Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Guess whats, everybody?? Momma promised me a special surprise yesterday. I tried and tried to figure it out while I snoopervised Momma getting the house all clean. That should've been my hint. VISITORS were coming! And not just any visitors -- my boy, Auntie Jess, and TWO people I'd never seen before!

When my boy comes over, he puts on a special jacket and gets down to wrestle with me. Oh BOY!!

We both were a little tired, so we settled down for snuggles.

I let everyone else get some lovings too. 

Pigeon checking out our new friend Chuck

Cinderella says Miss Christina has very nice hands.

Even grumpy ol' Scribbles got in on it!

But we all know who they were really there to see!

Auntie Jess

I love my boy. His visits are the BEST!!

 Me and my boy

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


LBR foster Matilda

 It's only Tuesday??

*sigh* Wake me when the week's over!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Pulling out my secret weapon

I bet all of you has a secret weapon. The ONE look or thing that will make everybuddy around you melt and give you whatever you want. For my sissy Cinderella, it's the head-tilt.

That looks just makes Momma squee and say "whatever you want, baby!" For me, I pull out...

The Eyes.

Oh yeah. Just like that. I give Momma this look, and I can have anything I want. Treats, snuggles, new toys, a new car -- I don't think there's anything I can't get with these eyes. So I'm going to pull out my secret weapon today, because there's something very impawtant that I want.


Maggie Mae, Blogville Date Day is coming up on May 19th. I can't think of anyone I'd rather take than my beeYOUtiful girl. Will you be my date please?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hey folks, do you remember little Bess, the tiny puppy with the big cast on her leg? Well, she got the cast off and is healing up fast! She walks with a slight limp, but it doesn't seem to be affecting her wrestling moves much! Here she is with her foster bro, LBR foster Thor.

Also, I was hoping you could help me out. See, Baby Austin's pawrents sent me a picture that they said was him with his skin sister this Easter. Except I don't see my little Baby Austin anywhere! I just see the kiddo and this gigantic Easter Bunny! Do you think Baby Austin is hiding behind him??

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another tiring weekend

Howdy, folks! I hope everyone had a grreat Easter weekend. Momma, Cinderella, and I spent the weekend at Auntie Amanda's again. (Auntie Amanda lives right by the Renny-sauce fair Momma works at during the spring, so we stay there a lot during the season. It's pawesome -- Cinderella and I get to play with Auntie Amanda's zoo the whole day, and Momma gets home so much earlier to snuggle with us!) This time Momma tried real hard to get pictures of me playing with the big dogs, Benny and Frankie. It kind of worked.

 Obviously Momma needs to bring her real camera instead of using her phone! Momma also made friends with Chica, one of the little dogs. Chica doesn't really like anybody but her own momma, but she warmed up!

My little mini-me Penny and I snuggled a lot. Momma started calling us Canis Major and Canis Minor. BOL!

It was a pretty exhausting weekend, but lots of fun!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

It's Easter, everybody!! How exciting. I hope the Easter Bunny visited you and left you lots of good treats. Cinderella and I went out hunting, and we found a grreat basket. But no EB!!

"I think I see him, Casey!!"

"Where, I don't see him?"

"Heh heh heh."

Well, wherever he is, ol' EB left us some grreat treats. So have a very happy Easter, you guys!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday

The thing about being a rescue is that you don't have cute baby pictures to share! But here's a picture of me with my momma on the very FURST night we met!

Gosh, I was handsome. Still am, of course! But my muzzle's got a bit more gray in it now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Be prepared!

Cinderella, Momma, and I spent this weekend out at Auntie Amanda's again, where I got to hang out with my new bestie (that's her on the bottom right) and play with the big dogs. Cinderella did some bonding with the little dogs as she rested a lot. (Dogtor's orders!) Momma thought they looked like Scar and the hyenas from Lion King in this shot. Be prepaaaaaaared!

Monday, April 14, 2014

LBR rocked the plant stand!

I feel like a bad ambassaboxer. I got a little distracted last week by Cinderella's problems, so I didn't make ANY announcements about LBR's biggest event of the whole year this weekend. Saturday was ROSES FOR RESCUE, the biggest fundraiser and event we hold. LBR volunteers haul out about a gazillion roses, geraniums, ferns, and other flowers for a huuuuuge plant sale. This year we also added a rummage sale, and lots of vendors had tables to sell other stuff. It was our best event ever! And guess what?? We raised almost $28,000 to help the boxers!!!! 

You ROCK, LBR. Woohoo!!!!

PeeS: For those who are wondering, Cinderella is doing just pawesome! She hasn't had a single seizure since Wednesday, yay!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cinderella update

 Hey folks, Cinderella here again! I had such a totally exciting day. Furst, I got to go for a car ride with Momma. I loves car rides, and especially when I get the WHOLE backseat to myself instead of sharing with Casey. Then I got to go on my very furst ellyvator ride!! It was a little skeery getting on it, because the doors move by themselves and the floor shakes. But I was very good.

THEN the real stuff started. I visited my cardy-olly-guest. And... well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that my heart is just peachy. It's working totally fine, even though it's a little big, and the cardy-olly-guest isn't worried about it at all. The bad news is that if it's not my heart, it's my noggin! For a pup my age without a history of seizures or any kind of trauma, seizures like this are about 90% likely caused by a brain tumor or bleeding. That's not good. But the dogtor isn't too concerned. He said my seizures aren't so frequent or severe that I need to take meds yet. And he reassured Momma a lot by telling her there are some new kinds of anti-seizure meds that don't cause the side effects of something like pheno. Phew! But for now, Momma is just going to keep an eye on me. If my seizures start getting worse, then we'll talk about maybe starting some meds.

But don't worry, I told Momma I plan to be around for a LONG time still! Now let's roll!

A big heart

Hi deres, everybodies! It's me, Cinderella! I wanted to say thank you soooo much to everybodies who's been sending me power of da paw. I can feel it helping me. That's what's making me smile so much!

I've been to see the vets a LOT in the past few days. All of my bloodwork came back normal, but den the vets took a picture of my heart and said that it's big. Duh, that's because I have so much love to give! But she thought it could be causing me to have symptoms that mimic seizures. Today I'm going to go to the cardy-olly-guest. He's going to take some more pictures of my heart and see if he can figure out what's wrong with it and if that's what's causing my seizures. So please keep that power of da paw coming!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Power of the paw!

My sweet sissy Cinderella has started getting visits from the nasty seizure monster and having a very hard time. Momma's taking her to the vet today to see what we can do for her. I'd really appreciate whatever Power of the Paw you can send her. I'm not ready to lose my sissy. :(

Edit: I guess no news is good news? The dogtor said there are a lot of things that could be causing it, but based on her symptoms nothing is jumping out. They took some blood to test for a few things first, and we should have the results of that tomorrow afternoon. Then we'll either know what's wrong or do some other tests.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My new bestie

Momma, Cinderella, and I went out to stay this weekend with Momma's friend, Auntie Amanda. It was a really exhausting weekend keeping Momma in line.

Auntie Amanda has LOTS of dogs. There's an old lady dog, Abby, who likes to lounge around with Cinderella. There's a big Germany shepherd and a giant goofy Lab mix, Frankie and Benny, who are SO much fun to chase around the yard. We were moving too fast for Momma to get any good pictures of, though! There are also three little dogs -- Chica, Bebe, and Penny. Penny and I became BFFs! She's lots of fun and likes to sit and snuggle with me and Momma. Look at her, isn't she a cute little mini-me?

Friday, April 4, 2014

A present for my girl!

I have a special present for my girl, Maggie Mae. Ready? These are JUST for you...

LBR foster Bess 

"Did you even know it was possible for one pup to be this cute?" 

Bess is only 7 weeks old. Her neighbor noticed her limping and convinced her old owner to surrender her. LBR took our to the dogtor, and we found she has a broken leg! But don't worry, the cast isn't slowing her down much!

She even got to meet another LBR dog, LBR foster Halo!

 "Don't worry, kid, I'll show you the ropes."

"Maggie Mae? Casey told me how much you loves puppy pictures, so I posed JUST fur you. I even wore my extra-pretty necklace. I hope you likes your present!"