Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Happy Howlidays!


Momma and I wish everyone the happiest of howliday seasons and a happy any year that isn't 2020!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Back to work! And a break.

 OMD, folks, you'll never guess what happened yesterday. Momma went into work, but she came home really early . . . and then she was dragging a bunch of stuff back into the dining room. This is starting to look familiar. She said that her boss decided virus numbers were spiking so much, he told them to work from home as much as possible again. So Momma packed up all her stuff and set up the home office again. It took a little reminding where things went, but soon we were both back into the routine.

                                                          Head of Security hard at work! 


So I've got to make sure Momma keeps her nose to the grindstone fur a while. We've been a little too busy to blog lately anyway, and this is making it worse. So we're going to take a little break. We'll still be reading and commenting on blogs, but don't expect many posts here fur a while. Momma says she wants to see if her blogging spirit comes back once 2020 dies. But don't worry about us, we're fine!

Friday, November 13, 2020

Sheesh, Momma


You're always telling me to make friends. How am I supposed to do that if you keep bringing me back inside whenever I try to talk to the new dog in the yard behind us?? I don't know what you mean about "We are not going to be THAT neighbor." 

Mommas are so unreasonable sometimes.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Congrrats, Major and Champ!

 I leave all of the silly politics to the humans, but I was very excited to hear that Major and Champ have been named as the futures DOTUS -- Dogs of the United States. It's always better when there's a dog in the White House. And apparently Major is a rescue, so he can help bring awareness to impawtant issues of doggie welfare.


dogs – NECN 


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

We've trained for this!

 If you live in the US like me, today is going to be a very stressful day for a lot of our humans. There are a lot of very ugly words out there and a lot of people who have forgotten their inner dog. But it's okay, we've trained for how to help our humans through this. 

Jump right up on them and lay down. Make yourself extra heavy so they don't have any choice but to lay down with you. Rest your head on them and let out a deep sigh that tells them it's okay to take a breath. Send out all the calming, loving vibes you can. And then once they've really relaxed, lick their faces and have them take you for a walk or a rousing game of tug or fetch. They need us right now! Don't let them down!

And no matter who wins or who your humans voted for, tomorrow remember to love each other.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Howl-o-ween!

 OMD, folks, I'm just buzzing to show you all my costume this year.

...Wait, Momma, is this a bee? A ladybug? I don't think ladybugs buzz. Well, whatevers, I'm glad to show you all my costume. I hope you all have non-embarrassing costumes and get lots of treats for wearing them! Today we're going over to our Best Guy's house to watch skeery movies together, and his momma Auntie M is going to come and fuss over me for a while. It'll be pawesome!


Momma isn't wearing a costume today, but they dressed up at her office yesterday. She was a funny kind of a dog.

BOL. Humans are so desperate to be like us! Oh, and Verity the Courthouse Dog also dressed up! She borrowed Angel Jessie's Jessie costume, and her handler Auntie Grace was her Bullseye! BOL!

 Happy Howl-o-ween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Happy Cat Day!

 Today is National Cat Day, so I'd like to dedicate today's post to all my kitty furiends out there. Days like today, I think about my angel kitty sister Pigeon.

Even before me, Pigeon was furiends with my great-brother Casey and great-sister Jessie.

Especially Jessie!

Then there was my great-brother Scribbles. He wasn't a big fan of doggies, but he was Momma's furstborn and pawtected her fiercely.


Gosh, we sure have had some grreat kitties in our life, haven't we?? And I have other fangtastic ones out there as my furiends. So to all of you, a very happy National Cat Day!

Friday, October 16, 2020

My own blankie??

 This weekend when our Best Guy came to visit, he brought a pressie just fur ME, even though it was Momma's barkday. It's from his momma, Auntie M, who loooooooooves me lots and lots. (And I loves her back!) I wasn't really sure what was up when Momma wanted me to jump on the new blankie for a picture.

 Usually you wants me to stay off the new stuff, you know.

What's that? It's MINE, and Auntie M sent it?

Ohhh, yeah, I can smell her! How nice!


Thank you, Auntie M!


Pretty soon I knew fur sure it was mine and was lounging on it all the time. What a nice pressie!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Happy barkday, Momma!!

 Yesterday was my momma's barkday! She took the day off work so we could hang out together ALL day. We've been rewatching old seasons of Survivor while we cuddle on the couch. It was pawesome! I did confide to Momma that with the Covid, I didn't have a chance to go shopping for her pressie. She said, "Oh, that's okay, Matilda. What I'd like most for a present is a nice picture of us together."


Well, no problem at all, Momma!! I will make sure we gets a picture that shows how much I loves you!


What do you means, too blurry?! I loves you so much my heart ZOOMS!! Sigh. Fine. I'll takes a regular picture.

I still think they're boring, Momma, but if it's what you wants.

Okay. Yeah, I loves you too. Happy barkday!

Thursday, October 8, 2020


 Momma is happy because she found out yesterday that she didn't break her ankle, she just sprained it. The best news from MY perspective is she isn't using that weird wheeled thingy in the house anymore. She said she only has to use that for more distance, like when she's at work. That means it lives in the car when she's home. YAY!

 I'm still working hard to make sure she rests and elevates and ices and all that stuff. Being a nurse is hard work! But she said that our Best Guy is coming over this weekend, so maybe I can get a little break!

Monday, October 5, 2020

Nurse Matilda on duty!

 OMD, folks, you will never guess what my Momma managed to do to herself.

On Friday morning, we wuz going for walkies just like normal before Momma gets ready for work. Everything was fine, then the next thing I knows, Momma goes flying and falls on the ground! I went to check on her and tolds her everything would be okays. It turns out she broke her ankle! OMD. It's her furst broken bone even though she's like 87 million years old.

She's supposed to be seeing a special dogtor sometimes this week to tell her how bads it is and how long it'll take to heal. Until then, I have to make sure she sits on the couch a lot and keeps her foot up. I am ON IT!! And OMD, she has this weirdo wheeled thingy that she puts her foot on and scoots around the house. I am NOT sure about this thing, and we can't go on walkies for a while. It's pretty strange around here. But never fear, Nurse Matilda has it covered!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What a bait and switch!!

 I'm really upset about dis one, folks. I have my own personal Piggy. Well, last night I got a little peckish and decided I really wanted some bacon. So I gots to work digging in, and...

Dere's nothing in there but STUFFING!! No bacon, no pork chops, no sausage! Can you believes dis??

I need to put a complaint in to the manager...

Monday, September 21, 2020

Weekend shenanigans

 Momma was busy being funny this weekend. (But too busy to post about it. Sheesh, Momma!) Furst, Saturday was Bark Like a Pirate Day, and she wanted to make sure I did my part.

                                                                Avast ye scurvy sea dogs!

Anyways, Momma went to the store after THAT humiliation, so I thought the keraziness was over. But then she told me when she got home that a new dog jumped into her car at the store, and it was so skinny that her rescuer's heart just wouldn't let her leave it behind. So I has a new sister named Morticia.


 Momma says she'll live out in the garage most of the time and come out with Elvira and Raven to guard the house during Howl-o-ween. She said that Ichabod broke his hip, so she's not sure if he'll be out. Poor guy!! Hopefully she can help him heal up.

I don't knows WHAT else Momma would get up to if I let her!! Hopefully that's it fur now.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 I've been sniffing something a little funny on Momma when she comes home, now that she's back at the office full time. At furst I thought I must be mistaken. Momma is at work, and she says that I can't work with her now that she's back at the office. But I finally got a good sniff, and OMD!!


 Momma says her name is Verity and she's JUST a coworker! She's the new courthouse dog. Her job is to comfort the people, especially little kids, who come in and have to talk to Momma's coworkers about really bad crimes. She'll make them more comfortable to talk about traumatic and embarrassing stuff.

Okay, Momma, I'll agree that's a very impawtant job. I'm really impressed with how calm you say she is. I don't think I'd be so patient when fun little kiddos came to see me!! As long as you say she's JUST a coworker...


I don't know when I'm going to get over this betrayal...

Monday, August 31, 2020

A masterpiece!

 OMD, you wouldn't believes what Momma showed me yesterday! Our Best Guy's daddy does gawjuss stained glass. He said he was going to make something for the next LBR fundraiser auction. Our Best Guy brought what he made yesterday, and it's the most beautimous thing in the whole-wide world. Obviously, because he used the best model ever!

It's like looking in a mirror! Momma says the framed one even caught my sassy side-eye. BOL!! In addition to the two boxers, he sent a bunch of Christmas ornaments too! They're going to raise SO much money for LBR....probably because Momma's going to spend a lot of it making sure she brings one of ME home!

Friday, August 28, 2020

Talk about pawfect timing!

 BOL, folks!! So yesterday I was complaining that Momma didn't do anything special for me on National Dog Day. Would you believes what came in the mail that very night??

Momma said, "Matilda, did you report me?!?!" Well, let's just say I didn't deny it. It turned out to be a fundraising letter, but she was shook by it, so guess what??

I gots to share her fries for dinner!! MUCH better, Momma. Maybe I'll just keep that number in my pocket juuuuust in case.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

I'd like to register a complaint

 It has come to my attention that yesterday was National Dog Day. And did I get any special treatment? NO, I did NOT! I spent a completely ordinary day of sleeping in, going for walkies, napping under Momma's desk, eating treats, playing with my toys, and curling up next to Momma on the couch at the end of the day.

What abuse!! What neglect!! I think this might really be the last straw. Anyone have the number for the SPCA?

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

It's ruff being a working breed!

 You might think from my picture with our Best Guy yesterday that the weekend was all fun and games. Well, I am a working breed, remember? I had an extremely busy weekend scheduled. Furst I had to help Momma read in the library...

And then I had to help her watch TV on the couch. (She gets skeered sometimes, so I have to be there to reassure her it's okay.)


I kind of miss the days when Momma worked out at an office, so I could have the week to catch up from my busy weekend. But I don't complain! I'm always here when Momma needs me.