Monday, April 12, 2021

A Texas tradition

 Here in Texas, we have a tradition every spring. That's when bluebonnets start to blanket our roadsides and fields with masses of gawjuss Texan flowers. It's a tradition for people to haul out their kids and take pictures of them in the bluebonnets. Our Best Guy is a photographer, and he complains about how hard it was in days of film to develop all those pictures with the right balance of blue flowers, human skin tones, and usually white clothes. So Momma was surprised but happy that he volunteered to get some pictures of Yours Truly in some bluebonnets he spotted near his work.

And the result?


Yeah. I know. I'm gawjuss. BOL! Thanks, Best Guy! 


PeeS: I was safely leashed during the pictures, because it was near a road, but the leash was edited out of the picture.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Misunderstood Monday


It's just not fair when you gets blamed fur everything around the house. I means, sometimes it's a roving tree rat gang that broken into the bedroom and ripped open the pillow, not ME.

Friday, March 26, 2021

What fun!!

 OMD, guys, I had so much FUN yesterday! I knew something weird was up when Momma fed me breakfast right after our morning walk. Usually I dine in my room while she goes to work. But instead she fed me early, got ready for work, and then....she asked if I wanted to go for a CAR RIDE!!! I mean, DUH. So we hopped in the car. Momma told me I was going to have fun and she'd come get me after work. I wasn't sure what she meant -- she wasn't coming with me?! -- but we arrived somewhere with lots of new smells and I trotted off with the lady Momma gave my leash to.

I started out in a little playroom, where I got to meet several people who smelled like LOTS of dogs. And then I met a few dogs at a time. They just kept coming!! The peeps called it a "temperament test." Well, I can pass ANY test! I guess I did, because before long, I got to go out to a pawesome play area with dogs EVERYWHERE!!

The other pups told me this place is called "day care," and they hang out here while their pawrents are at work. WOW!! What a totally pawesome idea! You can see in the top middle picture, I made special furiends with a white boxer who was there -- we're cousins, so we just get along better! I had so much fun running and playing and running. When Momma picked me up at the end of the day, I was all smiles!

There was just one little problem. After having fun all day long, by the time I got home I just wasn't in the mood to play endless rounds of fetch and tug with Momma. I just wanted to do a little of this.

I swear I heard Momma say "just as planned," but I might've been dreaming that part. Anyways, I hope I get to go back to daycare again. That was so much fun!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

National Puppy Day!

 My granny reminded Momma that today is National Puppy Day! So what are we supposed to do but share some puppy pictures of yours truly?? Get ready for the CUTE!!

Dis is one of the furst pictures Momma ever saw of me. She adopted me just before the Fourth of July!

I was always a curious little pup, even at my foster home.

This is from when I decided this was gonna be my new Momma. I wasn't sure of her at furst. I liked her, but was she MY momma? But then I heard a voice whispering in my ear who said he was Casey and this was going to be the bestest Momma in the whole wide world. And she IS!

BOL, my bone was almost bigger than me!

Momma calls this my furst Glamor Shot.

Can you believes I was small enough to curl up on Momma like this??

This is when Momma came to bring me home fur good, and I got my furst PURPLE collar!

When I gots home, I got to know my new kitty sister Pigeon. She was smaller than me but Momma said she was my big sister. She mostly just called me HISS for a while before she got the hang of Matilda.

But it wasn't long before we were bestest friends! I miss her.

Thanks fur joining us on a trip down memory lane! Happy Puppy Day, evfurrybody!

Monday, March 15, 2021

Verity's melting!

 Momma spends a lot of time with Verity, the courthouse dog. Momma says that Verity is part Labrador and part ice cream. Proof?

Whenever Momma starts scritching her, Verity melts! She starts sinking down from the top of her head, melting until her head and shoulders are flat on the ground and her butt is sticking up in the air. BOL!! Have you ever seen such a funny sight??