Friday, October 30, 2015

Ghosts of Howloweens Past

Hey folks, happy Howl-o-ween Eve! Momma is celebrating today at work, so we thought we'd do a little celebrating too. You'll get to see our costumes for THIS year this weekend, but here's a little treat of some costumes past...

Furst up is the Magnificent Caseini, magician extraordinaire!

That same year, Cinderella went as Woofgang Pup. Wasn't she cute?

Most years we like to do a theme. Once we were hippies...

Then another year I was the all-powerful sultan with a beeYOUtiful bellydancer to entertain me!

One year we were singing the songs from Grease.

Our furst year together, Cinderella dressed as her namesake.

And I was a tough Scotsman!

Last year we were pawsitively SUPER!

 My very furst Howloween with Momma, we were both pirates. Yar!!

 So what do you think we'll be THIS year??

One more thing...

Today is also the start of Dory's Treats for Shelters tour! You're supposed to say how you are giving treats -- not tricks! -- to animal shelters this Howl-o-ween. Furst of all, Jessie and I went through our toy boxes. You know we have TWO toy boxes that are just overflowing with all sorts of pawesome things? We hardly even play with a lot of the toys, and it's really not fair for us to have so many while those poor shelter dogs don't have ANY toys to play with. So we picked out a whole bunch of really GOOD ones that we don't play with much anymore, and Momma is going to take that bag to the shelter along with some treats and food!

Oh, and if we're allowed to talk about helping RESCUES and not just shelters, you might've seen one of my posts yesterday... (Yes, Momma furgot we'd already made one when she heard about National Cat Day, so we had two!)

Jessie and I are lending our star power to the 2016 LBR calendar. ALL proceeds from the calendar go directly to help the pawesome pups in need at LBR! We think with OUR faces on it, it's sure to sell out QUICK. You can buy yours online before they sell out!

So what have you done to help your local shelter or rescue?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy National Cat Day!

Momma saw on the news this morning that it's National Cat Day! We'd like to take today to pay tribute to my sweet kitty sister, Pigeon!

Pigeon was a stray living outside Grandma's house when Momma was in her last year of law school. Momma met her over Christmas Break and had to have her. So my uncle's girlfriend kept her for a few months until Momma was done with school and back here in Texas.

Momma first was going to name her "Lipstick," because she loved the story of the gorilla Koko's kitten and Koko's Lipstick looked a lot like Pigeon. But it didn't stick. She thought next of "Penny," but that didn't stick either. Finally, my uncle kept calling her "pidge" because she sounded like a pigeon cooing when she purred. That was it! Pigeon she became.

Pigeon loves perching on high places more than anything. She spends most of her days hanging out on top of our kitchen cabinets. Momma even put cat beds up there on either end because she's there so much! She'll come down sometimes to investigate or to get some scritchings from Momma or visitors. Every once in a while, she'll come snuggle with ME! We're not exactly BFFs, but we're brother and sister, and that's enough for us.

So happy National Cat Day, Pigeon! Live it up!


LBR's 2016 calendar is now available for purchase on our website! Take a look at the front and back covers! And wait... what's that on the bottom left??

Yup, it sure looks like...

Jessie and I are calendar stars! We are going to be Mr and Ms November 2016. All the dogs in the calendar look pawesome, of course, but I think November just has a little extra SOMETHING, don't you??

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stuffed Animal Appreciation Day

According to Ranger's wacky holidays list, today is Plush Animal Lovers' Day. That is tailor-made for me, 'cause I LOVE my stuffies!

 Jessie loves them too! I guess we'll let her celebrate today too.

Go love some stuffies today!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

One of those days

Momma said she's having one of those days where every last thing is a struggle and an argument with herself. "I don't wanna get out of bed." "Yes, you have to." "I don't wanna get dressed." "Yes, you have to." I told her she should just take mine and Jessie's cue on these days.

If you don't wanna get out of bed, STAY THERE! Humans always overcomplicate things.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Another masterpiece!

Momma has done several pawesome painting pawties through LBR where you paint your pet's picture. She's painted Cinderella, yours truly, and most recently Scribbles. Yesterday, she did another pawty and painted Jessie! I think it's the best one yet.

This is how they start. Your picture is printed directly on the canvas in grayscale, so you can know where the shading goes.

Then the nice painting ladies walk you through all the steps of the painting, from the background to the furs to the eyes and nose!

There were lots of boxer lovers painting their own babies, and some other breeds as well.

 Jessie was very proud of her furst official pawtrait.

It's hanging up in the Hall of Boxers next to my pawtrait. Now Momma can gaze at us every day. Momma says she just needs to have one more pawty so she can paint Pigeon, then she's done!

Friday, October 23, 2015

It's raining, it's pouring!

And I'm snoring, happy and safe in my snuggly crate. Jessie is NOT such a fan of storms. Last night was her furst real thunderstorm with us -- and it was a doozy! It started getting really bad when Momma was getting ready for bed, and Jessie was plastered against Momma's leg. She followed Momma into the potty room and wedged herself between Momma's leg and the wall. When it was time for bed, Jessie curled up real tight next to Momma's pillow, then laid her head over Momma's neck. Poor kid. I hope she chills out a little bit. I tried telling her they're not so skeery!

But before the thunder got bad, we got to take a little walkie, and Jessie tried out her new rain coat!


I'm devastated to hear that my sweet Isadora went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I will remember our amazing date at the Sadie Hawkins dance FUREVER. I know she's dancing at the Bridge now! Please visit here and give her family your condolences.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hugs From Around the World!

These hugs go out via EXTRA special delivery to my wonderful furiends, the Three Little Pugs (Stella Rose, Maggie Mae, and Angus), and their pawrents Deb and Butch. We know you're going through so much right now, and we want to share our love and support with you!!

Hugs from both of us!

Hugs from Momma and me! Hugs from Momma and Jessie!

Big cozy hugs from me!

Cute snuggly hugs from Jessie!

Happy bouncy hugs from Jessie and Auntie!

Cuddlebug hugs from Auntie Jess and Jessie, and My Boy and me!

Great big hugs from ALL of us!!!

We loves you!! Get better soon, Butch!!