Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy barkday to an old favorite...

Long-time readers of my blog might remember THIS cutie...

 He was a pup born into LBR's care back in 2012 to Mama Dallas, who we rescued skeered and pregnant from a shelter. He was the only surviving pup of his litter, and his momma named him Austin in honor of another Texas city. I chronicled his birth and kept everyone pupdated on his growth over the weeks.

 I was so excited the time I got to meet Baby Austin in the furs at a Howl-o-ween event!

OMD, and then he got ADOPTED by the bestest family and got his own little girl!

Luckily, his new family kept us updated on his progress, and brought him out to several LBR events. Here he is with Momma at our Mums & Roses fundraisers in 2012 and 2013.

He got so big!!! Sometimes I see his pictures and wonder who that giant dog is that ATE my Baby Austin. 

He just celebrated his FOURTH barkday yesterday, and his pawrents sent us a picture of him enjoying his birthday treats. HAPPY BARKDAY, BABY AUSTIN!!!! You'll always have a special place in our hearts.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pawlympics Boxing!

Just a reminder that Jessie and I are hosting the BOXING event for the Blogville Pawlympics! You can compete as a traditional boxer

Or try more of a freestyle.

Be creative! We have a few entries already, and dawg are they good!! You can submit your pictures to me at dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com. The FIRM dead lion is July 15th.

Check out all the other Pawlympics events here and see what other ones you want to enter! It's going to be GRRRRREAT!!!

Monday, June 27, 2016


Momma has done painting pawties before to paint beeYOUtiful portraits of all of us. Well, ALMOST all of us! She painted Cinderella, me, Scribbles, and Jessie. Poor Pigeon didn't have a pawtrait! But Momma took care of that this weekend.

The place she went to, you submit a photo and they sketch it out on the canvas for you.

Then even Momma can manage to paint it!

 Momma was very proud of the finished product!

Pigeon was a little dubious about it, though.

Don't listen to her, Momma. I think you did a grreat job!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Mind your manners, but get your dinner!

Last night Momma got all caught up in something and forgot something HUGE. She forgot to give us our dinner!!! When she went into the kitchen and started something ELSE instead of feeding her hungry babies, Jessie and I tried to gently remind her.

 "Um, hello, Momma. Hungry boxers right here. Did you forget something?"

It wasn't working!! She just cooed about how cute we were and got the flashy beast out. UGH! Fortunately, we may be super mannerly boxers, but we've got someone else in the house who doesn't put up with nonsense.

"HEY! Momma lady! Food NOW!"

PHEW!! Thanks for the rescue, Pigeon!! We really owe you.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Remembering a good brother

A year ago today, my kitty brother Scribbles passed to the Rainbow Bridge. He was a tough Chicago alley cat who turned into the king of the household when Momma brought him home.

He knew he could go toe-to-toe against any dog he met, and he proved it whenever he felt like it!

But he could be very sweet and loving and chill.

He faced adversity with courage and style!

We weren't always the best of furiends, but he was my big brother and I always loved him.

 And through everything, he was Momma's boy, her furst and always special in her heart.

We know he's stalking through the grass up at the Rainbow Bridge now.

We miss you, Scribbles!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

International Box Day!

Happy International Box Day, folks! As BOXERS, I am of course a natural at this whole box thing.

But I've got to admit, my kitty sister Pigeon is pretty good at it too!!

And HEY...while you're putting these BOX pictures together, don't furget to submit a picture for my Pawlympics BOXING event! You have until July 15th to send your picture to us at dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com.

Friday, June 17, 2016

A special question

OMD, I just heard the news that there's going to be a big summer dance over at Christmas's blog on July 11th! A summer dance sounds like the perfect way to spend a little time with my gal. We can dance on the beach, enjoy some tube steaks and wally-melon, and maybe snuggle up close while we watch some fireworks!


Sweet Ciara...

Will you go to the summer dance with me??? I hope you say yes!!


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Tropical Edition

It's starting to get HOT around here, so I'm thinking back to some of my cool summer attire.

I think this is going to be a pretty cool drool summer too!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adventures in Momma Training

Do you folks have a hard time training your pawrents? Dawg, let me tell you how stubborn my momma has been lately! You know how last week she posted on my behalf about me needing POTP because I wasn't feeling well and not eating? She dragged me to the dogtor, she gave me pills, she worried and coaxed and fretted. All instead of just LISTENING to me!

I don't know what finally pushed the button for her, but she FINALLY said, "I wonder if he just doesn't like his food?" She picked up some super-duper yummy canned food to add to that BORING plain kibble I've been eating -- and I gobbled it all down!! I haven't been fussy a bit as long as she gives me some yummy in my bowl.

Sheesh, Momma. About time. You're a little slow, aren't you?

Good help is SO hard to find!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The BAR is over. It's nice to be home, but none of our furiends are here and now Momma's gone to work.

Guess I'll take a nap.

Monday, June 13, 2016

BAR day three: Goodbyes

It's hard to believe the BAR is over with! We had so much fun meeting with all our furiends. Yesterday, we went out to the park for one last chance to visit. Some folks had already left early that morning, but we got some good smooches in!

Jessie and the Hands 

Jessie with YamAuntie 

It was our lasts chance to hang out with our flat furiends too, so we took the opportunity for some photo shoots!

 Me with Flat Buddy and Flat Easy, and me with Flat Bertie

 Jessie sends smoochies to Flat Lassie and Flat Benji!

I think Flat Christmas and I could be twins! 

Chilling a bit with Flat Sarge 

After all that and our Friendship Ceremony (did you watch the video on Facebark?), Momma said it was time to head out.

 "Do we hafta go, Momma?"

We hung out a little more in our super cool fort while Momma loaded the car. 

Then we were off! Oh, the excitement.

And then it was to our LAST hotel room! Don't worry, we made sure to get our sleep in early so we could wake Momma up super early to get us home.

Thanks for following our BAR adventures. Next post will be from HOME!!