Monday, June 29, 2015

Lazy Monday

Jessie and I have decided we're not doing ANYTHING today. This is our recover-from-the-weekend day!!

We are also bowing our heads and remembering my dear furiend Corbin. He was one of my very furst blogging furiends. Even though he hasn't blogged much lately, Momma has kept me updated on his Facebook posts. I love following the adventures of him, his sissy Amelia, and his foster sissy Diamond. I hope that someday Corbin's dream of dogs being judged by their character instead of their breeds is fulfilled. We love you and miss you, Corbin.


Don't furget to get your BULL RIDING pics in for the Blogville Rodeo! The dead lion is July 1st, THIS Wednesday!! Send your pictures to me at dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Foster Friday, and FFHT!

Hellllllooooo out there, Blogville! It's Jessie (LBR foster Jessalyn) coming at you again for another fangtastic Foster Friday! And this month, I'm going to pawticipate in the Mayorz' Fractured Friday Hairy Tales to boot! Casey said all I have to do is use this month's phrase "I knew I needed a good excuse for..." in my story!

Well, to give you the update on me, I'm spending an awwwwwwful lot of time doing this lately. And "awful" is just the right word! Casey told you I started my heartworm treatment this week. I had to spend two whole days in the vet's office. They were nice to me there, but it wasn't HOME with my soft bed and Casey to cuddle with and Foster Momma to rub my belly. <sigh> And on top of all THAT, they stuck NEEDLES in me!!! I had to have TWO big nasty icky shots, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. They said the shots will kill all the nasty wormies in my heart and make me feel a lot better eventually, but for NOW...

Yup, lots and lots of crate time for me! Foster Momma set up a second crate for me in the living room, so when she's cooking or moving around or something and I might be tempted to start zooming or playing with Casey, she can pop me in there to stay safe and still be out with the family. It's not THAT bad, but...

<sigh> Casey, I know I needed a good excuse for cuddles from Foster Momma so she'll fall completely in love and decide to keep me forevers... but this might have been going a LITTLE too far.

PeeS: Casey said to reminds everybuddy that if they want to pawticipate in the BULL RIDING event for the Blogville Rodeo, they need to send a picture to us at dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com by July 1st!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This and that

 Good morning, furiends! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating PINK Day yesterday with Angel Cinderella. Yesterday evening Momma went to pick Jessie (LBR foster Jessalyn) up from the vet after her heartworm treatment. Poor Jessie isn't feeling very well at ALL. She says Momma won't have to worry about keeping her calm, she doesn't feel like doing ANYTHING for a while!

Momma says this part will only last a few days at most and then Jessie will be trying to get out of her crate every chance she gets, so we should appreciate this while it lasts. I just hope Jessie feels better! We're starting our 30-day countdown until she can play again!

Momma also got the sweetest delivery yesterday, flowers from some of our LBR friends. Some of the roses were purple. Have you ever seen purple roses?! It was pawesome. And we loves the vase.

Momma got a little leaky, but she said it was in the good way.

Finally, don't furget!! If you'd like to pawticipate in the BULL RIDING event for the Blogville Rodeo, I need your picture by July 1st! That's next week! If you can't find a bull to ride, just send me a regular picture and I'll set you up. Send your pics to me at dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com as soon as you can!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's PINK Day!

Well, according to the calendars, today is National PINK Day. Wow, a whole holiday for one color! Pink is really not my color, but I had to celebrate today. Whenever I think PINK, I think of my sweet angel sissy Cinderella. It was her signature color, and I smile whenever I see anything pink because I know she would've loved it.

I'll be smiling all day today now, Cinderella! Thanks for keeping your paw in from the Rainbow Bridge to make sure we had a day to remember you!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cross your paws!

Hey folks, it's me, Jessie!

Wondering why I look so sad this morning? Well, Foster Momma put me in the car and said I was going to get those nasty wormies out of my heart. That's grreat, right? Unfortunately, it means I have to stay at the VET for two whole days! No playing with Casey or snuggling with Foster Momma. They're going to shoot TWO injections of poison into me so it can kill those nasty wormies, and then I have to be calm and quiet for a whole MONTH afterwards. I don't know if I can stands it! So please cross your paws and send me some good vibes. I'm a little skeered.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Goodbye, Scribbles

The Momma here:

In August 2000, I moved to Chicago to start law school. It was my first time to live completely on my own, and I didn't know anyone in the entire STATE when I moved there. I made it about three days in a very quiet apartment before going to the animal shelter "just to look." I walked out with a cat. Scribbles was the first pet I'd ever had on my own, and we had a... challenging first year! He was downright mean sometimes, clawing up my legs and biting me for no reason. But he could also be incredibly sweet and loving. We stuck with each other, and he mellowed out over time. He helped me get through the three absolute worst years of my life in Chicago, moved with me back down to Texas, and put up with me adding first another cat and then a succession of dogs and foster dogs to the family. The whole time, he reminded me and all the others who was REALLY in charge of the house. He made dogs three times his size jump with a single hiss. He was always bossing my other cat Pigeon around, but I'll never forget the time he threw himself in front of her -- hissing and yowling -- when a charging 60-pound dog was coming her way. Scribbles slept in the bed with me, usually on or right next to my pillow, nearly every night of his life. His purring lulled me to sleep, and his friendly head butts in the morning as I got dressed helped wake me up every day. I can't count the number of hours I've spent sitting at the computer with Scribbles sprawled over my arms between me and the keyboard.

Last night, I took Scribbles out in the backyard for his rambles. He walked around very slowly, looking around and savoring every moment of it. I took out my phone and got some of the best pictures of him I've ever taken. After that, I just sat there with him for a long time. Finally I told him that if it was his time, it was okay, and I would be all right. I held him, and he purred. Today, I took him to the vet and helped him to the Rainbow Bridge. I had Scribbles for nearly 15 years, longer than any pet I've had in my entire life. He was almost 17 years old. He has been a part of literally my entire adult life. I don't know how I'm supposed to get by without him now.

All my pets have a special little song that I sing only for them. Scribbles's was to the tune of You Are My Sunshine. "You are my Scribbles, my handsome Scribbles. You make me happy 'cause you are gray. You'll never know, cat, just how I love you. Please don't take my Scribbles away."

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday

 This furst picture is from when Momma furst moved into our house back in 2008. This was back in the days BC -- Before Casey!! Scribbles and Pigeon jumped up into every single picture she took of her new place.

This picture is me and my bo. It took Scribbles and me a long time to reach a truce, but finally Momma started catching us hanging out together. Sometimes you just need another guy to chill with, right?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Rainy Morning Edition

Wordy PeeS: Don't furget to get your bull-riding pictures to me at dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com by July 1st! If you can't find a bull to ride, send me a picture of you ready to ride and I'll find a bull for you! Yeehaw!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Does it have to be Monday?

Oh wow, does it have to be Monday already? We had such a fun weekend! I don't want it to end. The weather was just beeYOUtiful this weekend, so we spent lots of time outside! (Well, some of us did. I still appreciate the finer joys of air conditioning.) Jessie has been practicing her roaching and rolling. She's got grreat form!

Scribbles is loving his daily outdoor times. He stalks all over the yard now. Momma can barely keep up, BOL!

Then, of course, I spent some time teaching Jessie the basics of boxer behavior. Proper nap form is essential, furiends.

Do you mind, Momma? We're having a lesson here! 

On Sunday, we had a whole houseful of people come just to see ME!! ...Well, Momma said something about hosting a craft party, and people talked to Jessie and Scribbles and Pigeon too, but we all know who the big draw was, am I right? Anyway, Jessie got to meet Auntie Amanda for the first time, and Auntie brought her a totally pawesome new collar so she really looks like a cowgirl!

Even Scribbles was a little social. Can you believe it??

Jessie and I decided to entertain folks with some synchronized napping. We worked really hard at it!

I guess it's a GOOD thing after all that it's Monday -- I can chill out and get some REST!

Our hearts are breaking as we just learned this morning that Blogville's own Chef Sasha has gone to cook at the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss her so very much.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Scribbles Saturday

OMD, would you believe we already had this post with this title for today? Then we signed on to Blogville and saw some of our AMAZING furiends decided to ALSO call this "Scribbles Saturday" and post their own scribbles to support him. Isn't that pawesome?? Thank you everyone for your support. Scribbles and all the rest of us really appreciate it!

It's not a very good picture, but here is Scribbles appreciating Frankie and Ernie's scribbles.


I wanted to give everyone an update on my kitty brother Scribbles. He is doing really well. Momma is trying to make sure he eats as much as possible, since one of his tumors (in his small intestine) seems to be keeping him from absorbing all the nutrients from his food. He's been losing a LOT of weight because of it, so the more he eats the better! He's always loved canned food, so Momma is giving him a can every single morning AND evening. He gobbles that stuff up!

 The name of the game for the next few weeks, or however long we have, is to let Scribbles do all the things he loves best. Eating canned food and tuna juice is part of it fur sure! He also has always loved going outside, so Momma is letting him go out to explore the backyard (with her walking beside him) every day! He's also getting some nice time sitting with Momma and getting brushed, another favorite. I bet it helps him feel a little less itchy from his fur growing back too.

Oh, and he doesn't have to wear his tough muscle shirt anymore. Momma finally decided yesterday that his stitches were healed enough that she could take it off. I'm not sure if that's a relief or if he's disappointed -- he really looked pawesome!

 We've been getting lots of wonderful support from all of our furiends too. Momma got some lovely flowers delivered yesterday from an anonymous friend, wishing us support in the days to come. Isn't that sweet?

Scribbles says thank you for all your love and POTP. We're taking things one day at a time, and he's making the most of the time he has left!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Foster Friday

Jessie (LBR foster Jessalyn) here for another Foster Friday! I'm still having so much fun here at my foster home. You know, my foster brother Casey is super smart. He's been teaching me all sorts of stuff. But did you know that he's FUN too?? We've played Chase from the beginning, but this week Foster Momma has noticed that we've really started playing together instead of just at the same time. You saw our pawesome game of Keep Away yesterday, BOL!!! We've also started wrestling together. Casey is smart and bigger than me, but I'm little and wily!

 I've also been systematically investigating ALL the toys in the home. Casey has two whole toy boxes just OVERFLOWING with toys! Most of them he hasn't even touched in years, just playing with his old favorites. Well, I've been pulling each and every one of them out since I got here and giving them a once-over. Some I just play with for a minute and then move on, but others I really get into. This fox I've got below, for instance, has this pawesome bottle inside him that makes the most interesting noises when I crunch him!!

Life is just going grreat here! Next week we'll make my appointment for the heartworm treatment I have to have. I hope we can do it soon and get it out of the way!! It's a whole MONTH of no play time or walks, and that's no fun at ALL. And after that, I can start looking for my furever home! (Or convince Foster Momma that none of them are good enough for me and I need to stay HERE. Hmm.)