Monday, July 26, 2021

Sleepover camp!

 No, don't worry, I'm not going away again. Momma and I are hosting a sleepover camp this week. Guess who for?

Yup, it's Verity! Verity is the official office dog at Momma's work. She works very hard comforting victims of crime. This week her momma is at a conference, and her secondary handler is out of town. So since Verity and I are bestest buds, we offered to let her hang her leash with us. And OMD, are we having a blast already!

We wrestled and played bitey face!

We had long serious conversations that--


Wow, she picked that one up quick! I took her for a nice long walk to see the sights in our neighborhood and show her all the best places to read peemail.

And it turns out we have the same favorite game! We played lots and lots and LOTS of tug!

We watched the Olympics with Momma.

Momma says we're just like two peas in a pod, whatever that means.

I'll try to get Momma to share some more pictures of our super fun week!

Friday, July 9, 2021

Flashback Friday: It's my adoptiversary!

 Today I'm going to flash back to a very impawtant day THREE whole years ago...

Aww, look at that tiny little face! Hard to believes that's ME! Yup, three years ago I gots to go home to my new house and new Momma and new sissy and new LIFE!

I loved my new collar!

Then there was the exciting car ride.

And making BFFs with my new fur sister Pigeon!

It was an exhausting furst day, but it was only the start of the most pawesomest life EVER! I loves my momma, and we have the bestest times together. She said tonight we're going to have an adoptiversary adventure, so I'll tell you about that later. Happy three years, Momma!