Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Howl-o-ween costume parade

Welcome back everyone, and happy Howl-o-ween! The LBR dogs are strutting their stuff for you in a totally pawsome costume parade. We started up yesterday, so go back to check out those fangtastic costumes if you haven't seen them already!

Okay, bring on the first entry! I see another cute li'l pumpkin, LBR alum Nike!

Coming up behind her is a hunka hunka burning love, Elvis! I mean Bogey!

Gentlemen, hold on to your hats for this one! Presenting the lovely Marilyn Monroe, aka Harley.

Coming up next is a cute li'l devil, Barclay!

Following up behind him is his kid brother, LBR alum Hooch!

Barclay and Hooch are giving their foster sissy Milka some advice for how to wear the costume for maximum cuteness. Grreat job, guys!

Aww, and here's the sweetest witch I know, LBR foster Schumie!

Are you ready for some cuteness? Here's our favorite little angel, LBR foster Ducky!

 Here's a cute little frog, Fox!

That looks like about it for today, folks.  Wait! We have two celebrities surprising us all by showing up to close out the parade! Take a look at the beeYOUtiful Miss Cinderella, the prettiest (and jingliest) bellydancer in the world!

And lastly, here's Mr. Legacy Chronicles himself, the fangtastic Casey O'Casey, the handsomest Scotsdog anywhere.

(By the way, if you have Facebook, Cinderella and I would appreciate it if you would go to our totally pawsome vet's Facebook page and vote for either or both of us in their costume contest! We love Perky Paws Animal Hospital!!)

That's it for us, folks. Stop by tomorrow for our closing number, with mine and Cinderella's costumes for trick-or-treating tonight. Be sure to have lots of fun tonight with all the little humans stopping by. Oh, and my black kitty furiends out there, please stay inside and stay safe, okay? There are some humans with really evil ideas of what makes a fun Howl-o-ween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LBR dogs on parade!

Okay, so it's not a real parade, but it's a bloggy parade. :)  I promised y'all pictures of pawsome LBR dogs in costume, and I always deliver! I think I see the first contestant now...

Yes, it's adorable LBR foster Aspen the kittycat!

Following close behind is her foster brother. We all know and love him... yes, it's Baby Austin the pumpkin!

Uh-oh, everybody better watch out, or LBR alum Baxter the Warlock will put a spell on you!

Coming up behind him with a mighty RAWR is LBR alum Bonsai the dinosaur. Grr!

Okay, folks, hold on to your squees. It's LBR foster Brooke, aka Lady Liberty! Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen??

Oh, and guess what? It's her littermate, pretty little foster gal Molina the bumblebee!

 All right, speaking of too cute for words, here's LBR foster Lolly Pop, the pretty pumpkin!

Ooh, we have some skeery monsters coming up next! First is LBR alum Dexter, stumbling along as Frankenstein's monster!

And close on his heels is his lovely Bride (of Frankenstein), Zoe!

Wait, I think we may have some confusion on the parade route. Is that a boxer?? 

Nope, it's Willow the Boston terrier! But it's okay, this cute little hippo is a foster sissy to lots of LBR dogs, so she's allowed in the parade.

And following up behind her to end the parade with a wave of "awwwws" is her foster sissy, LBR foster Napoli, the cutest little piggy you've ever seen!

That's it for today, folks, but tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to our costume parade!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bark in the Park

Yesterday Momma and I went to a "Bark in the Park" Howl-o-ween festival. It was so much fun! They had totally pawsome doggy demonstrations, like agility dogs, Frisbee dogs, and police dogs. There were lots of booths with information about rescue groups and doggie services. All of them, of course, gushed over yours truly. And why wouldn't they? Look at how hawt I am.

Yes, ladies, I'm a completely authentic Scot. Nothing under my kilt but my furs!

Thanks to everyone for voting for my costume. The Scotsman won paws down! I had a lot of folks fussing over me, but I learned that the hat (it's called a "tam") is essential for the costume. When I wasn't wearing it, people kept asking if I was supposed to be a Catholic schoolgirl!! Momma said "it's a kilt, not a skirt" about a million times. But as soon as the tam went back on, everyone knew I was Scottish again. Go figure. But I won THIRD PLACE in the costume contest (I totally should've won), so that was fun!

Even better was getting to meet other dogs. I met lots of new furiends!

"Hi deres! Will you be my furiends?"

Puggy playtime

Let's play, okay?

But the best part of the whole day?? Look who I met at the LBR table!

"Hi dere, Casey! Want to join my snack?"

"I'm a gentleman pirate!"

 That's right, Miss Aspen and BABY AUSTIN!! I finally gots to meet Baby Austin in da furs at last!

 "This is so much better than Momma passing on smell mail, right Baby Austin?"
"How do you stand that flashy beast following you everywhere, Casey?"

What a fun day! I'm so glad Momma and I were able to go. After we got back, both of us curled up on the couch for a long nap. I think that might've been my favorite part of all. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's almost Howl-o-ween!

It's almost Howl-o-ween! I hope you're excited. I know I am!! It's the mostest fun time of the year. Here in Texas, it's only just FINALLY gotten cool enough that Cinderella and I could break out our pawsome Howl-o-ween sweaters.

We match, 'cause we're brudder and sissy. We're both tough pirates, so we have skulls and crossbones. See, Cinderella has the girlie one with a blingy bow and eyelashes. (How does a skull have eyelashes??) Mine is the very manly gray and green, and it looks like my skull has a nose ring! (But that's just my leash ring poking through, BOL!)

Today Momma and I are going to a cool Howl-o-ween "Bark in the Park" festival to represent LBR. It'll be so much fun! The best part is there's gonna be a costume contest. I took everyone's vote, and I'll be going as...

A Scotsman! Everyone wish me luck in the contest!

We practiced yesterday at my pawsome V-E-T's Howl-o-ween party. Everyone adored me, of course, but I'll give a little time to my sissy Cinderella. She wore her bellydancer costume, and everyone loved how she made it jingle!

This week I'll be posting pictures of LBR fosters and alums in their pawsome Howl-o-ween costumes, so stay tuned!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Foster Friday: Meet Alexandria!

Heya, pups and kits! It's Friday, and you know what that means! Yup, it's FOSTER FRIDAY! That means I get to tell all of you folks about one of the totally pawsome dogs currently available for adoption from Legacy Boxer Rescue! Today's dog of the day is the very special....


Isn't she pretty? I guess I have a thing for white boxers lately. :)  Alexandria is a beeYOUtiful white boxer babe of about 1-2 years old. She loves loves loves people, especially the boys. Whenever her foster momma's friends come over, she wiggles and kidney beans and plays rough and tumble with them. She loves it! She also likes the older kids that she can play crazy with, but little ones she could knock over aren't the best idea.

Alex lives with two foster fur siblings now, but she really needs to be an only dog in her furever home. She wasn't socialized at all as a puppy and gets really skeered of other dogs. Her foster momma has been working soooooo hard with her, and she's made HOOOOOOOGE strides. She likes to go on walks and play with her toys and run around her backyard. But what would make her happiest of all would be to do all that in her own furever home!

Alex is just waiting to meet that perfect family! Is it you? Go check out Alexandria's bio page to learn more about her, then fill out your application today!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sooner Update!

Sooner wanted me to thank everyone for the amazing Power of the Paw they've been sending out for him. He said he can really feel it! He's still feeling pretty miserable, but he's fighting through it. He got to go out into the potty yard a little yesterday when his foster momma visited.

We got his blood test results back and are cautiously optimistic. The distemper test is NOT 100% reliable, but it came back negative so we're happy about that. It's still a possibility. But he also got positive results on three other diseases that explain his symptoms AND are curable! So we're hoping that those are the cause of his sickies and he will be better after we've treated them. His tests showed positive for Corona, Mycoplasma, and Parainfluenza. Like I said, they're all curable, so we're treating him for those and hopefully he'll be doing a LOT better soon!! Keep your paws crossed for him. Fight, Sooner Bear!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Power of the Paw needed!

This is LBR foster Sooner. You can see he's feeling really miserable right now. He's at the V-E-T right now, and he's sick. Right now the dogtors are trying to figure out if it's just canine flu . . . or distemper. :(  So please everybody cross your paws as hard as you can and hope that it's just the flu and our Sooner Bear feels better real soon!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's STILL my birthday?!

I guess it's still my birthday, because guess who got MORE PREZZIES this weekend? Yup, this dog! I was so excited when Momma came in with a package with MY name on it. (She said I'm starting to get more mail than her.) I started wiggling extra hard when she said, "It's from Puddles!"

"Back off, Cinderella, this is MY prezzie."

"It smells so good! Open it, Momma, open it!!"

OMD, just look at all these treats! There's salmon treats, and a big giant cookie, and cheese treats that I KNOW are just a clever packaging for Cheetos. Hello, it's from PUDDLES. Ohhh, I'm drooling just from the smell. Thank you Puddles!!

And hey, one more package... with pink ribbon? And there's a tag on it that says "Cinderella." I guess she gets to share after all!

Cinderella's treats smelled SO extra good, but Momma made me pose with everything first. This is my "put down the flashy beast and give me a cookie!" look.

Om nom nom nom nom! Thanks so much, Puddles! We both LOVE our prezzies!

Okay, one more thing before I go, pups and kits. I need your advice! This weekend Momma and I are going to go to a Halloween Bark in the Park. I can't wait to show off how incredibly handsome I am and let Momma answer questions about LBR. But there's a costume contest! And I just can't decide between all my amazing costumes what I want to wear. I've narrowed it down to two choices.

FURST is the... PIRATE! This is a very fun costume, and I get to say "YAR!" all day.

Second choice is the... SCOTSMAN! This is a much more unusual costume. (You always see TONS of pirates at these things.) Momma loves it because she loves men in kilts, and the costume is specially made just fur me.

So what should it be, Blogville? Leave your vote in the comments, and you'll see Monday morning which one I wore!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mondays are annoying

Momma is grumbling some very not-nice words this morning, because we were busy all weekend, and when we checked this morning, NONE of our weekend posts came up! Stupid Blogger. Boooo. So since you were deprived of it for so long, here's a shot of my handsome mug.

There, isn't that better? I know you were missing me!  Isn't that a purty lake behind me? Momma decided that we were going to do some exploring yesterday! She's trying to check out the local parks near us, because a lot of them are supposed to have walking trails and she thought it would be a nice change from walking our neighborhood.

Obviously there were more interesting things than posing for pictures! It turns out this park didn't have walking trails like she thought, but it had an empty soccer field that we ran and ran across, plus there was a lake for catch and release fishing. I wanted to try my luck fishing like my buddy Goose, but Momma wouldn't let me go in the water! But we tramped all over the place and had a real fun time!

I hope everyone else had a fun weekend too! Hopefully by tomorrow we'll have Blogger beaten into submission and you'll get to read my posts like normal.

Edit: OMD! Frankie mentioned needing to check your spam folder because poor Bert has been getting spammed away from Blogville. I checked, and there were BUNCHES of you spammed out. Like Stella Rose, Ruthie, Corbin, and even Mayor Frankie himself! How do you call the Mayor a spammer?! I'm sorry guys. I let all your comments out of jail, and I promise I'll watch that folder more closely.