Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the boxers of LBR!!

LBR foster YayZ, LBR foster Buzz, and LBR alum Shamrock

Today I am thankful for many things -- treats, turkey leftovers, my sissy Cinderella, and my momma. But most of all, I'm thankful to have a warm house with plenty of food and love, and the chance to help other boxers find the same thing. Thank you for Legacy Boxer Rescue!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Good List

My furiend Misaki had a grreat idea today. After all those confessions last week, we don't want Santa Paws to get the wrong impression of us! We can't risk being mistakenly added to the naughty list, after all. So Misaki thought it would be a good idea to list some of the good things we do, just to remind him.

1. I look after my momma's health. Momma works very hard to stay healthy and in shape, and I do my part to help her. Every single day, without fail, I make sure she gets her exercise by taking her out for a walk. Not just once, but twice. Sometimes she grumbles about wanting to stay in bed or not go out in the cold or rain, but I poke her with my cold nose and sometimes even bark a little to get her motivated. Without me, she'd be a lazy lump on the couch.

2. I'm the official trash inspector. I have to conduct random searches of the kitchen trash can to make sure Momma isn't mixing recycleables in with the regular trash. I'm very thorough and make sure I've checked every last item. It's exhausting, but I do what I have to to protect our planet.

3. I keep the kitchen counters neat. Sometimes Momma gets lazy and leaves stuff out on the kitchen counters, even though that means the poor kitties have to walk an obstacle course. So I make sure to remind her on occasion that she needs to keep food off those counters and put away where they belong.

4. I'm Momma's official bed warmer. Really, Momma can't sleep in the winter without me. She gets into bed and starts trying to get settled, but she can't settle down until I jump up under the covers with her, plant a paw in her stomach, and put my head on her shoulder. Then she's warm and comfy and can sleep.

See, Santa? I'm a very Good Boy and deserve LOTS of presents this year! Thank you for your consideration.

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like -- uh-oh!

The season has felt a little crazy lately. Ever since Howl-o-ween, it's felt like one big downward slide to Christmas. What about Thanksgiving? Where's my turkey? Do  you know what my momma did this weekend, before turkey? (Well, she had a turkey sandwich, but that doesn't count. I didn't get any.) She pulled out the tree and all the boxes from the garage and started decorating for Christmas!

A turkey-deprived face 

Now, I don't mind decorating for Christmas. I curl up in my cozy chair (see above) and watch my pal Kermit and his friends in A Muppet Christmas Carol. We watch it like twice back-to-back while Momma decorates. I'll direct Momma to make sure she gets it right -- you know, "Santa's a little crooked at the top" or "that decoration should go a little lower."

Or "hey smarty-pants, aren't the lights at the bottom supposed to be lit too?"

It's a real bonding experience. I usually get to learn some fun new HBO words while Momma tries to make all the lights light up. Then she'll settle down with some hot chocolate (again none for me!) and we'll cuddle while we watch the end of the movie. A nice holiday tradition, right?


I don't know how she does this to me every year. We finish watching the Muppets, Momma puts up her mug, and then she gets out the treats. "Oh boy," I think, "she's going to make up for that no turkey thing." But then... then... she reaches into one particular bag and... well.

I don't care if it's a tradition, it's a stupid tradition!

I don't know if I can put up with the indignity next year. Even for treats. Oh well, happy howlidays, everybody! Let's start the countdown for Christmas!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The TRUTH revealed!

Yesterday's False Confessions Day was sure fun!! But now it's time to reveal the TRUTH. To refresh your memories, here were my two confessions:

1. I confess that I once jumped up on the counter, pulled down a bag of semisweet chocolate chips that Momma was going to use for making Christmas candy, and ate almost the WHOLE bag. (And stupidly left the empty bag out fur Momma to see and freak out over instead of throwing it away.)

2. I confess that I once snuck out of my crate while Momma was at work, even though she'd put locks on the door, and scratched up the WHOLE back of the bedroom door trying to go find her . . . on the day she invited Grandma and Grandpa over to see her sweet new dog for the furst time.

Would I ever be so naughty?

And the truth is.... #2!! Yes, sure enough, I once scratched up the WHOLE back of Momma's bedroom door trying to get out. That was before she learned how to lock the crate up more securely, and before I figured out how to master the doorknob principle. Nowadays I stay in my crate just to make Momma happy, but if I want to, I can get out any time AND open the bedroom door too. Hah! My middle name is Houdini for a reason.

Want to know a secret about #1? That's true too . . . except it wasn't me who did it! Well, I helped Cinderella get the package off the counter, because she's old and has arthritis, but she ate that chocolate all by herself. Momma was freaking out and blaming me, but then Cinderella, uh, gave up the evidence. (Yuck.) I told Momma that if it was me, I would've put the bag in the trash so she never would've known!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to the good life, Sydney! (And False Confession Day)

I told you this weekend about our sad story with the momma and her mangy pup who were saved by a Good Samaritan. Momma Clara has settled in and is acting goofy in her foster home. Now meet her cute little pup, Miss Sydney!

Sydney has mange, which means she's going to be super itchy for a while until her furs grow back. I had it myself when I furst came to LBR, so I feel for ya, kid!

At least she's got some super chic gear to keep her from scratching herself  too much. Beats the cone of shame any day!

 Welcome to the family, Sydney! We're SO happy to have you and your momma join us. We'll get you feeling better in no time, and then you can find your furever home!

I can't believes I furgot about Ranger's False Confession Day! Okay, let me join in now. Let me just say that the rest of this post is NOT fur Santa Paws's Eyes!!!

1. I confess that I once jumped up on the counter, pulled down a bag of semisweet chocolate chips that Momma was going to use for making Christmas candy, and ate almost the WHOLE bag. (And stupidly left the empty bag out fur Momma to see and freak out over instead of throwing it away.)

2. I confess that I once snuck out of my crate while Momma was at work, even though she'd put locks on the door, and scratched up the WHOLE back of the bedroom door trying to go find her . . . on the day she invited Grandma and Grandpa over to see her sweet new dog for the furst time.

Would this face do something so naughty?

One of these is true and one is false. Tune in tomorrow to find out which!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our hearts are broken here at LBR

Last night, Patches suddenly collapsed and went to the Bridge. He had a mass on his heart that exploded suddenly. He went very quickly without pain. I know that his last two months of life were as happy as they possibly could have been, and he's free of all pain now at the Bridge. His foster family misses him very much, and so do the rest of us.

Run free, Patch Man! We'll never forget you.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mischief Monday, featuring Momma Dog!

Pictures like this warm my heart. Remember the sad Momma Dog I told you about yesterday? Well, she's safe and sound at our V-E-T, getting a spay and some medical care after her ordeal. Her new name is Clara, and she's already showing that boxer spirit!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sad story, with an LBR ending

I have a sad story to share with y'all today, but you know it has to have a happy ending because LBR got involved. It starts off with a Good Samaritan who contacted us, asking for help about two boxers. Here's what she told us:

The two boxers I'm speaking about are mother and daughter. They are living down the road from me and have a very sad story. The mother, father and child were all living together until Father's Day this year. My husband and I drove by and saw one of them on the ground looking very stiff. We stopped and saw that the mother & father were tied up on very heavy log chains which became crossed and neither of them could get to water or shade. The male had died already and we let the mother off the chain just in time to get her to water. The puppy was running around and without water too. I called our local county sheriff's department and they did nothing. I called the local shelter and they said they could not do anything about it because it's outside the city limits. I've continued to monitor this sad situation until last night I could not stand it anymore. My husband and I took an extra wooden dog house we had and blankets over to the home. The owner was not there but we saw how poor the overall condition of these dogs was. The mother is skin and bones. The puppy is covered in mange and her feet are double the size they should be. There were also the bones of the father dog scattered throughout the yard (remember he died back in June). I saw his spine and pelvic bone...very disturbing!! I know where the owner works so I called her today. She said she is in the process of moving and left the dogs behind because a puppy of hers was poisoned at the new residence (this is a different puppy from the boxers). She told me that she's trying to find someone to take the two boxers since she has no where to put them and doesn't want them to get poisoned.. She said the mother dog is about 3 years old.

We felt so bad for poor Daddy Dog, dying of thirst and being just left out there. :~~( We couldn't get Momma Dog and their baby out of our heads, so we sent out an URGENT plea for a foster home to take them. And guess what?

How's that for a totally pawesome smile?? Momma Dog was so relieved to be going to safety and making sure her little girl got a good life too.

 They're busy dreaming of the good life to come. I'll share more pictures once they're in their foster homes. Welcome to the LBR family, precious ones! We'll never furget Daddy Dog, and we'll take good care of his girls in his honor.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I love good updates!

Rescue breaks your heart some days, when you see the terrible condition that some pups are put in. I had one of those days back in August, when this sweet little girl showed up in a shelter and needed our help. You may remember me posting about her a few times. Her name became Dolce, because she's so sweet, and her foster momma gave her the love she deserves.

Well, take a look at this totally pawesome before and after pic!!

Can you believes that's the same girl?!?! I didn't! I thought her foster momma had snuck some other boxer into her house and was just pretending it's Dolce. But Dolce laughed and laughed at me and said it's really HER. WOW!!! Doesn't she look just MAH-ve-lous?

Dolce is about to start heartworm treatment, then she'll be looking for her furever home. She said she's hoping to make someone's life complete by Valentine's Day. I know there's a family out there that just can't WAIT to add her to theirs. Good luck, Miss Dolce! You've come a long way, baby!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Patches

One of our LBR volunteers decided that LBR foster Patches has been through so much, he's clearly a superhero. And a superhero needs a cape. Na na na na, PatchMan!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day!

To all the heroes, two-legged and four-legged, who keep our country safe, we sincerely thank you!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vote fur Raicon!!

They're offering another multiplier vote in the Fuzzy Nation contest! Please go HERE and vote fur RAICON. You don't need a Facebook account for this, just vote with your email address. Help LBR win $10,000!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Post Howl-o-ween

I hope everyone had a fangtastic Howl-o-ween! My bonfire was a big success -- you'll be pleased to know I managed to rescue Gus and Maggie from the lake, too. After I finished cleaning up, it was time for the big event. Trick or treating! We had so much fun here! Cinderella and I got all dressed up, and Momma joined in the fun too. Groovy, baby!

We had SO many trick-o-treaters come by! ALL the kids in the neighborhood came to pet us, and Momma gave them candy. She's so nice.

Is it time for next year yet?