Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Unjustly accused!


Folks, can you believes how cruel my momma is? You'd think that after all our time together, she'd have a little faith in me. See, this weekend, she was very proud of herself for baking her furst loaf of bread. Our Guy gave her a baking cookbook for her barkday, and it turned out pretty nice.

She had a slice or two from it and was saving the rest for Our Guy to taste. But later that day, she came into the kitchen and... well...

I'm not sure WHAT happened to that thing, but can you believes that she blamed ME for eating it?? Just because I happened to be standing nearby and licking my chops? The nerve of her!!

Monday, October 18, 2021

Making her work for it!

 Hi folks, Matilda here! I knows Momma and I has been MIA. We wanted to come back to raise a margarita to our dearest furiend Ruby the Airedale. She has been corrupting me since I was a young pup, BOL! And she was a good furiend to Angel Casey before that. We are thinking of her and sending much love to her momma.

Since we is here, I thoughts I'd share some pictures Momma and I took yesterday. It was a totally gawjuss day, so Momma and I walked all the way to the pond at the front of the neighborhood to visit the ducks! While we were there, Momma said "Let's take some pretty pictures, Matilda." I said okay, but you know Dog Rules -- make her work for it furst!!

 "C'mon, Matilda, look at Momma!"

Hang on, Momma, I think I hears something.

'Smile for the camera'?? BOL, good one, Momma!

What do you means you furgot the treats??

Sorry, I think I hears something. VERY impawtant.

But finally I tooks pity on Momma and gave her the Money Shot.