!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Puppy Breath

I love being a volunteer for Legacy. Yes, I'm a volunteer too, duh. Mom vaccinates and I volunteer to play with the puppies and help teach them how to be good doggies. It's a lot of work let me tell you.

First you introduce yourself like this. A through sniffing is required.

Sit! Good boy

Now it's play time. Hey! Watch the ears dude!

After all that it's nap time. Those puppies wear me out.

Noel's Story

I want to introduce you all to Noel, a great boxer who had a rough start in life, but got super-lucky and found a perfect forever family!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Join Us at the Luau!

Here at LBR, we are gearing up for the Sixth Annual Bow Wow Luau and Silent Auction!  Zinnia asks all her friends and fans to come out and have a good time!

I thought this would be a good time to show you a few pictures from the Luaus of the past, and all the doggy and human fun!

Here are Booker and Bella totally decked out Hawaiian style!

Look at all the yummy fruit!

Casey is stylin' in his Hawaiian shirt - he even won the costume contest at last year's Luau.  He has vowed to repeat, and he challenges all of you to come out and give him a run for his money!

Look how handsome and happy Tyson looked!  Tyson just passed his Therapy Dog test with flying colors!  Hi mom is so proud!

This is the doggy play area, where all the pups get to run around and play together.  I know, there seems to be lots of humans, too.  If you look closely on the right, you can see Rhonda and Brandy posing.  Weirdos.

This handsome boy won the best trick contest.  I think he must be crazy, because if someone put a treat on my nose, I would just eat it.  Treats are for eating, not balancing.  However, I must admit, he is a super smart boy other than that.

Finally we have tiny Keba in her costume.  I am quite sure that she felt robbed when Casey edged her out in the costume contest.  She was adorable in her grass skirt and lei!

So, we are hoping to see you all out in your best duds at the luau!  Humans are welcome, and they will have fun eating, drinking, and buying cool auction items.  You can find out the details and buy tickets here:  Sixth Annual Bow Wow Luau and Silent Auction.