Thursday, September 30, 2010

Congratulations to my buddy Kotton and his mom Indica! They've been waiting with LBR for a long two years, waiting on their perfect family. See, they're not spring chickens anymore, and they've been together their entire lives. LBR really wanted to keep their family together, but it took a long time to find the exact right forever family for them. But last night, they found it!!! They'll be going to their new family this weekend, and I hear that everybody is super excited about it. Way to go, Kotton & Indica! It was worth the wait!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Here at Legacy, we like to talk about lots of fun events and goofy doggy antics. But we never lose sight of our ultimate goal -- finding forever homes for our awesome LBR dogs!! I was an LBR foster dog for what seemed like an eternity until I found my forever family. Let me tell you, nothing weighs on a guy's (or gal's) morale more than the long wait. :( So let's try to make that wait a little shorter for some of our LBR dogs.

Today I'd like to talk about my buddy Shera. I've been watching some of my mom's DVDs of her namesake, and I'm seeing a lot of similarities.

This is She-Ra, Princess of Power!

And this is Shera, Princess of Power Naps!

Like her superhero namesake, Shera defends the innocent from the forces of evil.

Both are great with children and small animals. (Especially if they're the same thing.)

And both are loyal and loving to their friends.

So to sum up:
She-Ra, Princess of Power - NOT available for adoption!
Shera, Princess of Power Naps - AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!

You can learn more about Shera on LBR's website. And remember, even if you can't adopt her, you can still make a donation towards her care, or to help other LBR dogs. Let's find Shera her forever home!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Howdy, folks!

Well hi there! You may have noticed that there are a few more faces (and wagging nubbies) hanging out at the Legacy Chronicles. Well, Cubby's a big celebrity and Maggie and Rissa are... well, I wouldn't call them lazy, but I heard their mom did! But the point is, they don't update a whole lot, so a few more of us Legacy alums volunteered to help out. You've already heard from Baxter, and you'll be meeting all of us over the next few days.

So I'd like to follow up on my man Baxter's PSA. See, he was talking about how life jackets are important. I agree. Because as a boxer, I've got many natural talents, but swimming is not one of them. But for some reason, my mom insists on bringing me to this thing called Wags & Waves every year. I guess if you're a swimming kind of guy (or gal), it's pretty cool. See, Hawaiian Falls -- the big water park in Garland -- opens its doors to us canine citizens at the end of the season. So there's lots of swimming and floating and eating ice cream. (That was the best part!)

But if you're not a swimming kind of guy... well...

Not nearly as much fun! Fortunately, I eventually figured out the most important part of the whole experience.

Looking super cool. I'm good at that.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Public Service Announcement – Life Jackets

Howdy, Peeps. Normally my dog duties simply involve heading up the welcoming committee at Casa Armstrong (that's mom and dad's crib). But today, since I'm about to hang up my puppy flotation device for the summer, I'm taking on the temporary role of Public Service Announcer.

You see, far too many humans assume all boxers (or canines for that matter) can swim like Phelps. And I'm here to tell you that you're sadly mistaken. As you can see below, I'm swimming challenged. But thanks to my Outward Hound flotation gear, I can paddle it out with the big swimmers and still live to bark about it tomorrow. (I'm not plugging the gear, but you gotta admit it's clever.)

Sure, there are plenty of boxer guys and gals that can hold their own in the pool. My boy Armani (aka Buster) swims like a big furry duck. As you can see below, however, he wasn't keen on my flotation fashion. He's saying, "You're wearing that? In public?" Whatever. Don't hate on a player.

The point is, before you allow your boxer to jump in a pool or a lake -- or in my case even a big puddle -- make sure he or she is a swimmer and not a sinker. (Stinkers are cool. Just not sinkers.)

Peace, love, and boxers.