Friday, January 29, 2021

Flashback Friday: Barkday Edition

 Guess what, peeps? Monday is my THIRD barkday!! Can you believes it?? Momma said that we'll do something special together on Sunday, and I can share pictures with you on Monday. Yay! I'm all excited about what we might do, so I thought today's post would be looking at barkdays past. Not that I've had a lot of them, but they were fun!

What are we doing, Momma???
My very furst barkday, I didn't know what was up. I just knew we were in for an adventure!
OMD, what is THIS??
Then I gots my very furst barkday CHEESEYBURGER!! Wow, life is just pawfect sometimes, isn't it??

Last year Momma took me on an adventure to Petsmart so I could sniff all the smells and do some shopping at the same time. I love being able to pick out presents!

I love HAVING the presents even more. BOL! Even if I have to pose with the stupid Birthday Princess sash that won't stay in place.

I just can't waits to find out what we do for THIS barkday. Three whole years old is a pretty big deal, right?? If I were human, I'd be old enough to drink now, right? Hmm, maybe Momma and I are going to the bar! BOL! What do you think we'll do?

Monday, January 25, 2021

Bye bye, Baby Austin

 We are very sad to share that Baby Austin went to the Bridge last week. He was 8 years old.

I'm sure that Angel Casey met him with a special LBR welcome. We will miss him very much.

Friday, January 22, 2021

A whole new experience

 OMD, you guys, you won'ts BELIEVE what I did the other day!! We went up last weekend to see our Best Guy, and he told us that there was something called a dog park just around the corner that I might want to try. I've heard some of you talk about these things, but I'd never actually been to one. (Momma says there's one in our town, but it's small and has not-responsible owners that don't clean up after their dogs. Yuck.)

So we showed up and Momma took my walking string off. There were all these others doggies around that looked like fun, and I hoped she'd introduce me! And then.... she just said "go play." You mean I can just go do whatever I want???

Oh boy oh boy did I have FUN!!! I ran around sniffing at other dogs, then they sniffed me, then we ran after each other! I introduced myself to bunches of humans and wasn't timid at all like I usually am. I just felt so free and confident! I ran SO many laps around the park, I lost count!! It was just the mostest amazingest day.

And Momma said afterwards, "The proof is in the pudding."


I didn't see any pudding, but I knows I was sooooooo sleepy after we gots home. Instead of wiggling around making sure I got all the attention from Momma and our Best Guy, I just curled up on the couch and slept until it was time to go home. 

Momma says we'll definitely go back there. I can't wait! ...But I think I'm already tired. BOL!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I'm back! With big changes!

 Hiya folks! I'm BACK!! Did you miss me?? Momma and I missed you all lots and lots. We've talked about it, and we're going to try to stick to a new posting schedule that will let me keep all my furiends updated with my life without the blog taking over too much of our lives!


You may have noticed a big change to the look of our blog. Well, LBR is undergoing some big changes. Momma called it a "corporate restructuring," but she said it just means that LBR is changing some stuff about how it operates but is going to not only keep helping boxers but be able to help even MORE boxers!! Pretty pawesome.

But Momma decided that with all the changes, it was time to make a change here. See, this blog started as the official LBR blog, with lots of different LBR alums writing their perspective of rescue life. My great-brother Casey was in the second class of contributors recruited to help. But no one else has written anything on the blog for years, and Momma struggled with how much she was supposed to talk about just MY life versus the rescue. Plus once Facebark hit big, no one really ever read our little blog for rescue stuff. So with all the changes, she gots permission to change the blog to just MINE. We'll still talk about the pawesome stuff that LBR does, because I'm a Legacy Gal for life! But this is no longer an official blog. 

That means some design changes, and a new name! Goodbye Legacy Chronicles, you were a pawesome blog with lots of grreat content. But welcome the new age of Matilda's Boxer Banter! We'll probably keep fiddling with stuff for a while, because Momma has NO idea how to do any of this design stuff. Just be patient with her, she's only human.

Until laters, folks! 

Matilda the Boxer

PeeS: Thank you for all your PotP for Baby Austin. We haven't heard an update from his momma, but we will be sure to share when we know anything.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Power of the Paw for Baby Austin!

 Long-time readers will remember Baby Austin, an LBR pup born to a momma we rescued and one of Casey's special furiends. It's hard for Momma to even remember that he's all grown up now! 


But Austin's momma let his foster momma know that he's having appetite problems and went to the vet, who thinks it might be lymphoma. Momma is devastated. We'd really appreciate if you could direct some Power of the Paw his way. He's still our baby!!