Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's worth it

My mom and I sometimes get discouraged doing rescue work. No matter how much you do, there are always SO many dogs that still need help, and SO many people that mistreat dogs or just don't care. Here's a sad guy known as BIN (that's "boxer in need") 12048. He came to the shelter emaciated, covered with old injuries, and scared to death. His boxer spirit was almost completely gone, and he was a sad old man waiting to die.

But fortunately for him, Legacy Boxer Rescue stepped in!! Here he is one day out of the shelter!

His new name is Lucca, and he's finally learning what it means to be a boxer. He has a safe place to heal, gain weight, and learn what cool stuff like treats and toys are!

Yup, sights like this are what make it all worth it. Welcome to the family, Lucca. You're in for nothing but good stuff now!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fun weekend like I did, and you're all ready to face the week! I'll start off today with some good news. I've told you before about my buddy Atom Ant, who faced some very scary surgery before finally getting his all-clear and then ending up in a wonderful furever home with his mom and new sissy, Brea. Sadly, Brea passed away a few months ago (at a ripe old age). But now Atom and his mom are happy again, because they have a new furbaby at home. And it's an LBR dog! LBR foster Handy is now Atom's pawesome brother Andy. And Andy's going to train to be a therapy dog just like Atom so they can keep visiting people and bringing joy to everyone, just like Atom and Brea did. Yay for Atom 'n Andy!

Next, I'd like to wish a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my furiend Maggie Mae. She turns three years old today! Go wish her a happy birthday on me. :)

Finally... well... I'm a little shy about this, but... well, I asked a girl out! The brindle beauty Mayzie was looking for a date for the Blogville Valentine's Day pawty, and she's holding a contest to pick her date. I sure hope it's me!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

PSA: Won't someone please think of the children?!

Okay, folks, I've got a little bone to pick with you. I am a responsible blogger, as well as a seasoned diplomat in my role as Boxer Ambassador. As such, I try to occasionally include public service announcements when I become aware of a serious menace. Just a few months ago, I posted a PSA warning of the perils of baby-eating boxers. Unfortunately, you folks out there seem to be ignoring my serious warnings and still exposing innocent children to these vicious animals. Really, it's just got to stop!

Why, look at this example! You have a poor, innocent little human who is clearly terrified at this hulking menace.

If that's not bad enough, sometimes they get even bolder! Some of them will start tasting the baby while they sleep. The horror!

Honestly, it's like no one listens to me at all! You have these vicious dogs pinning down defenseless little humans while they struggle to escape.

Some of these brutes can't even stay away from children while they sleep.

Some of them will use cunning disguises to get in position to strike. Pretend to be a sofa cushion and you can get anywhere, really.

Sometimes the vicious monsters will drag their prey back to their bed to enjoy a bedtime snack.

Sadly, it's a problem no matter how young the dog. Even little puppies can stalk their prey.

Wow, look at how she's just drooling at the idea of tasting a fresh young human!

Once the evil boxer gets a taste of human, there's just no turning back. If only this poor little human hadn't fallen prey to the propaganda that boxers are super kid-friendly dogs!

I've done my part to make you all aware of this great menace. I'm just horrified that my own kind have turned into such vicious baby-eaters, but there's just no denying photographic evidence. Please protect your little humans while you have the chance!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Exit, pursued by a bear

You know, I've always known how lucky I was to get such a pawesome LBR foster home. I had great foster parents, and a fun foster brother and sister, and there were cool things like treats and air conditioning! But I didn't realize that I was SO lucky that my foster home was missing something apparently running rampant in other foster homes...

Bears. Big, scary, dog-eating bears!!

There's no escape for poor Neo. He's already being eaten. Keep fighting, buddy, and maybe help will still come.

He's so brave...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but I've been charged with a Most Important Job. My mom did a silly human thing and hurt her back this weekend. She's not supposed to move much, but she's a stubborn human. So I've had the difficult and important job of holding her down on the couch.

It's a tough job, but I persevere. I let her up long enough today to finally go to the human vet, and she says she got some magic pills to make her all better and won't have to lie down for much longer. So hopefully I'll be able to go back to my regular job of blogging soon. But until then, I'll keep working hard to take care of my mom!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Smell mail!

My mom went to Pet Fair this weekend to see all the gorgeous LBR foster dogs looking for their furever homes. And she brought home a whole bunch of smell mail for me! How exciting. I wonder who all was there...

Oh, of course handsome Mr. Roarke was there! But wait, Mom, didn't he get adopted?! Oh, his new mom brought him by to say hello. Oh, that was sure nice of her! Hi, Roarke!

Hmm, I've sure got a lot of smell mail from the beautiful Miss Pink. It's almost like she was sitting in your lap half the time, Mom. I thought you said I was the only lapdog in your life!! I feel so betrayed... Oh, is that all? She just stole your chair? Phew, okay, that's a relief. I was getting worried.

Look at this handsome guy! Percy came to hang out with everyone before starting his heartworm treatment tomorrow. He looks very strong and brave. I'm sure he'll get through his treatment with no troubles at all!

Hi there, Zia! It's always nice to hear from you. I don't know why you're still around to go to so many pet fairs, because you're absolutely beee-YOU-tiful! I know you'll find the perfect furever family soon.

Little Luv thought her toy needed some luv-ing, I guess! Her smell has lots and lots of human scents on it too. I guess she was getting loved on and admired by bunches of humans while she was there.

Wow, who could resist that smile? Little Missy is a good friend of mine, and I always love hearing from her! I hear she was really sweet and well-behaved at Pet Fair, just like the sweet little lady she is. Don't worry, Little Missy, your family will find you soon!

Geez Louise, what a beautiful dog! Only fitting that her name really is Geez Louise, because that's all anybody can shout out when they see her.

Miss Alpine has the boxer pouty face absolutely perfected. I think she was getting lots of attention to. We had lots of the gorgeous white babies there, and they're always attention-getting!

See, here's another one! Ovie is a handsome teenager looking for his very own furever family to love. He's got lots of boxer energy to shower you with attention!

Aww, is that all? You told me that Tessa and Odin were going to be there too! Wait, they were there and you didn't get pictures of them?! Mom! You're fired. I'll just type the rest of this post mys--

Edit: Okay, Mom, you're rehired. Thanks for asking Tessa's foster mom for this great picture!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dog of the Day -- Tessa

Hey, everybody, happy Friday the 13th! My mom really loves this day, and I'd like it a lot more if she didn't insist on wearing black kitty earrings all day. I don't get it. Anyway, I want to spend a special Friday telling you about a special gal.


I know what you're thinking -- "wait a minute, Casey, why are you calling your sissy Tessa all of a sudden?" I know, that looks just like my sissy Cinderella, but it's not! We think they're long-lost sisters or something. They look so much alike, they act a lot a like, and Tessa even has most of the same health problems Cinderella had when she came to us! That's why Tessa holds such a special place in mine and Mom's hearts.

Tessa is a silver senior just like Ella is. We're guessing she's maybe 11 years old. But guess what? She still knows how to PLAY!

Tessa loves it at her new foster home. She thinks that Bevo should be her new boyfriend, not her brother!

And she gets along with all the girls there too!

I think this golden oldie deserves to live out her life in comfort and love, don't you? Visit www.savetheboxers.com to learn more about her!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

For my friend Maggie Mae

She likes cute puppy pictures, and I wanted to oblige. Brand-new LBR foster Marilyn Monroe says it's hard word being this adorable.

High five!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bath time!

Poor Apache! Last night was the worst night of the year for poor, abused doggies -- bath night! :(

Why do humans like to torture us so much? Especially after we've just had a nice refreshing roll in the mud?

Don't worry, buddy, it's almost over!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Remember to vaccinate your pets!!!

We talk a lot about how important vaccinations are, but here's a sad illustration.

Beautiful Derby died this weekend of Parvo, a disease that is completely preventable with one simple, inexpensive vaccination. When we heard how sick she was in the shelter, LBR pulled her and rushed her to the vet to try to help her. Sadly, she was too far advanced and went into cardiac arrest. :( Please don't let more dogs like Derby die from something so easily prevented!! Vaccinate your pets.

Godspeed, Derby.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Just a quick bit of good news Linkto share. Former Dog of the Day Aldridge has finally found his furever home!! He's been with LBR for more than a year, looking for just the right home. I'm so happy for him. :)

They grow up so fast...

One day they're just little puppies learning to sit, the next they're getting their driver's license.

I'm a little jealous of LBR alum Birdie here. MY mom won't let me take my driving test yet.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Guess who got herself a furever home for the holidays? Former Dog of the Day Miss TULIA, of course!!

Tulia went to her new home on Christmas Day. Wow! What an awesome Christmas present. Something tells me 2012 is going to be a pretty great year for her.