Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy barkday, LBR!!

Happy 13th Birthday Legacy. We had an awesome day at Haymaker Dallas with lots of boxers (and other furry friends) to help us celebrate!
We raised over $2,700 on the silent auction, raffles and donations today and Haymaker will be sending us a percentage as well. Woohoo!
I want to thank the Legacy Volunteers who have made the last 13 years possible, and a huge thanks to our Adopters, Supporters and Facebook Fans. <3 We LOVE you!!
If you missed the party, and would like to send a little something to the Legacy Boxers, we have our Amazon wish list! Don't forget to use Smile.Amazon.com and Legacy will also get a cash donation from Amazon for your purchase.
Legacy Boxer Rescue Wish List
Link: http://a.co/c5lyupG

Monday, March 20, 2017

Remembering Cinderella

It's hard to believe it's been two years since the clock struck midnight and Cinderella had to leave the ball. Ella was the very best of sissies. She was sweet and silly and playful at heart, even if she was a little old to be too playful in body anymore! She came to us as a senior pup who had been used for breeding, dumped in a shelter when she got sick, and was returned by her first adopters. She made a place for herself right in mine and Momma's hearts, and we'll never furget her!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Erin go bragh!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! We were forced wanted to celebrate by wearing some festive green.

"No. There are LINES, Momma. Green, yes. Stupid headgear, NO. Get it off!" 

 "Casey, Pigeon's making faces at me! How am I supposed to pay attention?"

<sigh> "I work with amateurs. We're never going to get this done."

 "See, Casey, I can be professional!"
"Just keep smiling 'til the treats come out, kiddo."

"Wait, how did I get drafted into this?? I was just hear to laugh at the doggies!"

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Remembering Vivian

We got the sad news this week that Vivian, my former foster sissy, passed away. :~~~~(

Momma and I are very sad. Vivian was SO sweet and kind and loving. Momma wanted to adopt her so bad!!! We couldn't because that was when Cinderella was with us, and you can't have two boxer females together. So Momma tried dressing Viv up as "Vincent" to get around it, BOL!

Sadly, it didn't work! Since we couldn't keep her, we did the next best thing -- got her adopted by a totally pawesome furever family. Vivian and her daddy loved each other very much, and he made the last years of her life very happy.

We'll never furget you Vivian! Momma says you'll always be the one that got away!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Did you know?

The Monday after Daylight Savings Time begins is designated National Napping Day. Jessie and I are doing our part!

It'll be hard, folks, but be sure to pawticipate!

Friday, March 10, 2017

What goes in the middle?

Today is Middle Name Pride Day, according to Ranger's wacky howliday list. So what's YOUR middle name?

Casey: My middle name is Houdini. It's in honor of my mad skillz at escaping any place I want. I can get out of my crate no matter HOW Momma locks and zip ties it. I just stay in now because I choose to. BOL. I can also get out of the bedroom once I open my crate -- yup, I know how to turn doorknobs!

 Jessie: My middle name is Ella! It's in honor of my angel sister Cinderella, who went to the Rainbow Bridge just a few months before I showed up at the shelter needing a rescue. Momma and I both know that Angel Cinderella had a paw in getting me home, so my middle name is to remind us of her.

Pigeon: My middle name is Lipstick. Momma actually named me Lipstick at furst because I reminded her of the kitty from the book "Koko's Kitten," about an ape named Koko who adopted a kitten. She named it Lipstick because it was red. I look a lot like it, so that was my name at furst... but it just didn't suit me! She switched my name to Pigeon because my purring sounds like a pigeon cooing, and Lipstick became my middle name!