Saturday, April 30, 2016

Roses Pupdate, and Tabby Day!

I'm a bit late about posting about LBR's big Roses for Rescue sale! But our Pack Leader was still tallying up the totals from the different vendors who came out and donated portions of their sales. We broke our record yet again!! The grand total is...


We rocked the plant stand! And look at this pawesome boxer cake that was served too. Momma and I sure wish we could've gone!

Oh, and I heard that today is National Tabby Day. Here's to my kitty sister Pigeon, the cutest tabby I know!

Friday, April 29, 2016


Yesterday Momma pulled out the instruments of torture.

Yes, it was nail trimming time!! <sob> Momma said something about our gargoyle claws getting out of control. WHATEVER!! We NEEDS those claws so we can dead any tree rats we catch. I bore up stoically, of course.

I think Jessie is still crying about it. Poor kid. I hope YOUR mommas have been nicer to you!

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Poor LBR foster Adeline had this MONSTER bladder stone removed yesterday. I bet she feels better!!

I'm so glad my furiends at LBR found her and brought her to stay with a grreat foster home to get her the care she needed!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hanging with Auntie Jess

I've told you about my Auntie Jess before, the one who is married to My Boy. (And who cruelly didn't ask me to be ring dog or ANYTHING at the wedding! I've forgiven her...mostly.)

She came to stay with us a few days ago while Momma went off to do something exciting and exotic and amazing. I don't know what it was, but it MUST be totally amazing because she LIED to us about what it was. She said she was going to some place for people to watch her sleep. Watch her sleep?? Yeah right, Momma!! Tell us the truth when you're ready!

Anyway, I miiiiiiight have sulked a little bit that Momma cruelly abandoned me for the night. A teeny tiny bit. But it was totally justified!

Jessie sucked up a lot. She says that she and Auntie Jess have a special bond because they have the same name. Whatever!!

It was a long night full of hardship and deprivation.

 But we made it through in the end, and Momma came home in the morning!

I guess it wasn't TOO bad after all. You can come back later if you wants to, Auntie Jess! But, uh, can you bring My Boy with you next time???

Friday, April 22, 2016

Flower Friday!

Hey folks, Jessie here! We don't usually do Flower Friday, but I told Casey I wanted to post today. We've had lots and lots and LOTS of rain lately, but apparently our plants love it. Look at our Memorial Garden!

The two patches of green shoots are going to be calla lilies. Momma was SO happy when they started growing again! Unfortunately, the weeds love the weather too. :( Momma curses a lot when she goes out to weed it. But she keeps the stones brushed off nice and clean.

I never met my angel sister Cinderella, but she had a paw sending me here. That's why my full name is Jessalyn Ella! And angel Scribbles was a good brother to me, even though I didn't have him very long. So I'm glad their garden is thriving!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Momma was in the doghouse big time this weekend. You saw the picture of my GLARE. A lot of you were asking what she did, but I can't tells you. Momma still CLAIMS she doesn't know, and until she confesses, I'm NOT telling her! (And she reads this blog, so I can't tells you. Duh.) BUT she's still my momma and I loves her. And she gave me a lot of treats and belly rubs. So...

All is forgiven, Momma. I loves you!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Dapper Day

Momma went to the store yesterday and brought me back a snazzy new accessory. Don't I look EXTRA handsome?

Contain yourself, ladies. There's plenty of Casey to go around.

I thought I'd take a few pawtistic shots. This is my contemplative look.

And here's my smolder.

You're welcome, ladies! Enjoy that going into the weekend!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Child locks?!

OMD, the indignity!! Guess what Momma just ordered from the Amazons?

A CHILD LOCK for Auntie Amanda's house?! Can you BELIEVES she is going to lock us out of our OWN ROOM during the day? Just because I learned how to open the bedroom doors at Auntie's! HMPH. It's not like it's MY fault the OTHER kerazy dogs came in after me and tore up a bunch of things, including Momma's special book on Renny-sauce dog training that she uses for her faire. I can't believe I'm being subject to this insult against my dignity.

Have YOUR pawrents ever done something so cruel to you? And have any of you figured out how to open these lockies anyway?


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Siblings Day

Today is National Siblings Day, so I want to take a moment to recognize my amazing sisters. Furst, my BIG sister Pigeon.

Sure, she may LOOK smaller, but she's 14 years old (six years older than me!), so she's definitely the big sis. She's put up with a lot over the years from me and the other doggies here. She loves us in her own way, and I'm glad she's still providing kitty lovin' in our house!

Then, of course, there's my LITTLE sister, Jessie!

It's hard to believe she hasn't even been with us for a year yet! Jessie came to us at just the right time, sent by my angel sister Cinderella, and brought a much-needed lightness to our lives. She's the best little sister a guy could ask for, and I loves her.

So happy Sibling Day, everyone! Be sure to appreciate your siblings today!

Hey Casey?

Yes, Jessie?

Since I'm always supposed to do what you tell me to (and mostly do), I have to wish a happy sibling day to MY best big brother in the whole wide world, CASEY!

You mades me feel welcome here from the very beginning, and you've taught me all about the important stuffs in life, like walkies and destuffing toys and sleeping techniques. I loves you bunches!!

Friday, April 8, 2016


This morning while Momma was getting dressed, Casey and I decided to practice our crazy river otter games before heading down to Auntie's. Our cousins are really keeping us in top form!

"Hey Jessie?"
"Yes, Casey?"

"BOOM back atcha!!" 

 "Why are you stopping?"

 "Be cool...Hey, Momma! Nice to see you. Nope, nothing going on here. Go back to putting on your makeup. Not that you need it, You're beeYOUtiful as it is."
"Oh yes, you're SO pretty, Momma!"

 "She's gone! BOOM!!"

"I think we're going to beat Benny this time for sure, Casey!"
"You've got the knack, kid!"

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Here I am!

Were you worried when Casey said he couldn't find me?? BOL! No worries, he was just being silly. Here I am!

No, that's too shadowy...

Move a little closer...

Hi there!!

I just had to visit the dogtor again. You know, everyone there loves me so much, they don't just ask for my pawtograph, they steals my blood AND peepee!! BOL. We're testing my kidney levels again to see how they're doing, just routine. There was a new vet tech, though, and he just LOVED me. I gave him lots and lots of kisses while they took the samples. He thought that was funny.

Pupdate!: The dogtor already called Momma back with my test results. That was FAST! She said all my kidney stuff levels have gone DOWN after a slight bump last test. She's super-duper happy with how well I'm doing and said I get a GOLD STAR on my homework!!