Thursday, February 28, 2013

Be there with BELLS on!

BOL, my titles kill me sometimes. :)  Hey gang, I know that a lot of you have heard about PoochieBells. Maybe just in concept instead of by name!

PoochieBells are these totally pawsome products that your human hangs from a doorknob. (Mine is on the back door.) Then any time you want to go outside, you just nudge it with your nose or your paw. The bells ring and.... here's the magic part... your human comes and lets you out RIGHT AWAY!!! OMD, it's so magical. You can go outside ANY TIME you want to! It's the next best thing to having a doggie door. Momma got bells for me as soon as she brought me home, and I've shown ALL our foster dogs how the magic works. It's so pawsome.

You know what's even MORE amazing than the magic of PoochieBells? Well, they have something called Saving Spot.

Saving Spot is PoochieBells' new project to help shelter and rescue pups. For EVERY purchase of one of their products, they'll donate a new collar to a shelter or rescue group. And guess what? LBR is their designated rescue for February/March 2013!!

That means every purchase you make in February and March helps out the dogs of LBR. And if you already have a set of bells, that's okay. They have these really fangtastic tote bags that Momma loves, and collars and leashes, and cell phone holders, and cool stuff like that too! Just make sure you're buying from the SAVING SPOT line to get credit to LBR!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pip and Puddles Take Texas!

OMDs, I'm SOOOO excited!! I feel like I've been waiting FUREVER for Pip and Puddles to finally make it to Texas! If you don't know the story by now where have you been, Pip has been having a lot of health problems lately and is checking off his bucket list. Part of that is taking a WORLD TOUR by visiting all the different bloggers! With him is his faithful nurse, Puddles, who gets him into trouble keeps him healthy and well-supplied with beer and Cheetos.

I've been planning and planning what I could pawsibly do to make Pip's trip to Texas the best possible. I mean, this is TEXAS! Everything's bigger and better here.

 I thought maybe he could meet Big Tex, but there was a mysterious accident that definitely happened while Puddles was nowhere near the state.

I was going to take them hunting their own cheeseburgers, but after I saw them hunt buffalo, I thought maybe the thrill was gone.

But Pip still liked meeting the genuine Texas longhorns.

But finally I decided there was only one thing we could do. Furst, we got a real Texas ride.

No, Puddles, don't be silly! Texas isn't like the movies.

Much better! We drove around and got stuck in traffic just like real Texans, then we pulled up to the big event! Pip and Puddles weren't really sure what was going on, but then we got inside.

 LBR foster Priddy is thrilled to meet Pip!

That's right, I took them to a Legacy Boxer Rescue pet fair! What better way to enjoy Texas than getting to meet some pawsome Texas boxers?? They were all thrilled to meet our visiting celebrities.

LBR foster Zia plays things much cooler, but she's thrilled too.

LBR foster Hailey and Puddles decided to have an impromptu concert. There were people lined up around the block to beg them to stop hear the music!

LBR foster Lorsi and Puddles practice their smiles.

Puddles and LBR foster Wylie shared a good laugh.

It was SO much fun!! My LBR furiends just can't stop talking about how nice Pip and Puddles were, how down-to-earth they are for such famous celebrities, and how their foster homes need to stock up on beer and Cheetos. (Uh-oh, I may start getting some annoyed phone calls from foster parents over that one!)

I can't believe Pip and Puddles have to leave so soon, but they have more trouble to cause stops to make! Cinderella and I are so glad that you were able to fit a visit here into your busy schedule.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

We loves mud!

Humans are SO silly sometimes! You know how sometimes you go out and have a nice time running and rolling in a nice big mud puddle? You're busy splashing and squishing away, and then suddenly the humans start shouting, "NO! BAD DOG!" and other annoying things? And on top of all the yelling and dragging you away from your fun, you usually have to have a BATH on top of it! Oh, it's enough to make any good dog's blood boil.

Well, after ALL the fuss they kick up about it, it turns out... some humans like to run in the mud too!

There's this event called the Shamrockin' 5k Mud Run, and humans PAY to go run around in the mud. Can you believe it?! I'd be a lot more angry about it, except the pawsome humans who are running it chose LBR as their 2013 charity! That means LBR will be getting a donation from their registration fees, plus we'll have a booth set up at their runs. How exciting!!

The Shamrockin' 5k Mud Run will be held on March 9th is in Flower Mound, starting at 9am. So if you're local, sign up and get a little dirty to help the dogs! BOL! And if you can't make this one, they'll be having three more events this year -- in May, July, and October -- so hopefully you can make one of them!


Don't furget to tune in tomorrow fur some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS here on the Chronicles! Pip and Puddles will be swinging through Texas on Pip's Bucket List World Tour. Just wait till you see everything they get into here!

Guess who's home?!?!

Yup, Dublin is feeling LOTS better and gots to go home from the V-E-T! She's still weak, but she's starting to eat better. Silly humans -- I could've told them that all she needed was a cheeseburger!

Dublin says thanks for the POWER OF THE PAW! She knows it helped her a whole bunch. I'll keep you updated on her search for her furever home. As you can tell, she already has her foster daddy wrapped around her paw!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snuggle Saturday

Oh, it's a nice, lazy, wonderful weekend! Let's enjoy the joys of having our peeps home and get some good quality snoozing time in.

LBR foster Brixton 

LBR foster Azara

LBR foster Addison and LBR alums Diego and Pumpkin 

Barkley and LBR foster Audrey 

Fox and LBR alum Ducky 

LBR foster Macie and LBR alum Cleveland 

LBR alum Ferdinand 

LBR foster Sync and LBR Keeper Secret

Friday, February 22, 2013

Foster Friday: POTP for Dublin!

This Foster Friday, one of our sweet LBR dogs could use some Power of the Paw.

This little cutie is named Dublin. She's a very sick little girl. They were afraid at furst that she might have Parvo, but thank DOGNESS the test came back negative! So they're still trying to figure out what's wrong with her. We know she doesn't want to eat very much and she has bloody stool. She's also heartworm positive, so even after she's feeling better she'll still have some treatment to go through. YUCK! But she's in the able hands of an LBR vet right now, and her foster family has visited her and given her pats and kisses to help give her strength to fight. We know you'll pull through, sweetie! Welcome to the LBR family!

PeeS: If you want to contribute a little to Dublin's medical care, click here and then click "Sponsor Me"!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A fresh perspective

Ever feel like you just need to look at life from a different angle? I think these pups agree!

LBR alum Aero

LBR alum Gummi Bear

LBR foster Sync

LBR foster Tinker

LBR alum Cinderella

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dog of the Day: Bexar

OMD, my head.... Oooooh, I think I over-indulged just a little in the Boxer Spirits at the Valentine's Ball. And my paws are sore from all the dancing that I did. Man, the ladies of Blogville are just NONSTOP, aren't they?! What a grreat night! I think I need to rest up a little bit. So I'm going to let this week's Friday Dog of the Day tell you all about himself.

Everybody say hi to Bexar! (For the non-Texans, that's pronounced "Bear".)

Hey y’all!! Bexar is my name and being adorable is my game!! I live with 5 foster siblings and love each of them. I just wished they loved to play as much as I do. I may be “older” but Foster Mom says I have the energy of a 2 year old boxer. I absolutely love to snuggle and love cuddling with Foster Mom whenever I can. Since I love to be warm Foster Mom got me some super cozy sweaters to wear and I love them so much! If you can’t find me check under the blankets and I’ll be there.

I’ve been with LBR since August of 2011 and have been through a lot in my time here. When I first got to Foster Mom’s house I weighed in at 76 lbs, which was WAY more than I should weigh (Foster Mom calls me a pocket boxer because I’m so small). Thanks to lots of boxer friends to play with and good food, I’m now at a healthy 60 lbs and am full of life and energy.

I wasn’t always this healthy though. Last April, Foster Mom came home from work one morning to find me not feeling good. She took me to the vet and they found out I was a very sick boy. My blood counts were not good and I didn’t understand what was happening. All I know is I didn’t feel good. They kept me at the vet for a few days and told Foster Mom I had an auto immune disorder. I was on all kinds of medications for several months and didn’t feel like myself at all. But thanks to the awesome vets I slowly started to feel like myself again. I’ve been off all my medications for a couple of months now and feel great!! Everyone is so happy that I am doing so well.

Although my blood work looks fantastic now I’m not out of the woods. Foster Mom says I have some new rules to live by to keep me healthy. She calls me her “Bubble Boy” because I can’t be exposed to the outside world. I get to go on walks but we have to be careful not to run into any other dogs or wildlife. My vet says I can’t be vaccinated but I’m ok with that because that means I don’t have to get shots! Foster Mom will tell you more about what my needs are. She’s taken such good care of me and knows exactly what I need.

Hi everyone! Foster Mom here! Bexar is a very special boy and I love him so very much. He has been a joy to have in my house and I can’t imagine him not being here. But, if his perfect forever family were to come along I’d be so happy for him. That is what all LBR is all about! Bexar does have a few things for a potential forever home to consider. A few things on that list are a dog door, a happy go lucky playmate and a family that not only understands his special needs but loves him even more for them. If you think you might be a match for my sweet Bexar-Bexar let your Adoption Counselor know and I’ll fill you in on his needs. Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about my very special boy!

Wow, Bexar is such a pawsome dog, and he's so lucky he's with LBR! I know he wants a furever home of his very own soon. If you think you have the home for him, check out his bio page with LBR and fill out an application today!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Ball!

OMD, OMD, I can't believe it's finally here! It's VALENTINE'S DAY!!! It's time for Mollie and Ranger's big Valentine's Ball, and we are SO excited here! And man, let me tell you, you haven't seen ball preparation until you've help Cinderella get ready. And without a fairy godmother! Momma and I had to do EVERYTHING.

Furst, she had to try to find the pawfect dress.

Then it was all about the beauty routine. I've heard so much about mud masks and curlers and I don't know WHAT else. My head is just SPINNING, my furiends.

I did manage to talk her out of wearing those GLASS slippers, though. I told her that they look really uncomfortable, and she's going to be dancing with Dave and Zim ALL NIGHT! Plus, she keeps losing them whenever she wears them, and Momma says she's not made of money.

Finally she was all dressed up and totally GAWJUS!!! Don't I have the prettiest sissy?

She was so nervous while she waited on Dave and Zim to arrive. Finally I heard a sound out front and rushed out, then started barking for Cinderella to come QUICK! Just LOOK at the pawsome ride Dave and Zim found! What better way to take Cinderella to the ball?

Cinderella was so excited to have such handsome dates. Here they are making their grand entrance into the ballroom. Aren't they just the cutest?! Dave and Zim, you'd better take good care of my sissy tonight!

As for me? I can't disappoint any of the ladies, so I'm going STAG tonight! Plenty of Casey to go around, ladies. I'll be dancing with ALL of you. And I've got my own pawsome ride to the ball.

 And don't worry, I've got the trunk stuffed FULL of Boxer Spirits! It's going to be a grreat pawty!!

See all of y'all at the Ball!