Saturday, August 31, 2013

Snuggle Saturday

Do you know what's even better than a Saturday? A Saturday of a looooong weekend!! Yup, my momma doesn't have to work on Monday, so she'll be hanging out with Cinderella and me lots and LOTS. Woohoo!! So pull up a bed or a comfy cushion, pull over your buddy, and snuggle away. All together now -- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Brielle and LBR foster Gizmo

LBR fosters Celestia and Luna -- the Parvo Princesses feeling all better!

LBR foster Dolce

LBR fosters Harry and Flower

LBR alums Allie, LBR foster Petunia, and Chopper  

 LBR foster Lexi

LBR foster Macie and LBR alum Cleveland 

LBR alums Matilda and Marnie 

LBR foster Rhonda and LBR alum John 

LBR fosters Timmy and Cody

Have a grreat long weekend, everyone!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Foster Friday: Meet Macie!

Hey there, cool pups and cats! It's Friday, and you know what THAT means! I get to talk to you about one of the totally pawesome foster dogs waiting for adoption through Legacy Boxer Rescue. And I have got a grrreat one for you today!! Everybody say hello to Macie!

"Why, hello there! Did you come here to learn all about little ol' me?"

Isn't she just beeYOUtiful?? And she's just as sweet as she looks. Momma says she gives totally pawesome kisses and snuggles like nobody's business! She's still just a cute little puppy -- only a year old! And a tiny little thing too. At 35 pounds, she's what we like to call a "pocket boxer." But she's got a lot of sass packed into that tiny package!

"Don't worry, no evil balls will invade your home if I'm around!" 

Macie loves loves to play. She likes stuffed animals and chewies, but her most favorite thing of all is her BALL! She'll chase that thing all day long if you'll just keep throwing it for her. And she's smart too! She knows to ring the bell when she needs to go out to potty, and she does grreat in her crate too. She likes the kiddos and likes to help pick them up at school -- she'll sit patiently in the carpool lane and watch all the kids running around! But since she's still a silly puppy, she'd do better with slightly older kids, like over 5.

 "What are you waiting for? Go fill out an application!"

Who wouldn't love this fangtastic girl?! Cuddly, playful, and smart -- what else could you ask for?! All Macie wants is a home of her very own with people to snuggle and someone with a grreat throwing arm for her ball. That's not too much to ask, right?

"I'll come on over right now. And don't worry -- I'll bring the ball!"

If you want to learn more about Macie, check out her bio here. Then fill out an application and say you want to bring Macie home!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

National Bow Tie Day!

Did you know that yesterday was National Bow Tie Day? Yeah, neither did my momma, or this post would've been up yesterday. :)  But as soon as we found out, I told her that we HAD to do a post. Because bow ties are cool!

I wear a bow tie now. Bow ties are cool.

What's that? I'm incredibly handsome and everydog wants to be like me? Yeah, I knew that.

The ladies all love a man in a bow tie.

Bow Tie Day? Yup, I've got this one licked.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Thanks to everyone who sent good healing vibes to our little ladies from yesterday! Dolce and Honor are both safely in the care of our vets, and they really appreciate all the power of the paw they've been getting! Poor little Dolce is only 20 pounds -- an adult female should be 50! She was a little skeered to leave the shelter, but she got some good snuggles in with our volunteer and is relieved to hear that she's part of a family now and everything will be okay.

Honor is at a different vet and has been getting hydrotherapy on her hurt back paw. Unfortunately, the dogtor doesn't think it's helping. She's scheduled to have her paw amputated this morning. It's okay, though. We've told her all about the pawesome tripods that LBR has helped and how they can still run and play just like any other dog. We told her she can meet Tex once she's feeling better, and he'll show her how to boxer burn with just three legs!

Please keep these ladies in your thoughts. They both have a long road ahead of them.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A ruff weekend

LBR had two badly urgent boxers who needed us this weekend.  Both were picked up as strays, so we have no idea how they got into the condition they did. But they're in safe hands now, and we're gong to get them healthy and happy again!

LBR foster Honor

LBR foster Dolce

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ridiculously cute

Yup, these puppies are just so cute it's not even FAIR. They're taking up all the cuteness quotient for the whole world of dogdome. There are going to have to be all sorts of ugly puppies born for a while because ours are so cute. :)  And now... they have names!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Puppies!! Now we have 9!

The Belles are here! Momma Anna Belle went into labor last night, and her puppies have been slowly making their appearance. So far we have 7 -- 2 girls and 5 boys. 3 are white, and 4 are flashy fawns (brown and white). I'll have more pics as they come, but here is a picture of Numero Uno, a white girl.

Welcome to the family, puppies!

Edit: And here they are!!!!!!

 #1 - Girl

#2 - Boy

#3 - Boy

#4 - Boy

#5 - Girl

#6 - Boy

#7 - Boy

#8 - Girl

We were expecting at least 9 from the X-rays, so there may be more coming still! But we have 3 girls and 5 boys, half & half on whites and flashy fawns. Momma Anna Belle has done such a grreat job! Here's the whole happy family.

Edit #2: We think she's done! Here's her last baby, #9. I think he's a pirate with that eye patch. Yar!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bad Poetry Day: The Boxer and the Pea

My furiends Oz and Ku are hosting a Bad Poetry Day (well, more like weekend), and I wanted to pawticipate! But my poem has to start with an illustration:

LBR foster Gizmo

Gizmo inspired this poem! I call it The Boxer and the Pea

The floor, it is so cold and hard
It really keeps me on my guard.
How am I supposed to relax
without a soft bed beneath my back?

Well, this is much better,
I must admit.
But is just one bed
enough to do it?

Ahh, that's better, let's add one more!
Two beds is comfier by far.
But you know, now that I'm here
That hard floor beneath I still can feel.

Three beds is much better, that's the trick!
I'm sure this is much more like it.
Three beds is great, that's for sure,
But... my comfort isn't quite pure.

Add one more bed, I'm sure that'll work.
Four beds, and I won't feel
That hard floor at all. For real.

The end

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Holding patterns

Happy Saturday, Blogville! We at LBR are in kind of a holding pattern today. Remember the lovely Anna Belle?

She's about ready to pop! The dogtor says she's got at least nine pups inside. Holy cow! Anna Belle is busy resting up right now, because she's about ready to let us meet her babies. The dogtor says we could see them this weekend. Yippee! I'll keep you posted!

Arwen is still having fun here with us. Her favorite game is "does this squeak?" She likes to go to all of mine and Cinderella's toys and investigate to see if there's a squeaker. When she finds it, she runs around with it in her mouth, just squeaking it constantly. It's really cute! And if you were wondering -- yup, that tennis ball squeaks!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Foster Friday

Today is a very special Foster Friday! I want everyone to meet this skeered little girl who came to us just known as "BIN 13536". (BIN means Boxer In Need. It's how we identify the dogs that people ask us to help.)

"Will you hold me, please?" 
Momma went to visit BIN 13536, because she was in the shelter near us. Can you believe that her people moved out in the middle of the night and left her locked in a bedroom?! By the time anyone found her, she'd been there for a long time and was super emaciated. No one knows how long she was left locked in there. :( But she was still very sweet and cuddly. Momma begged and begged, and an LBR foster home stepped up to the task!

So Momma went back to the shelter...

"I am outa there!!"

And brought her home with us!! Her foster home is babysitting someone else and doesn't have room for a few days, so she's going to hang out with us. YAY!! We got right to work fattening her up.

She really needs it, poor baby!

So now I would like everyone to say goodbye to BIN 13536 and say hello to ARWEN!!

"Why hello there! It's so nice to meet you!"

We all love her here. She's so sweet and smart and snuggly. She mostly wants to just sit in Momma's lap, but she'll find any soft place to cuddle if the lap isn't available.

 She mastered sitting for treats real quick. Cinderella and I showed her what to do!

 "Can't smile for the camera. Too busy drooling!!"

 She even figured out toys right away! It's taken most of our fosters a few days out of the shelter to understand what toys were and want to play with them. But Arwen picked up this monkey right away and started squeaking it. She'll bring it over to Momma to play fetch for a while, then she'll just walk around with it in her mouth, squeaking it over and over. BOL!

I think her time here is going to be easy-peasy! Momma said she might have to put on a wig and a false mustache when her foster momma shows up to get her. 

 "Arwen? Who ees Arwen? I am Carlos."

BOL!! Whatever. We'll enjoy her while she's here, that's for sure!