Thursday, April 27, 2017

Throwback Thursday and POTP

Hey folks, Jessie here! Back from when I very furst met her, I've always been able to amuse Momma from how comfortable I could get anywhere.

(All of these pictures are from my furst few months of living with her, btw!)

We'd also like to ask for a little Power of the Paw. I went to the dogtor this week to have more blood stolen so we could see how my camel treatments are working. Momma was a little concerned because they don't seem to be making me feel any better, and I actually lose my appetite for a day or two after the treatments. Unfortunately, the blood tests don't show much of an improvement, and the dogtor isn't really sure what to do. So we're going to go back to visit the specialist who diagnosed me in the furst place to get another view of how my kidneys are working and see if he has any more suggestions. If you could keep your paws crossed for me, Momma and I would appreciate it.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Our new pack member!

That's right, we added another member to the pack this weekend! Momma came home from her Renny-sauce faire on Saturday talking ALL about this pawesome doggy she met, who was the best cuddler she'd ever met. (I'm sure she just assumed the "except for you, Casey" was implied.) And would you believe it, he followed her home and turned up on her pillow that night!

He IS pretty cute. I can't speak for the cuddly part, since Momma said Jessie and I can't cuddle or play with him. HMPH! BUT he's a really good listener.

Momma found him a pawfect spot in the bedroom so he can hang out in the day with Jessie and me. I think he'll be a pretty good new pack member.

Edited to add:
Silly Momma furgot to type the pawt of my post where I told you our new pack member's name! Momma asked people all over her Renny-sauce faire what he should be named, and then she picked her favorite. So his name is Patches St. George III! Just Patches to us, since we're his pack.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Flowers for Dory!

Today we all come together to remember a very special furiend. Dory loved everyone, and she had the sweetest nature of any furiend I've ever met. She was a true princess, and a supermodel! One thing Dory loved more than anything were flowers. She hosted Flower Fridays every week, and I know she's surrounded by lots and lots of beeYOUtiful flowers up there on the Bridge.

Today Jessie and I are in a field of Texas bluebonnets in Dory's honor. We'll never furget you, Dory!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Our adventure!

Oh boy, folks, you won't BELIEVE what we did this weekend. Momma's Renny-sauce faire was this weekend, of course, but since she didn't have to work on Good Friday, we headed down to Auntie's early. Momma was going to go visit Grandma and Grandpa later in the day, and it would be just generally a nice, relaxing day.

Uh, then we ended up here.

We were driving down the highway, about halfway to Auntie's, when Momma suddenly said a lot of HBO words and started pulling to the side of the road. Our tire went flat right as we were driving! We ended up in a VERY skeery spot, right where two highways were merging. We barely got onto this median before it ended. Traffic was flying by on both sides of us. It was too dangerous for Momma to get out and try to fix the tire, so she called her roadside assistance. Well, long story short, we are getting NEW roadside assistance today and two and a half hours later we got our tire changed by the VERY nice people with the Courtesy Patrol. Momma was pretty skeered and alternated between crying and saying HBO words. Jessie and I were super good copilots and just chilled out. (Well, we got a little kerazy when Courtesy Patrol first opened up the back door to get to our spare tire, but c'mon!)

So now we were on a little donut spare tire, which meant we couldn't go very fast or far. Momma located a tire shop not too far away on our route, so we limped there. Turns out her GPS was wrong -- nothing was there! So we started heading further down the way where Momma knew there was a Wal-Mart, and she hoped we'd find something else closer. Yay, we spotted another tire shop! Momma pulled in...and they were closed for Good Friday! We limped a little further down the road, and thank heavens we found a Firestone Tires!! The clerk made Momma cry when he was trying to lighten the mood and said they didn't have our size tire in stock. She wasn't really in a mood to joke. They wouldn't let Jessie and me inside the waiting room, so Momma took us to hang out in a little grassy area nearby until we got a new tire.

 Momma might've cried a lot more in the car when we finally got going again, but I promised I wouldn't tell on her. We have NEVER been so happy to get to Auntie's!! Jessie was pretty freaked out by everything and was super clingy the rest of the night.

I just made sure that Momma got to bed at a reasonable hour and snuggled close so she wouldn't be so freaked out anymore.

So that was OUR weekend. How was yours?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hoppy Easter from the Easter Boxers!

As Jessie and I go off to the Rennysauce faire, we'd like to wish everyone a very hoppy Easter!

Friday, April 14, 2017

See Beautiful for Sugar

Today we are Seeing Beautiful in honor of Sugar the Golden Retriever, who gave us lots of golden joy as she sought beauty everywhere.

We see beauty in a good walk with your family (and maybe some bunnies!)....

In fresh green grass just meant to be rolled in...

In siblings we love....

In memories of those we've lost...

And in Mommas to love!!

Thank you, Sugar, for always helping us see golden beauty everywhere!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

For Astro

My poor buddy Astro faced a skeery exploding pillow yesterday. (And can you believe HE got in trouble for it?!) For Throwback Thursday, I thought I'd share the time I faced one of those skeery things.

So there I was, innocently lying on the bed, not guessing the danger that lurked behind me.

Momma goes to take a shower, and when she gets out, she finds I faced the TERROR of the splodey pillow!!

Boy, she's lucky it happened when she wasn't around, huh?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rennysauce antics

So we are in full swing of Momma's Rennysauce faire. All their training is done, and they opened to the public last weekend! That means we have seven more weekends to spend at Auntie's, woohoo! I am an old pro at this and know just what to do at Auntie's house.


It's hard work, but somebody has to do it! Jessie hasn't quite learned yet, though. She keeps trying to get Auntie to play when she's working on Rennysauce stuff. And then, well, things happen...

"I think the hat looks better on you, Auntie. Really. REALLY."

She's starting to figure it out slowly, though.

 "She's not near me with that hat again, is she? Uh, I mean, zzzzzz...."

 It's a lot of work, but we're good at it! We have to make sure that Momma gets her rest after a long day at faire too.

"Look, Momma, we saved you a spot!"
"Enough fooling around, time for bed, Momma!"

Monday, April 10, 2017

Remembering Dory

Jessie, Momma, and I were so sad to learn this weekend that our dear furiend Dory went to the Rainbow Bridge after a short illness.

We are so glad that we got to meet Dory in the furs at the BAR last summer, so we have extra special memories of her to look back on. She was a very special girl, and we know her family misses her so much.

Please go give her family your love and condolences for their loss. We'll never furget you, Dory!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Jessie the camel has one hump!

Momma KEEPS singing that song to me, folks! I had my furst at-home camel treatment last night, and I think we both muddled through pretty well.

This is my fluid bag. It makes things go quicker if it's hung up high, so Momma put it on a hangar and hung it over the door between the bedroom and bathroom. We did it in the bedroom so she could shut the door and keep Casey and Pigeon out.

Then she took the needle out and STUCK me with it! I didn't mind too much. She stuck herself furst, so at least I wasn't going through it alone. (Not on purpose, she's just a little clumsy. BOL.)

But then I got some cookies to keep me occupied, so I didn't really notice that the needle was still in me.

I started to get a little restless after the cookies were gone. Momma was trying to keep me still so the needle wouldn't pop out. Even Giraffe couldn't keep me occupied anymore!

 "You should've had more cookies, Momma!"

Just look at the HUGE hump I got! Momma started singing about my "lovely lady lump" right about now.

And we're all done!! Thanks fur taking such good care of me, Momma! I'm sure it'll be easier next long as you bring more cookies!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Camel update and new bling!

Hey folks, Jessie here! Casey told you last week about how I get to become a camel to help with my kidney problems. Well, my furst experience was Friday, and I don't know why I was so worried! It was really easy. I got to go see all my buddies at the dogtor's office. They LOVE me there and come out to cuddle me even when they're not the ones working with me that day. After the dogtor finally came in, she talked to Momma a whole bunch and then came me cookies. Soooooo many cookies! It was totally pawesome. Sometimes in the middle of the cookies, I felt a little poke at my shoulders, but cookies! Who cares? After the cookies were done, though, Momma showed me how I looked.

OMD, I looked so silly!! But the hump was gone by the time I ate dinner that night, so phew! Momma says it'll make me feel better, so that's good. Who doesn't like to feel better, right? Momma also said that from now on, we'll do my camel treatments at home. I hope that she's as free with the cookies as the dogtor is!

Since I was feeling a little unsure about my girlish figure with my new hump, I also got a new present. See, I loooove my cowspot collar. I'm a cowgirl, after all! Casey changes collars all the time, but I wear just this one, and a Christmas collar in December. And it's been getting a little ragged.

OMD, that's humiliating. But momma looked around and found me a NEW cowspot collar!

I think this one looks much better. Check out the other angle.

 My sexy model look

This is MUCH better! I won't even notice the camel treatment when I have such a beeYOUtiful new collar! Thanks Momma!