Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blanketed with Love!

Hey folks! Putting on my LBR ambassadog hat to tell you about some totally pawesome people. I've talked before about Blanketing Boxers with Love, a group of amazing people who hand-make cozy blankies to send out to foster boxers all over the country. The goal is to give every foster boxer a blanket of his or her very own so they can take something familiar with them to their furever home. LBR has been a recipient of their blankies for a few months now, and our fosters are loving it!!

LBR foster Caston, guest-starring his foster sissy Osha! 

LBR foster Daffodil 

LBR folster Doolin 

LBR foster Greta Garbo 

LBR foster Hampton 

LBR foster Kinsler 

LBR foster Kiwi 

 LBR foster Kyle

LBR foster Liza 

 LBR foster Penelope

LBR foster Roman 

LBR foster Webster

This is just a small sampling of the amazing blankies we've been receiving! From the dogs of LBR, THANK YOU for your love!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Fun at Auntie's

Heya folks! As usual, Jessie and I headed down with Momma to Auntie's house for the weekend. We played with Auntie's pack while Momma and Auntie played at their Renny-sauce faire. At one point, Auntie pulled out a totally pawesome bubble wand! Jessie loved watching the bubbles.

 She was a little pouty when they were gone.

Cousin Bebe was a ham. Momma loved her selfie.

While Jessie was pouting, I organized all the other dogs for a big game. I wanted to teach big ol' cousin Benny a little game I picked up from some furiends. See if you recognize it.

"Okay, everybody, wait until I give the signal."


"You got it, Benny!!"

I hope everyone had a fun weekend and got to chase the Easter Bunny!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

My adventure!

Hey folks, Jessie here! I told you yesterday that I had an adventure.

Do you want to hear all about it? Well, believe it or not, it was the furst time I went to the park! Momma said something about working on "leash manners" until I did more than walking around our neighborhood. But she said I was doing grreat, so she packed us up last week and took us.

"OMD, Casey, there's so much to sniff! How many dogs have BEEN here??"

We got to go over and under bridges. Can you believes that??

"Casey, are deres trolls under these bridges?" 

Casey and I had a blast, sniffing every single blade of grass in the whole darned place. Momma didn't seem to enjoy that part as much, but she laughed a lot whenever I found a new tree that I had to explore thoroughly.

Momma tried to make us pose a whole lot, but we didn't cooperate much. There was so much else to smell!

Casey had to show me up once or twice, but I didn't care. Looks at it all!

Thank you for bringing me, Momma!!

...Can we go again tomorrow?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Being gone is for the birds!

Sorry I've been quiet. I promise we'll be back to posting tomorrow. But in addition to our regular weekend fun at the Renny-sauce faire, we stayed even LONGER to help Auntie celebrate her barkday yesterday! We gave her extra-special kisses and cuddles in the morning, then Momma took her off to the zoo. Momma seemed to think she was Cammie and Maggie's momma and took lots of birdie pictures.

 I told Momma that it's no challenge when all the birdies are behind glass or bars, but she said they were still beeYOUtiful.

Auntie communed with a penguine, and Momma fed a little bird in the aviary.

Anyway, we'll be back to our regular day tomorrow. Just in time to be wordless. BOL!

Friday, March 18, 2016

A SUPER special birthday!

Guess whose birthday it is today??

That's right, Legacy Boxer Rescue turns 12 years old today! That's TWELVE WHOLE YEARS of rescuing boxers like me, Jessie, and all my cousins you hear about on this blog. I've told you my rescue story before. LBR is responsible for turning me from a sad, itchy, lonely boy into the spoiled rotten boxer man I am today!

And you all remember my sweet angel sissy Cinderella, who had a rescue story of her own.

Jessie's transformation wasn't as dramatic, but she's sure glad LBR found her in that shelter just under a year ago!

Happy barkday, LBR! Thank you for 12 amazing years of saving me and my cousins!

Check out LBR today on Facebook to hear more inspiring rescue stories. And if you're able, please donate some green papers to LBR so we can keep saving even more boxers in the years to come! LBR is asking people to donate $12 for their 12th barkday -- Jessie and I made our donations already!

Happy barkday, LBR. Here's to another 12 years!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone is having a pawesome St. Patrick's Day! Did everyone remember their green collars so they don't get pinched??