Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Brand-new LBR foster Gig is ready to go!

"Hello, what's the hold up? I'm breaking out of jail!" 

 "Let's roll! I can't wait to get to my foster home."

"Thanks for saving me, LBR!!"

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mums & Roses is coming!

It's THIS WEEKEND!! LBR's big event, one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, MUMS & ROSES!! LBR volunteers will be hard at work selling beeYOUtiful mums, Tyler roses, and fall pumpkins at the NRH2O waterpark in North Richland Hills. If you live in Dallas/Ft.Worth, don't miss this event!!


Mums (assorted colors):
Small pot: $5.00
Medium pot: $10.00
Large pot: $15.00

2 Gallon pot: $7.00
Patio Trees: $15.00
"Knock Out" Tree Rose: $20.00
"Knock Out" 1 Gallon pots: $7.00
"Knock Out" 2 Gallon pots: $10.00

$5 Carving pumpkins and Small Decorative
$10 Medium Decorative
$15 Large Decorative
$50 HUGE, but we have a limited supply of those.

I won't be making a pawsonal appearance, but my momma will be there working hard. We can't wait to see you and raise LOTS of green papers for the dogs!

Monday, September 28, 2015

She's BACK!!

Momma was gone forever and ever and EVER at a work conference thingy, but now she's BACK!!! Jessie and I missed her SO much! (Pop quiz -- which is me and which is Jessie?)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Alas, poor Duckie...

Remember the duck my boy gave me after my attack this weekend?

 Yeah, I loved that duck. Notice the past tense. A certain OTHER pup got hold of it. I'm a good boy and always share my toys.

Poor Duckie paid the price. Sob!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Can't be wordless, it's my Blogiversary!

That's right, folks, you've been enjoying five whole years of Casey goodness! Can you believe it? It all started 9/23/10 with a little post called "Howdy, folks". I'm still just as good-looking as I was then, don't you think so??

From my furst post in 2010 

This weekend

The Legacy Chronicles actually began in January 2010 with other LBR dogs, but September is when I started blogging and everyone knows I'm the only one who matters. BOL! Here's to five more years and 87 more after that!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Wags & Waves!

Every year, Momma and I go to a fun event called Wags & Waves, where a local water park opens its doors to us pups. It was this Saturday, and Momma and I were ready to go have fun!

I'm always a little unsure of the water at first...

But the fun part is playing with all the other dogs! I made some grreat new furiends.

I had lots of fun!

Unfortunately, our day got cut a little short. One of the other doggies I met decided he didn't really want to be furiends. We had a nasty little fight until our mommas were able to pull him off me. Luckily I didn't have any serious injuries, but I had a bunch of little ones. Mostly cuts and scrapes, but Momma was most freaked out by the puncture wounds on my throat. Eeeek.

 I told her it wasn't that bad. I was mostly just sore and wanted to sleep a lot. Luckily for me, I had two very dedicated nurses to help take care of me!

My boy even sent me a new duck to help me feel better. I appreciate everyone who helped me out, and say PBBBT! to the meanie who didn't want to be furiends. Hrmph.

I hope y'all had a nicer weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Who's who??

Do your pawrents and furiends ever mix you up with a sibling? This never happened with Cinderella, because her kitty-pointed ears made us look very different. But Jessie and I look so much alike, I get it all the time! Fur example, just yesterday, I got all sorts of comments about how I looked rolling in the grass. But look...

BOL, that's Jessie!! See the cowprint collar?? And the tail? Fooled you!

This one's a little hard to tell, since the tail COULD be tucked in. But that one's me! See why there's so much trouble?

No tail for a clue, but you can just barely see her collar. That's Jessie! Boy, this is ruff.

100% Genuine Casey. Accept no substitutes! 

 Sometimes Momma even gets confused between us. She says it's really hard at night when we jump up in the bed. Before she could just pet our heads and tell me and Cinderella apart, but with me and Jessie she either has to reach around to feel for a tail or just try to tell the difference between our furs. (Jessie has really velvety fur. Grandpa calls her the Velveteen Boxer.)

So how about you, furiends? Do any of you get mistaken for someone else??

Oh, and guess what day today is??

Local groups are competing in fundraising today! All donations of $25 or more today at the North Texas Giving Day site will be totaled, and the groups in each size category raising the most will earn even more in prizes!! Last year we raised more than $20k in ONE DAY! Here's hoping we can do even better today!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pet Memorial Day

Today is the official Pet Memorial Day, so Momma and I wanted to stop to remember our beloved furry family members who have already gone to the Bridge.

Scribbles and I weren't always buddies, but we were bros. He helped Momma through the hardest times in her life, and we'll never furget him. RIP Scribbles, 6/19/15.

Cinderella was my beloved sissy. We did so much together, and she was Momma's princess. We'll never furget her smile or how she was game for absolutely anything. RIP Cinderella, 3/20/15.

Forever in our hearts

Saturday, September 12, 2015


So there we were, innocently minding our own business...

"Do you think I should wear my red bow tie for the dance, or would Isadora prefer the orange one?"
"<sigh> This again??"

Little did we know, somewhere in the wilds of Pencil-vane-e-ah...

Meanwhile, back at home, Jessie kept interrupting my impawtant thoughts.

"It really depends on what colors she wears, doesn't it?"
"Casey, do you get the feeling that something is watching us?" 

"Hush, kid, I'm thinking. Am I supposed to call her to ask?" 
"No, really, something seems really WRONG right now..."

"And if I don't know her colors, how to I pick out her flowers?"

"Geez, kid, why didn't you SAY something?! BARK! Bark as if you life depended on it!!"
"How did it even GET here?!?! We don't HAVE snow in Texas! That means no snow freaks!!"
"I don't know, Jessie, but something really WRONG has to have happened!"

OMD, that snowfreak went scurrying straight out the door at our ferocious barking. I wonder where it will visit next...

And where there's snowfreaks, of course there's FRANKIE AND ERNIE!!! WELCOME back to Blogville, guys!!! We've missed you so much! Now HELP get these snow freaks back under control, or all of Blogville will be covered!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Never forget

And in special memory of the search dogs who tirelessly worked at Ground Zero.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An impawtant question

Hi dere, folks! This is Jessie, taking over the blog fur something very impawtant. Have you heard about the Sadie Hawkins Dance that Dory is hosting?

A Sadie Hawkins dance is where the grrls ask the guys out! That means if I want to go, I have to do the asking! How skeery. The only other dance I went to was the Rodeo Square Dance, which my big brother Casey escorted me to. He VERY reluctantly agreed that I could ask a real date this time, as long as I found a pawfect gentleman. Hmmm. Who could I find that would meet Casey's standards?

 I thought and thought and thought. And THEN I got a very impawtant call from the lovely Miss Taffy. She said that she is going to be very busy taking care of her grandma for a while and won't be in Blogville. She wants Stanley to keep having a good time and go to Blogville events instead of just sitting around moping all the time.

WELL! Casey can't PAWSIBLY argue that one of the Mayorz isn't good enough for his little sister. So... with Miss Taffy's blessing...

Casey here! Wow, good choice, Jessie. I don't see how Stanley could resist you, and I KNOW he'll be a gentleman. Now, I wonder if any lovely ladies of Blogville are thinking of asking ME...

Yup, I'm available! Try to control yourself, ladies.