Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Blogville takes care of Blogville!

We are all so sad that our furiend Easy went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. But now we need to make sure his pawrents don't have anything to worry about as they mourn their sweet boy. They're facing vet bills right now, so furiends of Blogville have put together a fund to help them out. Go to Murphy & Stanley's blog here for all information about how to donate!

Goodbye my friend

Today we bid a sad farewell to our dear furiend, Easy Rider. He passed away from complications from stomach bloat. He was a very special spirit, and we'll miss him very much. There's really only one thing to say:


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pidge's turn

Boy, folks, lately it seems like Pigeon is taking over the whole house! She and Jessie have had some sister bonding time.

Then she decided I was the one to spend time with. Well... can't blame her for that!

She finally ended up with the primo spot.

Now that's a smart kitty!

PeeS: We are all thinking of our good furiend EASY and hoping he feels better real soon!!

Monday, November 28, 2016


A few days before Thanksgiving, LBR got the call about 5 boxer puppies found abandoned in a dumpster. They were all very anemic from parasites and generally weak from being so young. Luckily for them, LBR was on the job!

Sadly, baby Jingles (left center) didn't make it. :( But her sisters Christmas Carol (Cricket), Sleigh, Claire, and Peppermint Patty have all left the shelter and are doing well in their foster homes! We're calling them the Dumpster Divas. BOL.

Get well soon, girls! ...Hey, is there room in that puppy pile for me?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We hope you had a grreat Thanksgiving. Momma was super-mean to us and didn't bring us ANY turkey home from Thanksgiving. She tried to claim she hadn't had any, and for some reason they'd had ham instead, but we didn't believes her. Luckily she made turkey on Friday night and SHARED.

Then on Saturday, she put on A Muppet Christmas Carol and started getting our house ALL ready for CHRISTMAS!!! Jessie and I were a big help.

We took a couple of shots for the Christmas card. We're keeping those a SURPRISE, but here are some pretty spiffy ones anyway.

We love how pretty everything is at Christmas. Everything is pretty and sparkly. Annnnd there's lots of room under that tree and in those stockings for PLENTY of presents. Just saying.

We even have a new furiend guarding our house, since Ichabod and Elvira went back to sleep after Howloween. This is Tinsel. He's a ferocious guard dino!

 We hope you all had a grreat Thanksgiving and are all ready for a month of CHRISTMAS!!!

 Still not our card picture, but pretty good, amiright? I wasn't feeling it, though, and wouldn't smile.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanks Blogville!

Today is a day we all come together to give Thanks. No, I don't mean the humans with all their food and asking turkeys to dinner. I mean the impawtant stuff!

Yup, it's a day to say thank you to all our amazing furiends at Blogville who have made life so much richer for us. We've found some truly impawtant friendships here, and we're so glad to have met many of you in the furs.

Thank you for being our furiends, Blogville!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Come here, Jessie, I have an impawtant story to tell you today. Once upon a time, there was a lady named Sharon and her husband Damon. They were going to get a new dog. Sharon wanted some other breed, but Damon said he'd had boxers as a kid and they were the bestest dog ever. So he wanted to get a boxer. And they did, a handsome guy named Hammer.

Sharon and Hammer

Well, after a while, Hammer was SO awesome that he made Sharon want to help boxers. So she started volunteering for local boxer rescue. Eventually, she had some disagreements with their management and didn't want to volunteer with them anymore. She was crying one day, because she couldn't help more pawesome boxers like Hammer, and Damon said the magic words, "Why don't you start your own boxer rescue?"

And that is how Sharon became the Pack Leader of Legacy Boxer Rescue! Thanks to Damon and Hammer, Sharon started a group that has helped thousands of boxers over more than a decade. That's who saved Jessie and me both and helped us find our Momma, and has saved the lives of so many other boxers. We all owe them so much.

Sadly, yesterday Damon had a heart attack and passed away to where Hammer was waiting for him on the Rainbow Bridge. We know there are no words to express how Auntie Sharon is feeling, and all of LBR's hearts are breaking.

That's so sad, Casey! Is there anything we can do to help?

Auntie Sharon needs all our love right now. And tomorrow on Thanksgiving, when we all think as usual about how thankful we are for LBR and how they saved our lives, we need to be especially thankful for Damon and Hammer, who started it all with a gentle nudge.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Service Sunday

On Sundays, our minds turn to service of all kinds. Some folks attend worship services, and others find other ways to serve their local communities. I have always been happy to serve Blogville, and Jessie has taken up that since she's joined us. So when Mayor-Elect Arty called us about taking up roles in his new administration, we told him we'd serve Blogville however he thought best!

The biggest news is that I will be stepping down as co-director of Furiends in Forever Homes. Jessie has been training very hard, and she's ready to take over!

Jessie will continue to bring you news and information about how you can help rescues and shelters in your area so that we can ALL work to the goal of finding a furever home for all our homeless furiends!

But don't worry, folks, I'm not retiring any time soon! I'm just moving on to a new role. Mayor-Elect Arty asked me to serve in the very impawtant new position of Emergency Services Manager.

That means I will be the snoopervisor of both the Blogville Fire Department and the Blogville Ambulance. I'll be working closely with Blogville's law enforcement arm to keep all our citizens safe. I have some very exciting plans for this new role, including surprise Blogville Emergency Drills and a return of Blogville Safety Week. Stay tuned for more information about these new events.

So far Mayor-Elect Arty is doing a bang-up job of filling roles in his new administration. I hope all of you are finding your own ways of serving Blogville!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

Nothing like cousins!

This weekend was fun! Jessie and I took Momma down to Auntie's house so we could hang out with our cousins for a while. We hadn't seen them in ages, and we had fun together!

"Hi, Auntie, did you miss me??"

 "Ohhhh....Auntie has grreat hands!"

 Jessie and Cousin Bebe were exhausted by all the fun!

Bebe's Glamour Shot 

Cousin Frankie's "Pet Meeeeeee" eyes

 Jessie and I are EXHAUSTED after all our fun!

I hope you had a grreat weekend too!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Flip!

 Just a reminder that when the world seems too hard to deal with, maybe you just need a little FLIP and see things from a new perspective.

For instance, from here, I can see that Momma missed some crumbs on her chin...

PeeS: A grreat big CONGRRRATULATIONS to the new Mayor-Elect of Blogville, Arty, and Vice Mayor-Elect Mabel! Grreat job to all the candidates for running a clean, pawsitive campaign.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Get out the vote!

Remember, today is Election Day here in Blogville! (And other places, I think. But only this one matters!) Polls are now open -- Jessie and I just got back from casting our ballot. You can go HERE to cast your own!

We aren't telling you who we voted for, but we'll say that we're THRILLED Blogville has two such grreat choices. No matter who wins, Blogville is in good shape.

 Jessie was very excited to vote in her furst election. So have YOU voted yet???