Friday, January 30, 2015

Flashback Friday

With my furiend Abby having all her health problems, I've been thinking a lot about my sweet sissy Cinderella, another senior gal who has the sweetest spirit you've ever known. Let me flash you back to summer 2009. Momma and I had been living together for seven months or so, and Momma was volunteering with Legacy Boxer Rescue but was determined she couldn't foster a dog. But she thought that she'd be okay with "foster sitting," taking a foster dog for a few days while their foster home was on vacation or something. So at the end of June, along came this sweet girl to stay with us for a few days...

Can you believe that sweet face?! Wow, I'd forgotten how she looked without her all-white muzzle. Anyway, Cinderella was a sweet girl, and we loved having her around. We loved her so much that when her first foster home had some personal stuff come up and Cinderella needed a new foster home, well....

"Suckers! You're never getting rid of me now!"

Yup, we took her back in as our very own foster! She was the first of many, and we hope to foster many more in the future. For now, though. Momma says that Cinderella's earned the right to a peaceful old age.

Yeah, Momma, I think you're right. We'll take GOOD care of our silver belle!

PeeS: Abby is doing better! Her temperature is down, she's walking to go potty outside, and she's actually licking at her food instead of having it shot down with a syringe. She's definitely improving. Auntie Amanda is SO relieved. Thanks for the POTP, and keep it coming!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thanks everyone!

Thanks fur all your well-wishes for me and my furiend Abby. Abby is still staying at the dogtor's and getting treatment, but she's started to respond to it so that's pawesome! As for me, I'm feeling much better. The big baseball in my throat has gone down to just a little lumpy, barely a marble. We're hoping it'll go away completely in another day or two. That means more Benadryl, which means...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hooray for Zia!

Oh boys, I'm so excited! I've mentioned my cousin, LBR foster Zia, a lot on this blog over the past few years. That's because she's been a foster for a loooong time. Over three years! Some of us had started to give up that she'd ever find a furever home, but Zia knew it was out there and she just had to be patient. And sure enough...

Yup, that's a dog who has hit the jackpot!! Congrrats on your new family, LBR alum Zia!!

PeeS: If you could, please spare some Power of the Paw for my furiend Abby. She's Auntie Amanda's pup, and she and Cinderella are good old lady furiends. Unfortunately, she's been feeling very bad lately. She's really old, and yesterday she couldn't even stand up. Momma went down to help, thinking they were making That Decision. The dogtor said she had a bad UTI and has been treating her, but it isn't working as they'd hoped. We don't know if there's something else wrong. Please keep your paws crossed that she feels better real soon, okay?

Monday, January 26, 2015

I went to visit Auntie Amanda yesterday and plays with all her pack while she and Momma went off to do something fun. I get along well with her pack, and we usually do a lot of this...

Well, this time, Frankie -- Auntie Amanda's big German Shepard -- decided to be a little grumpy at me. I was innocently eating food (from his bowl, but his momma told him to share!) and he jumped on me! I growled right back at him, and we snapped and snarled at each other until Momma and Auntie Amanda grabbed us and pulled us away. HMPH. I was going to teach him a lesson, Momma! We were both fine. My ear was a little cut up, but I know chicks dig scars, right?

We don't know if it's connected to that or if I just got bit by a spider or bug or crawlie out at Auntie Amanda's too, but later in the visit one side of my neck swelled up really big! Momma said it looked like a goiter. She got a little freaked out and kept feeling at it, but I was totally stoic and didn't flinch a bit. She gave me Benadryl in case it was a bite, and that did seem to help a lot. Now it's still a little swollen, but it looks more like droopy jowls than a big baseball shoved down my throat. We're all hoping it'll be back to normal by tonight, or else Momma's going to drag me to the dogtor just to be safe. I told her I'm FINE. But all the Benadryl is making me a little sleepy...

 I hope all this excitement doesn't mess with my training too much. I'm officially registered for the Mayorz Marathon, and I've been training so hard for it!! Are you running?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Letter to my Paw Pal

Wow, this is thrilling. Casey actually turned over the blog today to me, the Momma, to participate in Murphy & Stanley's "Letter to My Paw Pal" blog hop. We humans are supposed to post today about our fur babies and why they mean so much to us. I don't have quite the way with words that Casey does, but let's see what I can do...

Dear Casey,

I don't even know where to begin this one. You're the best dog any momma could ask for. You were my first dog that I ever had on my own, and I waited so long to find you. You and I have a connection I've never had with any other pet, dog or cat. You just seem to always know what I'm thinking and what I need, whether it's a good snuggle or something to make me laugh. You're my soul dog. I have a hard time falling asleep when I travel and don't have you snuggled up right next to me, and a day isn't complete without a nice long walk with you to round off a long day. I love your serious eyes and your big grin, and I love how you're always up for anything I might suggest. You helped me find my way into two new communities -- Legacy Boxer Rescue and Blogville -- that have enriched my life. And you've helped me find a new voice. I love you so much.

Dear Cinderella,

Oh princess, I'm so glad you ended up in my life!! You're the truest example of the adage "if you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it's meant to be." I tried letting you go so many times, but you weren't having any of that! You kept coming back to me through foster homes and adoptions, and you finally convinced me that being your fairy godmomma was the best job I could have. I love your sweet, gentle nature, and your velvety soft head. I love to watch you just roll in the grass in the sunshine, a reminder of enjoying the simple things in life. And I love giving your your bedtime bellyrubs every night.

Dear Scribbles,

My old man! You're grumpy and crochety and demanding, but you're mine! You were the very first pet I ever had on my own, and it was just the two of us through some pretty tough days. I don't think I would've gotten through law school if I didn't have you to cuddle through the worst parts and something to focus on other than those damned books. You've mellowed a lot in your old age, so it's nice to see you starting to enjoy other people. I know you'll always be my boy in your heart, though, and I love that you reserve your best purrs just for me. You've been my rock for almost 15 years now. I don't know what I'd do without you. my handsome man.

 Dear Pigeon,

Don't worry about being last, kitten, you're still tops in my heart! Why is it that I seem to seek out my boys but my girls just find me when they're needed? You came to me a stray but the sweetest natured kitty I'd ever met. I was not prepared for another cat, but you just purred your way right through any resistance. You've always been my timid one, so it's wonderful seeing you relax enough to start to love visitors and even the dog I brought into your home. You have the best purr of any cat ever, and I love to hear it. Some of my fondest memories involve you and Casey both curled up with me. You'll always be my little kitten.

Friday, January 23, 2015

TV hound

LBR alum Virginia Woof loves to watch TV.

Me, I love to curl up to watch TV with Momma, but the impawtant part is the snuggling. Whatever's on TV isn't that interesting.

How about you? Do you like watching TV, or is that just for peeps?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Over the moon!

Oh furiends, I'm SO excited!! See, yesterday I was a little glum, thinking about the Heart 2 Heart Valentine's Dance. My grrl, my beeYOUtiful Maggie Mae, isn't in Blogville so much anymore because her momma is a terrible transcriptionist. (You just can't get good help these days!) So I was afraid I was going to have to go stag. But I screwed up my courage and emailed my Maggie Mae, asking if her momma would let her go to the dance with me.

And guess what??


So I'm super duper happy and excited, furiends. After all, Valentine's Day is our anniversary. She asked me to be her guy just before the last Valentine's Ball, and I got a little carried away at my kissing booth...

Oh, and Cinderella doesn't want to be left out of the fun! She's put in her profile to Yente Ruby and is hoping to be matched with the pawfect guy. I told her she's in good paws!

How could any self-respecting yente not find a grreat date for a girl like that??

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back to work!

Well, Momma's home from vacation, we almost have the house in order again, and the weekend and the howliday is done. Now it's time for Momma to go back to work, and for the LBR pups to get back to saving dogs!

Here's LBR foster Wrigley on her way to heartworm treatment.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Welcome home, Momma!

She was gone FOREVER. At least 87 days, or maybe a week. Whatever, it was FOREVER!!!  But my momma is HOME now after battling the marathon and hob-nobbing with a mouse the rest of the week. But she did what she set out to do, and I'm SO proud of her. Look at the shiny bling she got to take home -- one medal for the half-marathon, one for the full marathon, and one for the "Goofy Challenge" of running them both back-to-back!

She got to meet that mouse I mentioned -- THE Mouse, the one and only Mickey! She had lots of fun all week hanging at his place in Florida. She got to meet other folks too, like her most favoritest of all, GOOFY!

But the most specialist part came when she went to a place called the Fairytale Hall. That's where she got to meet Cinderella. Not my sissy -- the ORIGINAL Cinderella! Momma said she's very beautiful and sweet and kind. Now, the fun part of the story is that many years ago, back when my sissy Cinderella wasn't my sissy, she was our foster dog. Momma was debating and debating whether she should adopt Cinderella or not. Momma knew she really loved Cinderella, but she knew how much Cinderella loved kids and wanted to give her the chance to have skin-siblings of her own to play with. Well, Momma went to California on a business trip and got to spend a day at Disneyland. She spent that whole day chasing down the Disney Cinderella, trying to get a picture with her because of HER Cinderella at home. That's when she knew that Cinderella was already OURS and needed to become a part of our family.

Well, THIS time Momma was going to be very sure to see the original Cinderella. And she didn't just want a picture with her this time! She took a picture of my sissy in her Cinderella Howl-o-ween costume and asked Princess Cinderella to sign it. Well, Princess Cinderella thought it was just the cutest thing EVER (of course it was) and showed it off to the photographer and the other people in line and even Princess Rapunzel next door! Then after she'd signed it, Momma pulled out ANOTHER copy of the picture that my sissy Cinderella had pawtographed for the princess! It was a very special meeting. Momma cried a bunch.

 I'm glad Momma had fun on her trip, and I'm so so so so proud of her for finishing her marathon!! She ran for like 87 hours, or 5:54:14. Pretty much the same thing. And as for us, we stayed at home, languishing away with hardly ANY attention from the pet-sitter.

It was ruff, furiends. I won't lie. But it was worth it for my momma to fulfill her dream. And now we've got her BACK! And we're not letting go again.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Meet the Administration! Directors of Furiends in Furever Homes

Welcome to the next stop on the tour of the co-Mayorz Murphy and Stanley's new administration. Cinderella and I are honored to serve as co-Directors of Furiends in Furever Homes. This is a position we've served in since Mayoress Madi's administration, and it's something we're passionate about.

As some of you know, the Legacy Chronicles is unique because I'm not blogging for myself. This is the official blog of Legacy Boxer Rescue, the pawesome rescue that saved me AND my sissy Cinderella. We were both in pretty bad condition when LBR stepped in and saved our lives.

I nearly died waiting for a foster home while I got sicker and hotter, thrown out in a backyard.

Cinderella was probably used as a breeder for a puppy mill. She had her last litter in the shelter, and she was so super sick when she was rescued that it was months before she was adoptable.

 Because of how impawtant LBR was to OUR lives, Cinderella and I consider it our mission to help other doggies in need! That's why I signed up to be the official LBR blogger and share the word. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Blogville and was able to reach all SORTS of amazing pups and kittehs out there who are just as passionate about helping animals in need.

Tiana, my furst foster sister (other than Cinderella!), with her new brothers 

Some of you foster pups just like we do. I love hearing all the amazing stories you tell about your foster dogs on their searches for their pawfect furever home!

Pumba, my foster brother

Others help animals in need in other ways, by helping out with fundraising, planning activities, or going to events to spread the word about your breed and your rescue. It's so impawtant to press the flesh -- or the fur! -- and put a face on rescue for all the people out there who don't know what the difference is between a rescue and a puppy mill.

BeeYOUtiful Vivian, who Momma calls the one that got away!

I think it's so special that almost EVERYONE out there in Blogville has their own rescue or shelter that they're passionate about and help. I loves seeing all the posts people share about their rescue's events, their foster dogs, and donations they make to local shelters.

Briar Rose, another foster sissy! 

So that's where Cinderella and I come in! As Directors of Furiends in Furever Homes, it's our job to encourage all of Blogville's citizens to keep our less-fortunate furiends in mind and support your favorite rescues and shelters!

 LBR foster Montana, hanging with the crew

Over the next year, Cinderella and I want to host some blog hops that will highlight ways you can support the rescue or shelter of your choice. You don't have to be able to foster a dog or give lots of green papers to help save dogs and cats from dying in shelters and support them on their way to finding a furever home just like WE enjoy!

So let's all remember how fortunate we are, and keep in mind all of our furiends out there who are still waiting. If you have any ideas for grreat ways to spread the word around Blogville and encourage people to support their local shelters and rescues, please let us know! Let's help find everypup and everycat a home!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I am barking my heart out to say GO MOMMA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Momma is running her furst ever MARATHON today!! That's, like, 87 miles. (Momma says it's 26.2. That sounds like 87 to me!) She's been training super hard for months and months, and I'm SO proud of her!

GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA GO MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Boxes boxes boxes!

We're hopping over to join Madi's Box Bash at Sarge's place! See you there!! Do you think Madi will like all the pawesome boxes we brought her??

Friday, January 9, 2015

Congratz to the new Mayorz!!

It's Inauguration Day, and all Blogville is abuzz! I can't wait to proudly watch our new co-Mayorz, Murphy and Stanley, be sworn into office today. Then we're going to wave and cheer during the Inaugural Parade. We'll be all worn out by the time the Pajama Pawty at Dory's kicks off! OMD.

There's lots going on, so go check it all out! We'll be here proudly flying the Blogville flag.

PeeS: I'm going to be super busy going to all the events... but I won't be commenting on any of the posts. See, Momma left eeeeeeeeeearly this morning on a super-sekrit trip! (All she'll say is she's going to be visiting a giant Mouse. How weird is that??) We have a very special friend, Miss Kristen, hanging out with all of us at the house this week while she's gone! Momma told me that Miss Kristen is not a very good transcriptionist, so we won't be posting other than a few pre-scheduled posts I dictated to Momma. I'll bark a whole bunch as soon as Momma gets back!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Baby Shawnee and Baby Cherokee have gotten so big! They're old enough to have fun playing with Momma Shyanne. Tell me they're not just the cutest things ever!

Awwwwww! :D And grreat news -- Shawnee has found his furever family!! He's adoption pending now, and his new pawrents are LBR volunteers! I love it when our pups stay in the family. He'll be staying with Momma Shyanne a little longer, but he's super happy to have his own family waiting for him. I know Cherokee will soon too!