Monday, April 29, 2013

I love a happy ending!

Hi there, everybody! I've got some wonderful new furiends stopping by the blog today, thanks to my big interview today as a member of Mayor Madi's cabinet. Cinderella and I are the co-Directors of Housing, aka Foster Placement. See, most of you folks out there have your very own blogs, but this isn't MY blog. The Legacy Chronicles is the OFFICIAL blog of Legacy Boxer Rescue, the totally pawesome rescue group that Cinderella and I were both adopted from. We blog to share all the news about LBR and the wonders of adoption so we can can help find homes for all the pups out there who haven't found their wonderful furever homes like all of us.

Well, in honor of our official introduction as Directors of Housing, I wanted to have a VERY special post. And fortunately, a very special dog had a very special day this weekend, so what else could my post be about but her?? Once upon a time, there was the absolute cutest pup you've ever seen, named Napoli.

Yeah, you thought I was exaggerating about the cute factor, didn't you? Take another look.

Napi was a very special pup because she was born with something called "hydrocephalus." That's a big long mouthful of a word that means she had water on her head. It sounds silly, doesn't it? But it can affect a pup's development, and we weren't sure how long Napi would live or what kind of life she would have. Her foster momma took her in as a tiny puppy, knowing that she might never be adopted and might have to go to the Rainbow Bridge at any time.

But Napoli surprised us all by settling in pretty nicely to her foster home!

Time passed, and everybody loved Napoli. (Wouldn't you???) She had a lot of problems with her development -- she was a lot slower to grow up and reach milestones compared to other pups her age. But those things smoothed out as time went on and her foster momma worked and worked with her. Finally, her foster momma realized that Napoli was actually ready for a furever home of her own, if she could find the right one.

But then something SUPER special happened! Napoli's foster momma got a call from someone who had adopted one of her earlier foster dogs, Rider. They loved Rider VERY much and spoiled him the way a boxer should be spoiled. But sadly, Rider's big brother Pre had just gone to the Rainbow Bridge, and Rider was missing him SO much. Rider's family decided they were ready for a new dog, and when they were looking at LBR's website, they fell in love with Napi-doodle!!

 Napi and Rider met, and it was love at first sight. The whole family fell in love with pretty Napi, and Napoli loved them too! So now our sweet Napoli has found her furever home, and I just KNOW they're all going to live happily ever after.

Sigh. Don't you just LOVE a happy ending??

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Park Day!

It's Park Day here in Blogville, at last!! I've been looking forward to today since Finn and Gizmo announced it, and now it's HERE!!!

Momma and I decided to try out the brand new DOG PARK that they opened in my town in honor of Park Day. And guys, it's not just in my town, it's JUST down the road from us!! How pawesome is that?!

I'd never been to this park before -- it's only been open about a week -- so I had to wander around and get a good, long sniff of everything.

This annoyed Momma, who kept telling me, "I brought you here so you could RUN!" (She'd been feeling sick and brought me to the park to let me get some exercise without taking me for a long walk herself.)

And I did run -- after I gave the park the Casey sniff of approval. Grreat place! There's lots of room to run, a bunch of grreat trees, and interesting scents everywhere.

This was fun, Momma. Can we do it again??

Be sure to check out Finn's post for all the other pups pawticipating in Park Day! I bet we can learn all about some PAWESOME parks all over the world today!!

(PeeS: For those wondering why I was alone -- Cinderella doesn't go to dog parks. She gets a little stressed out at all the strange pups there and spends all her time barking at them and trying to whip them into shape instead of enjoying herself. So she spent the afternoon napping while we were at the park, and after we got back Momma took her out to the backyard and let her bask in the sun for as long as she wanted!)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nature Walk

Cinderella and I were out walking yesterday when suddenly we went on alert! Do you see what we saw?

It's hard to see, but just to the right of the tree straight in front of me, there's a totally pawesome bird! I've never seen one like it around here before. It was a light blue-gray and had a skinny body and tall neck. It looked like some kind of water bird, but we weren't near water. Cinderella and I wanted to go say hello, but Momma said he was probably still moving in and didn't want visitors yet. Maybe I'll bring him a neighborly gift if we see him again.

What kind of cool stuff do you see on your walks?

Monday, April 22, 2013

My boy

So this is my boy. His name is Neil, and he's a very good boy. He's one of Momma's very best friends.

Hey may look like a two-legger, but trust me, he's a dog all the way! And he's the BEST dog! He gets on all fours, he wrestles with me, and he even sleeps on the floor with me sometimes!

I loves my boy very much.

 This is Auntie Jess. She's one of Momma's other best friends, and she's my boy's girl! Doesn't that work out nicely? She doesn't wrestle, but she has very nice, soft hands.

Yesterday, Momma told me that Neil got down on one knee and Auntie Jess started crying. That sounds really bizarre to me, but Momma said it means that they're going to get married. Oh! Well, I guess that's okay. (I guess Neil has to do two-legger things sometimes because he looks like one of them.) So grreat big CONGRRRATULATIONS to my boy and his girl. I'm so happy for both of you!!

And hey, if you need a ring bearer, I know just the dog for the job!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dog of the Day: Nod

I really loves the mature ladies, our beeYOUtiful silver belles. Today's dog of the day is one of the best! Everybody say hello to the lovely Miss Nod!

Nod is an 11-year-old beauty who is grreat with kids and other dogs. If you want a wonderful mature lady, Nod is your girl. She is sweet, loving and always ready to give kisses. She may be mature, but at times she can jump around like a puppy. She still has her wiggle in her walk. The best thing about a mature dog like Nod is her calmness. She is very happy to lay at your feet and keep you company whatever you are doing around the house. You will never be lonely with Nod.

If you want a mature lady to add to your household, check out Nod's bio page and fill out an application today!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thinking of West

The thoughts and prayers of everyone in LBR are with our neighbors in West, Texas today after a devastating explosion at a fertilizer plant in town. LBR volunteers are already banding together to collect donations for the people of West, and I know of many, many people all over the Metroplex going to give blood today. When tragedy strikes, we unite.

...But I think we've had our fair share of tragedy lately, don't you? Let's have a good news only for a while!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Springtime in Texas, and a tribute to Boston

I loves springtime in Texas! There are these beeYOUtiful flowers called bluebonnets. They're the state flower of Texas, actually. And during the spring, they just cover the countryside with blue. It's a gawjuss sight. And wherever you see bluebonnets, even if it's on the side of the highway, you'll see Texas parents taking pictures of their kids, skin and fur! It's a Texas tradition. :)  LBR foster Betty Boop is carrying on the tradition proud of strong.

As springtime progresses, I'll share more pics of boxers and bluebonnets! Happy spring!


Momma and I would like to add that our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. We would like to dwell not on the horror, but on the hope. On all the paramedics, EMT, and first responders who leaped into action when everyone else was still reeling. On the runners who finished the race and kept running all the way to the hospital so they could donate blood. On the people all over the Boston area who published their name and address without a second thought to offer a place for stranded runners to stay.

Out of our darkest hours come our greatest triumphs. There will always be those who try to tear us down, but we are strong and we will never let them win.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Dog of the Day: Zsa Zsa!

Usually I love my Foster Friday posts, where I get to share some info about our fabulous foster dogs here at Legacy Boxer Rescue. Nothing makes me happier than posting about a dog that then finds his or her most pawesome furever home. But I'm not happy about today. Why not? Because this girl....

"Hello, dah-lings!" 

Should already have a home!! She's been my dog of the day before, and for some reason, she wasn't immediately adopted afterward. This was clearly a grievous oversight. I guess her furever home had some kind of horrible computer outage and just didn't see my post that day. Sigh. So today I'm going to tell you all about the beeYOUtiful Miss Zsa Zsa, and I just knows her furever home is listening!

Zsa Zsa is a wonderful snuggle-bunny who is about 5-6 years old. As a pup of that age myself, I can tell you that it is the pawfect age. You're still young enough to play and bounce and be around for years to come, but you're past all that silly puppy stuff and have learned some manners. Zsa Zsa loves nothing better than to snuggle with her peeps and have her velvety-soft fur stroked. If you want someone who'll curl up with you while you both read a good book, then amuse you with silly boxer antics afterward, Zsa Zsa is your gal!

Zsa Zsa currently lives with several other pups and gets along with them, but she would much prefer a home where she can be the center of attention. She loves kids, though since she's big gal, she'd probably do best with older kids. Zsa Zsa wants nothing more than to be loved. If you think she might be your perfect match, go check out her bio page and fill out an application today. I KNOW her furever family is reading this!

"So if you're not doing anything later, maybe you could adopt me?"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Take-off Tuesday

LBR foster Wilbur sez, "I see good things ahead for me. Let the good times roll!"

Sunday, April 7, 2013

LBR rocked the plant stand!!

Wow, guys, I didn't realize I hadn't posted in so long! Momma and I have been really busy. But it's been WORTH it. Yesterday was LBR's biggest fundraiser of the year, Roses for Rescue. LBR volunteers come together to sell roses and other plants donated to us by a Tyler wholesaler. It's a HUGE event, and this year we made....

(drumroll please)



That kind of money means we can save a LOT of boxers! And we get reminders of that all day at Roses, because lots of our alums come by to say hello. This is our Pack Leader, Auntie Sharon, with Moby. Moby was saved by LBR in February of 2012. He had parvo, and his brother was put to sleep at the shelter when he started vomiting blood. LBR volunteers made a mad dash to get him to the ER, and he almost didn't make it. He was there for days, touch and go, and it was hugely expensive. But he pulled through and found himself a pawfect furever home. With the money we raised yesterday, we can keep saving lots of dogs like Moby!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A nose for talent

Here at LBR, we've got some pretty darned talented boxers. I know a lot of you noticed a very creative egg-hider on our Easter post on Sunday.

This is Shamrock! He got his name because he was rescued on St. Patrick's Day. But his foster momma almost named him Bacon instead. Wanna know why? Well, this is the picture we were first sent of him!

BOL! Isn't he handsome?? We were told that his favorite trick is to balance stuff on his nose. He's really good at it, and he seems to like it too -- or maybe just like the nummy treats he gets to eat afterward! Well, we can't let a trick like that go to waste at LBR. We started balancing everything we could find on poor Shamrock's nose.

We used him to welcome in the spring...

He showed off his trick at one of our pet fairs...

We used him to advertise for our big Roses for Rescue sale coming up....

Yup, this boy's talent puts everyone else in the shade!

 But guess WHAT?! Shamrock did another balancing act too, and balanced his way straight into his foster momma's heart! She decided that she couldn't let a talented guy like this leave the LBR family. So LBR foster Shamrock is now LBR alum Shamrock. And he's happy as can be about it!

Congrrats on your new furever home, Shamrock! I can't wait to see your pawsome trick for years to come!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Morning hunts

Okay, I don't have any pictures of this, because Momma keeps saying something about not having a hand free for the camera. She would have one free if she'd stop interfering, but I digress. You're going to have to use your imagination on this one, but I have a few exhibits to help you.

Exhibit 1: The mighty hunters!

Observe the coiled muscles, ready to pounce. The noses and ears all a-quiver, cataloging every movement around us. The carefully conserved energy until it's time to strike. Oooh, I get all shivery just looking at it.

Exhibit 2: The quarry

Note the beady little eyes looking for mischief, the totally nommable fur, and the little puff tail just ready to be caught! For our story, I shall call him... Bugs.

So here's how it happens. Every single morning, Momma takes Cinderella and me for a walk. We're innocently walking around, taking in the sights and reading the peemail, when we're suddenly attacked!! From out of nowhere, Bugs will come leaping in like some wild kamikaze intent on destruction. Oh sure, it will look like he's just sitting in the grass, but that Bugs is a wily one! We know he and his little friends are out to take over our whole neighborhood with their vile rabbity ways.

So what's a pair of born hunters like ourselves supposed to do when faced with a threat like this? Obviously throw ourselves at him and take care of the threat, barking and snarling, am I right?!?! Back me up here, Blogville!! Because according to Momma -- who I don't think has hunted a darned day in her life, if truth be told -- we're supposed to just walk on by and "let the bunny be!" OH, the horror! The indignity! The frustrated purpose!!!

And Bugs follows us around, taunting us! He'll keep turning up in all sorts of lawns all along our walk, twitching that little tail and laughing his little bunny laugh. Momma tries to say it's a different bunny, but we know the truth. He's the scout for an invading bunny army, and Cinderella and I are the last line of defense! It's getting to the point I may have to sabotage our leashes one morning so we can do our job properly without Momma yelling and yanking us away.

Surely none of my Blogville furiends have to deal with such interference of their sworn duties. Can some of you help me out and try to convince my momma of the truth? Bugs is still out there... waiting.