Sunday, January 9, 2011


All right, I need to explain this for our readers who live a little farther up north. See, LBR is in Texas. In Texas, we don't do snow. We get maybe one measurable snowfall in a year and we're thrilled. (Last year was weird. We got three!) So today, the snow was falling! In some areas it was just a dusting, but up where I live, we had nearly 5 inches! Naturally, LBR dogs had to investigate this strange happening.

LBR alum Cubby didn't really care for this strange white stuff. (His lab sister Dakota had a blast, though!)

LBR foster Josi looks appropriately sad about this strange event. It's okay, I hear she got to spend most of the day cozing up inside.

LBR alums Busta and Prada had a lot of fun playing in all this crazy stuff!

LBR alums Cowboy and Jackson kicked it up in their backyard. And guess what? Cowboy just got adopted today, so this was his first official day in his furever home!

LBR alum Spanky got put to work! His mom and brother went sledding, and he had to make sure they got down the hill okay. Phew, that's a lot of responsibility!

My sister, LBR alum Cinderella, decided that the snow was TONS of fun and tried to get me to play in it.

Um, no. I want to go in now, please.

See, this is why I like LBR foster Molly. She's a very sensible girl. Got enough room in front of that fire for me?

Pet Fair

Pet fairs sure smell like a lot of fun. I don't go to them, because Mom says that everyone there would fall so in love with me that it wouldn't be fair to the dogs still looking for furever homes. But I get lots and lots of smell mail when Mom gets home! Let's see who she met this time...

Hey, it's Dog of the Day Sassafras! Sassy is always in such a cheerful mood. She's going to make a great pet for some lucky family soon, I just know it.

I don't know why Shortstop looks so sad. He practically had families fighting over him! I don't think he'll be around long enough for another pet fair. You go, Shortstop!

Aww, Miss Gilly has such a pretty smile. I hear she was loving the attention from the little humans too!

Raina was sad when the little humans left. They were giving her soooo much loving, and she soaked it all in.

It almost looks like Midori has a halo, doesn't it? Don't believe it -- or that innocent little smile either! She's ALL boxer!

Royse is such a BIG boy, with a big ol' heart to match! He was loving all the attention he got.

Aren't Denver's ears just the cutest? The rest of him's pretty cute too!