Friday, February 26, 2021

Back to normal

 Things have finally gotten back to normal here for me and Momma. I have been helping her with her new sewing project.

Prop up that arm, Momma. You don't want stitcher's elbow!


Otherwise, Momma and I are just hanging out and enjoying each others' company. 

 Nothing like a pandemic and a generational ice storm to make you appreciate the little things.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Update from the Frozen Wasteland!

 OMD, guys! Sorry I haven't posted all week, but you wouldn't believes how kerazy it's been down here! You may have heard from the news guys that Texas has had some really nasty weather. At furst, it wasn't so bad. Momma and I were sad that our Best Guy couldn't drive down to see us for Valentine's Day, but were were enjoying the novelty of snow and cuddling all cozy inside.

But then stuff started getting kinda skeery. Lots of people we knew were losing power and water and phone service. We found out that Auntie lost power on Saturday night, and she still didn't have it by Monday night. It was getting skeery cold for her and all her pups. They were having to go all sit in the car just to warm up. So Momma and I talked her into coming to stay with us. They came over late Monday night, and all of a sudden my house was flooded with dogs!

I'll tell you, furiends, it was pretty exhausting. They were sitting on MY momma's lap!!!! I couldn't even fit. Most of the cousins are smaller than me, so they were all squeezing on. I had to eke out what cuddles I could, and I was getting pretty tired of the whole thing.

But then Cousin Benny -- the only one bigger than me! -- and I discovered a mutual love of TOYS. We started playing fetch and tug and keep-away. It was so different playing with a DOG than a human. It made the visit so much fun!!

Momma and Auntie did boring stuff like play board games or cards and watch TV. And play with us, of course! Auntie checked yesterday, and she had power back at her house and no burst pipes! They stayed with us one more night to be safe, because it was another hard freeze last night, and then they were home today. It's night to have Momma and the couch back to myself, but it's really quiet too.....


Maybe the cousins can visit again soon!

Friday, February 12, 2021

Cozy Valentine's Day

 Momma says that it's Valentine's Day on Sunday, so I guess I should post this today.

I'm trying to do my sultry look, but I don't think it's coming across well! I'm very good at kisses and looooove to give them all the time. Momma sometimes says that I need to tone down on the kisses a little, but of course she's just kidding. Whenever our Best Guy comes over, I jump up to try to kiss his face and then kiss his arms all over when that doesn't work. I know he loves it because he's always saying "Matilda! Stopit, Matilda!" Stopit is our little code word for "I love you," of course. BOL!

Momma's a little sad because our weather is AWFUL right now. There was a giant accident not too far away from us yesterday involving 135 cars and lots of people killed or hurt. It's really really cold and icy right now, and Texas isn't set up to deal with that. So it's not safe to drive very far. And our Best Guy lives an hour away. :( So he may not come down for Valentine's, which makes us both sad. But then I reminded Momma that she's got ME. I may not be her Valentine, but we're still two peas in a pod and we loves each other very much.

So maybe we'll have a Galentine's Day this weekend. Lots of wine for Momma and tree rat cookies for me. BOL. However you'll celebrate it, have a grreat -- and SAFE! -- weekend!

Friday, February 5, 2021

A new supervillain?

 Momma watched the new Wonder Woman movie this summer, because she really really loves Wonder Woman. Apparently she faced a new enemy named Cheetah, who was like a big kitty. But of course Wonder Woman won out in the end!! I said it was because she was just facing a big kitty, and they're not skeery. But Momma said she figured out the real reason.

Apparently Wonder Woman's natural enemy is the boxer! BOL!!!

Really, Momma, would this face do something like that?

So when do I get another?

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Nurse Matilda on duty!

 Sorry we're a little late today, folks, but I've been working hard for the past two days! I mentioned that Momma was getting a shot on Monday? It wasn't a rabies shot after all, but the second dose of that other vaccine all the humans are talking about. She was super happy to get it, but boy did she feel uncomfortable afterwards!

She said it's a sign she has a healthy immune response, so she wasn't upset. But she was either shivering a whole bunch or super hot, and I think she hurt a lot because she taught me a WHOLE bunch of new HBO words!!

I immediately went to work making her feel better. I know, I was working on my birthday! But that's what we working breeds do.

Thanks to my help, Momma is feeling almost 100% better! Phew! What would she have done without me??

Monday, February 1, 2021

A Barkday to Remember!

 Wow wow WOW! Guys, I'm three whole years old today! It doesn't seem real. I don't FEEL any more mature. I thought it would just kind of hit me by now.

But here I am, three years old, and definitely old enough to go on a grreat barkday adventure!! We had to do it yesterday, because Momma is being boring and working today. (And getting some kind of a shot that she's really happy about. I hope it's not rabies.) Anyways, I told Momma that her big idea BETTER not just be a photoshoot!!

But no, we were off into the grrreat unknown!!! I've been telling Momma that what I really wanted to do was go on a big adventurous hike like some of my furiends do. Going out into the wilds, matching my wits against dangerous animals, and breaking new ground!

We couldn't quite manage the wilds -- there was a paved walkway right next to us, but it still felt like we were really getting out there. Then we came across something I heard about from my friends Maggie and Ragnar -- a trippy-trap bridge! I was a little nervous crossing my furst one. You never know when there might be trolls underneath!

It was lots of fun! I even humored Momma and posed with her without any cookies!

By the time we spotted the second trippy-trap bridge, I was an old pro and ready to take on any trolls!!

Momma, this has to be 87 miles, right?? We walked FUREVER!!

We ended our walk at a pretty heart of hearts that was painted to match my Birthday Girl bandana. How nice of them to put it out just to celebrate my barkday!

Afterwards, we had to refuel from such major exertions. So we went to Sonic, and I gots a birthday cheeseyburger!!

Ohhh, that's always the best part of a barkday. But the adventure wasn't over yet!! When we gots home, there was a volcanic eruption! Can you believes it?! I got hard to work saving the poor dinos from the molten lava.

Don't worry, guys. I'll save you!

After my stunning heroics, I was treated to a special dinner -- freshly caught tree rat!

Phew!! When I asked for a barkday adventure, I didn't know how jam-packed it was going to be. This was the best barkday EVER. I think I'm glad Momma is working today. I know exactly what my plans for the day are....