Monday, December 30, 2019

A Christmas Recap

OMD, folks, I had SUCH a grreat Christmas!! I made sure Momma took some pictures for me to share with you. Well, it all started on Christmas Eve Eve, when I had the bestest present of all -- little girls to play with!! Momma's best good friend came over with her three girls for their Christmas, and of COURSE yours truly was a giant hit. We played fetch and chase and jump & lick on the couch. They loved me so much, and Momma said they could come wear me out any time. I wonder what she meant by that?

Then after they left, Momma packed up the car and said it was time to go over the river and through the woods. I didn't see any river or woods, so I think Momma might be losing it.

BUT we did eventually arrive at Grandma and Grandpa's house! That was pretty pawesome. I wanted to play with Aunt Gracie, their little Maltese/poodle mix, but she was kinda grumpy. And those kids played SO much, so I was a little...

 I had fun with Grandma and Grandpa. I'd heard Grandma say on the phone that she thought I loved Grandpa best, so I made sure to give her LOTS and LOTS of attention. It made her laugh. And I think it helped me stay on the Nice List, because you'll never BELIEVES what showed up on Christmas morning!!

 I think it's from a brontosaurus!!

That bone was so big, I wasn't even sure where to start. I just danced around it a lot and took little licks before I finally settled it to chew it. Momma laughed a lot. I also got a stuffed sloth and a good new fetch toy, but honestly? I didn't pay much attention to anything after that bone!

It was a really good Christmas...

Friday, December 27, 2019

Skeery encounter

OMD, folks, you will not BELIEVES the trauma I went through yesterday!

So at furst I was happy that Momma came home from work in the middle of the day. But then the doorbell rang and HE came in!! Momma says he was from the security company and was there to fix our alarm. But I just knew he was T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Now, I'm usually a bit leery when new people furst come to our house, but I warm up pretty quickly. Not with this guy! I was shaking like a leaf the whole time he was there. Momma asked me if I'd had a bad experience with someone in that kind of uniform, but I didn't want to answer her. Those things are best forgotten. Anyway, not only was he super skeery on his own, he made all SORTS of skeery noises!! He had to set off our whole alarm -- beeping, wailing, sirens, loud voices -- TWICE!! I stayed very close to Momma on the couch so she'd know she was safe. Really. I was sure relieved when he said the system was fixed and LEFT!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Happy ME Day!!

All around the world today, folks are celebrating ME!! Well, me and my cousins. That's right, today is BOXING DAY!

So happy Boxing Day, to all you boxers and honorary boxers out there. Have fun being boxer-like for the day -- wild, kerazy, and running circles of pure joy!

PeeS: Momma knew she'd been behind on updating for me, but she didn't realize until she came to update today how behind she'd been. So she's very sorry (I'll bite her on your behalf) and will do better from now on!!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Friendship Friday

It's nice to have friendships that last and last. My greatbrother Casey had a very special friend. He was a friend to everyone in our house, but he was Casey's Boy.

 Well, Angel Casey may be gone, but his Boy is still here and still a very special friend to the dogs of the house!

"I pawmise to always be your friend, Boy."
"So do I, Matilda."

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Throwback Thursday: O Christmas Tree Pictures

Momma thought that for Throwback Thursday, she'd share pictures of the kids under the Christmas tree. It's a terrible rite of passage to make us poor pups put on silly outfits and pose under the tree. Today we're featuring Angel Casey and Angel Cinderella.

Next week we'll bring you Angel Jessie and, of course, ME!!!

 See, it doesn't take a tree to make pretty pictures!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Is Christmas over yet?

Okay, yes, the tree is pretty and all, but I'm not a big fan of the Christmas season. Wanna know why?

Momma had to move the red ottoman by our chair into the bedroom so there'd be room for the tree! Just how am I supposed to snuggle next to her without it??

I just can't get comfortable!

I'm just saying I don't think Momma thought this through very well.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Teefer Tuesday

Momma put up our Christmas tree this weekend. Then she pulled out her camera (of course!) and told me to say cheese. I said "teef!!" instead!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Wonderful walkies!

 So last week I was complaining about how COLD it was! But then yesterday Momma came home early because she had to see the dogtor for a checkup. (I hope they didn't put thermometers in uncomfortable places!) It was already pawesome having her home early, but then she said, "It's such a pretty day, Matilda. Let's go for a walk!" She didn't have to ask me twice!! I was at the front door waiting on my harness before she even got out of her work clothes.

It was a beeYOUtiful day, and we were both in high spirits.

 I'm so glad Texas weather is wonky, so even if it gets really cold, we still have pretty days like this one not too far off.

Let's keep walking furever, Momma! ...Or at least until dinnertime.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What the woof?!

Yesterday morning, Momma and I went for a walk. She was just wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, I was in just my furs and harness, all was grreat. I chowed down on breakfast while she went to the grocery store. Then when she came back, she'd BROKEN something outside!

What was dat sound??

The leaves started blowing across our yard. I kept hearing sounds from the front door AND the backyard. Momma said it was just the wind blowing things around. Yeah, right, "wind."

Is that a frost giant walking by?

The wind kept blowing and the temperature kept dropping. I stayed cuddled close to Momma for warmth the rest of the day and snuggled under the covers at night. Then today when I went for my walk, Momma was so bundled up you could barely see her. I wore my warm coat AND my waterproof coat. It was still so cold! Momma said the weather people said it was 22 degrees and wind chill of 11. Um, hello, I did NOT sign up for this! I am a TEXAS dog, not a Siberian!!

Where do I register my complaint?

Momma had better fix this REAL quick. And she'd better not give me any more of that "I can't control the weather, Matilda"!

Arty, Rosy, and Jakey are organizing the card exchange this year! Be sure to get them your info before 11/20!

Friday, November 8, 2019


I know you've all been waiting to hear how Chianti's Quest turned out. Well, of course Chianti is a wonderful momma, though she has her own idea of how things should be done!

Sadly, our game had some extra hard levels, and two of the little pups just weren't strong enough to make it. We all love little Mipha and Epona and will remember them always.

This is little Princess Zelda, the only surviving female of the crew.

And these handsome young men are Link and Zuko!

 We're very happy to see what Chianti's babies grow up to be! Within a few weeks, we'll know if they're full boxers or mix puppies. (Which affects their adoption costs.) But we'll love them no matter what!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Chianti's Quest

This sweet little lady is named Chianti. She's only 35 pounds, isn't she tiny??

Well, she was hiding a little secret when she was rescued from the shelter -- puppies!! Yup, she was very pregnant, despite how tiny she was. The skin kiddos in her foster home love video games, so they've developed a game called Chianti's Quest:

Level 1:  Our story begins with Chianti held captive by the evil troll backyard breeder chained in the back yard.  She escapes the evil troll in search of a better life for her and her puppies.  

Level 2:  Chianti is trapped by the dog catcher and taken to a scary shelter where she is terrified and doesn't know where to turn for help.  She worries and waits for help to come.  What will become of her puppies?

Level 3:  Chianti escapes the shelter with the help of an LBR volunteer (who becomes her foster daddy).  She is filled with joy and gratitude, but still worried about what is to come.  Where are they taking her?  What will they do with her babies?  She must keep them a secret until she knows it is safe.
**In the video game version, Chianti is collecting food and treats and puppy supplies along the way.

Level 4:  Chianti meets the puppy whisperer (Aunt Kaffy) and her secret is out.  What will happen now?  Will her babies be safe?  Will she ever get to meet them?  
**Chianti has to fight off viruses and worms and veterinarians that want to poke and prod her and foster parents that squirt cough medicine down her throat and take her temperature in this level.

Level 5: Chianti prepares her nursery with fluffy blankets and a warm bed.
**In this level (since her name is pronounced key-on-tea) she has to collect 5-6 keys (for the number of puppies they think there are) to unlock the next level.

Level 6:  This level finds our Queen locked in a castle while she waits patiently for her puppies to arrive.  What super powers will they have? 
**Her personal servants bring her food and treats and prepare a comfy place for her while she waits for the midwife.

Level 7:  Our Queen is expanding rapidly, almost ready to burst. Refusing comfort like food and warmth, rather choosing to trudge through cold rain to find a suitable place to meet the Quest babies.  The evil gatekeepers (her foster parents) refuse passage, so she naps instead, waiting for the perfect time to make her move.

Level 8: Chianti wakes to news that her puppies are coming! Sound the alarm, sound the alarm. Her panting and digging at her blankets sends her foster dad into delivery mode. Call the midwife, Call the wife wife, it's TIME!

Level 9: The babies begin their journey's into the light. Each one more precious than the last. How much cuteness can one mama boxer produce? 5, one for each point on a star. Our Quest babies arrive one by one to begin their search for their own happily ever afters.

Now Chianti's quest is over, and she gets to relax with her puppies with her foster pawrents taking care of them all. And she knows that all of them will go to loving LBR homes! I love video games with a happy ending, don't you?

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Howloween!

I was so excited about dressing up for Howl-o-ween! Momma said that she got me a costume of a super powerful female hero. I just KNEW she meant my favoritest of all-time, but then she brought out...this.

Momma! How could you dos this to me? Wonder Woman??

 Yes, yes, she's pawerful and good and a real hero. But you KNOWS who my favorite is!!!!

YES! Captain Marvel is the strongest and bestest female hero of all time!

She even has her own kitty, just like my angel sissy.

So what do you think, folks?

Which hero am I??


The REAL hero, of course, is anyone who helps their local shelter today for the No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters event here on Blogville! Share what you're doing to help your local shelter or rescue this Howl-o-ween, and the good folks at LLB in Our Backyard will donate to three Blogville-connected animal charities. And guess what?? They chose LBR as one of them!

For our act of kindness, I gave Momma some of my allowance so she can go on LBR's wishlist and order some beds and toys for our foster dogs! Most shelters and rescues have some kind of a wishlist letting you know what is needed most, and you can often ship it straight to their doorstep! How pawesome is that??

So join us in helping your local shelter or rescue this Howl-o-ween and make it a fangtastic howliday for everyone!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Legacy of Love!

I'm so excited to share that Rosy, Arty, and Jakey at LLB in Our Backyard have chosen LBR as one of their charities for this year's No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters! They host this incredibly generous event every year, encouraging everyone to do something special for their local shelters and rescues this year for Howl-o-ween. And for everyone who shares what special thing they've done for a local shelter or rescue on their blog hop, the LLB gang will be donating to their three chosen rescues!

Rosy and I are telling everyone all about the wonderfulness of LBR today. The other two rescues -- Marg's Animals and Brian's Home -- have been spotlit in previous posts. I encourage you to go read all about them!

But of course, LBR has my heart. I don't have the sad rescue story that many pups do. I was just surrendered by a very nice young lady who bought a cute boxer puppy and then was NOT prepared for the energy level and care I needed. So she surrendered me to my foster home for a few weeks, then I found Momma and came home with her! If LBR hadn't been around, I might have ended up in a shelter or even out on the streets!

My Angel siblings all had their own rescue stories with LBR. We've told the complete stories before, but here's a quick snip:

Casey nearly died as he was left sick in a hoarder's backyard with no grass or shade. When he was finally surrendered to LBR, he spent 5 months recovering in foster care before he found Momma.

Cinderella was clearly used as a breeder before she and her last litter were dumped. Her puppies didn't make it, and Cinderella was bald and itchy as she lost almost all her furs to a horrible flea infestation and allergies. But she found her fairy godmother through LBR and got a new lease on life in her golden years!

Jessie was a scared little stray on the streets when she was picked up by Animal Control. Luckily, she was rescued from the shelter by LBR and came straight to Momma's house -- where she moved right in to everyone's hearts!

So please join LLB in Our Backyard for No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters this Howl-o-ween! As for LBR, you can donate through our website or Facebook page. We're going to be holding a big auction on November 11 to benefit our Keepers, dogs whose medical or psychological conditions mean they can't be adopted out but instead live out their legacy at LBR foster homes.