Friday, May 31, 2013

Foster Friday: Boo boop a doo!

Happy FRIDAY everybody!!! I LOVES Fridays. It means a whole weekend is about to start, featuring lots of snuggling and play time! But it also means I get to introduce you to one of the totally pawesome foster dogs available from Legacy Boxer Rescue! What could be more exciting than that? Today I want to introduce you all to the beeYOUtiful Betty Boop!

Isn't she just the cutest thing? Momma loves it when my ear flips back like that too. :) Betty is about three years old and just loves loves loves attention from her peeps! She has such a pretty smile and loves to act silly to get your attention. Once she has it, she knows you just can't resist loving on her a little. Sneaky girl!

Betty is a tiny little girl who can still hold her own with anybody! She loves wrestling and mouth jousting with her foster siblings, and she's an expert at boxer burns. (That's when you start running in circles as fast as you can just because you loves to run!) She loves to play with toys, and she's even mastered the very hard art of bringing the toys BACK when playing fetch. Wow!

Betty has lots of energy and would make a wonderful running partner. But she also has her quiet moments, too. She loves snuggling in front of the TV with her foster momma in the evenings, and I hear she makes a pretty grreat bedwarmer at night. Way to go, Betty! She loves kids but would do best with older ones, since she can be a little skittish at sudden noises and little kids are good at those.

This silly, snuggly, running, all-around grreat girl is the essence of a boxer! Don't you want to take her home with you? Go check out her bio page, then fill out an application and say you want BETTY BOOP!

How can you resist this face?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's over!

It's over, it's over, the Renny-sauce faire is OVER! That means I gots my momma back!! Yesterday Momma even took off work so she could sleep late and snuggle with ME as long as she wanted. And then guess what we did?

We went to SONIC.

And THEN . . . we went to the DOG PARK!!

Gots to give everything a good sniff...

 Ooh, new furiends! Hi there.

Let's investigate this smell together.

This is fun, Momma! But I'm getting a little hot...

OMD, this thing has a water park too?! Pawesome!

 I loves you, Momma. You're the best.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

To all the heroes, two-legged and four, who've sacrificed to preserve our freedoms, thank you. We will never forget you!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Foster Friday: Lizzie Lean!

It's FRIDAY!! And better yet, Friday of a three-day weekend! Momma is SO happy about that,a nd when she's happy, so am I! And what's even better than that?? Well, Friday means it's time to tell you all about one of the totally pawesome foster dogs available for adoption at Legacy Boxer Rescue! Woohoo!

Everybody say hi to LIZZIE LEAN!!

Lizzie got her name because she likes to lean. She loves her people and wants to be touching them all the time. She loves loves loves all people, and she's really good with the little ones too. She even gets to sleep with her foster momma at night because she's so well-behaved. What a good girl! She is selective of her four-legged furiends, though she loves her foster sister.

Lizzie is four years old, crate-trained, and knows lots of commands! She is super-smart and wants to please, so that means she learns things really quickly. She'd love to be somebody's baby and get the chance to play and snuggle all day!

If Lizzie Lean sounds like your pawfect pup, then check out her bio page for more info and fill out an application today!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ever feel unappreciated?

Sometimes I think all our hard work is just ignored by those silly humans. I mean, I do my job, and I don't expect a big fuss over it. But really, is a little ear scritch and "Thank you, Casey" too much to ask for? No, instead I get mocked.

Take Tuesday, for example. Monday were the big skeery storms in Oklahoma, and on Tuesday we were supposed to be getting storms here too. Big hail, high winds, and possible tornadoes. Momma tried not to act like it, but I know she was skeered. So I, being the wonderful compassionate dog that I am, stuck right to her side the whole afternoon, like glue, to reassure her. I know it helped. But the storm was getting loud, with all that thunder and stuff, and I was tired of it skeering my momma! So I decided to let it know who was boss. I ran right to the door and BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!!! You stay away from my momma! I'm here, and I'm going to protect her! The whole rest of the storm, I let it know Casey was there and on the job!

And did my momma appreciate all my hard work? NO! She -- furiends, I don't know if I can even say it. It just hurts so much. She.... laughed at me.

Sniff. Let down, betrayed by my own momma. She told me, "Barking won't make the storm go away, Casey." She laughed and petted me and told me not to be skeered. ME?!?!? That storm was skeered, that's who was skeered! Not ME! The NERVE.

I may never forgive my momma for this. Well, at least not until the next time she has treats.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Brand-new LBR foster Kitty learning what freedom is like!

PeeS: I'm breaking the Wordless Wednesday to share this news about how Blogville can help the animals of Moore, Oklahoma!

Dear Furends,
       If you would like to HELP the Dogs, Cats, Horses, and other ANIMALS effected by the 5/20/13 TORNADO in Moore, Oklahoma here is WHAT and HOW to do it.     
       Our beloved furends           SUSIE, SHADOW, and SIDEBITE     are spearheading the efforts.     They live less than 20 miles from Moore.   You can Click the link above ↑ to find their Blog...   or go to htt://  to read about them and learn more about the relief help that they have gotten started.      Their DAD's BOSS at the Pro Tire Center is allowing us to use his business Address   and the business CREDIT CARD system to make donating EASY for YOU

ALL FUNDS WILL BE DONATED   to "Central Park Dog Care"  which is part of  the "Oklahoma Humane Society" & the "Moore Humane Society"
 PeeS, they already have Dogs and Cats coming in!

We will save all funds until we feel that most donations have been received, then a Company check will be written. We will use a photo of YOU and  your name on a POSTER when we donate the check!
            *****         **************      ********       ********       **********
Once you have made a donation PLEASE go to Susie and Sidebite's BLOG and leave a Comment  giving your permission   for them to take a picture from YOUR blog...   and give them your Blog URL for doing so.      
THEY want YOU to receive the acknowledgement you well deserve


 If you would like to send CASH or  a CHECK     make it Payable to PRO TIRE CENTER 
    Mail it to :

  Pro Tire Center            
Att: JIM   
10735 N. Rockwell
Oklahoma City, OK    73162 
 Be sure to include the NAME of WHO is making the donation EX... Frankie Furter
          **********            ***********************                *********************************


 If you would like to pay by Credit Card...    
      Please send an EMAIL to

  and be SURE to include the following info

in the BODY of the email please include the following:
2.   Your NAME as it appears on the card   PLUS....
                      your ADDRESS     City  State   ZipCode and   COUNTRY    
3.  Name of your Credit Card     (Master Card.. Am. Express...or Discover only)
4.  The AMOUNT $  you wish to donate
5.  Your PHONE NUMBER....  in case there is a problem processing the information
6.  Your Credit Card #    including the   Three Numbers on the BACK...
7.   AND the name of the one(s) making the donation  (ex.    Frankie and Ernie) 
      (NOTE:   your statement will say that a payment was made to  "Pro Tire Center") 


THE NEED there is going to be HUGE.    Please do what you can
      There is NO minimum amount for donation.    Every $ will HELP.     

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our hearts are hurting for Oklahoma. :(

Like everyone else, our hearts are hurting for all the folks in Oklahoma who are suffering so terribly from the devastating tornado yesterday. Momma and I are especially thinking of all the poor parents still waiting to find news of their children at Plaza Towers Elementary. :(

More news about the tornado recovery efforts can be found at the Moore Tornado Recovery Facebook page. Also, the official pet site for OKC and Moore is Please check there if you are trying to locate a furry family member who is missing after the tornado! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Excuse me...

But have you considered letting Dog into your life?

LBR foster Finley

Visit Legacy Boxer Rescue today!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Black and White Sunday

My beeYOUtiful sissy Cinderella wanted to get in on the action today. Happy Sunday!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Foster Friday: Meet Champagne!

Don't you just LOVE Fridays?It's the end of the week and the start of the weekend, of course, but Fridays are even better because they're FOSTER Fridays! They're the day I get to introduce you to one of the pawesome foster dogs available for adoption from Legacy Boxer Rescue. It's one of my favorite parts of my job!

And today I sure have a doozy for you. I want everyone to meet the beeYOUtiful Champagne!!

Isn't she just gawjuss? Momma and I have a definite weakness for those flashy brindle gals. Miss Champagne is about 5 years old and looking for a home to lavish her love and affection on for all the rest of her days. We at LBR usually call her "Mama Champagne," because she came to us with two cute-as-can-be little puppies, Pinot and Merlot. She did a wonderful job raising them, but now she wants a place where she can be somebody's baby!

She's a cool, chill girl who doesn't run around crazy all the time, but she still has plenty of boxer antics to make you smile! She's also a gal who loves a good sleep -- and has the snores to prove it! She gets along grreat with other dogs and loves kids too. What an all-around gal! If you'd like to learn more about Champagne, just go here and look at her bio. Then fill out an application and say you'd like to have some Champagne at your place tonight!

PeeS: I have fangtastic news about my good buddy PINK! After 15 months in foster care, working HARD on behavioral issues and learning all about commands and tricks as a deaf dog, Pink has finally chosen her furever family! They love her as much as she loves them, and it makes all our hearts SING to see them together. Congrrats on finding your happily ever after, Pink. You deserve it!!

LBR alum Pink!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yucky storms

LBR foster Marta

Last night was a pretty skeery one here in Texas. We had bad storms with several tornadoes, including one that was a mile wide! It was the kind of night to snuggle up with your teddy bear and hope everything would be okay. So far, we've been able to account for all LBR volunteers, and we're all fine. Some of our alums live in the worst affected areas, though, so we're praying they and their families are all okay. Keep your paws crossed for them, and that we don't have any more storms like this for a while. I don't want another night like that any time soon!

PeeS: Apparently Sarge's peeps have surrendered! The trial of the century is over, and Sarge will be back as Blogville's top COP soon!

Edited to add: All our known alums in the affected areas have reported in safe! YAY!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SOS -- Blogville banding together to Save Our Sarge!

Folks, today is the big day! Our good buddy Sarge, who was UNJUSTLY accused of biting one of his peeps, is on trial in Mayoress Madi's court! If you're willing to be a character witness for the accused, visit Frankie and Ernie's blog and leave your testimony in a comment. Then be sure to go to the trial of the century to leave your jury vote -- guilty or NOT GUILTY?

Here is my character testimony:

Your Honor, my name is Casey the Boxer, and I have known Sgt. Sarge for as long as I've been a part of Blogville. During that time, he has been honest and brave in carrying out his duties as Blogville's top cop. He has saved countless dogs from the evil depradations of squirrelly squirrels, shifty chipmunks, and devious bunnies. He has always shown great character in his duties, not hesitating to enforce the law even when good furiends (*cough*Puddles*cough*) were the ones accused.

Sarge thinks of nothing but protecting the good citizens of Blogville. Therefore, I am convinced that however this alleged biting incident occurred, Sarge was acting in his official capacity and trying to neutralize a threat. Whether his peeps just got in the way or if they were the danger, I do not know. But I know Sarge. I KNOW he is innocent! I beg all the pups and cats of the jury to find Sarge NOT GUILTY!

Monday, May 13, 2013

SOS! Save Our Sarge!

This is an emergency, Blogville! Did you hear that our beloved COP of Blogville, the Sarge himself, has been wrongly imprisoned in the doghouse after being unjustly accused of biting?!?!

His blog has been stripped away from him. (Though the Crabby Girls are doing a grreat job in his absence.) This cannot be tolerated! Fortunately, Jr. Officer Ranger has stepped up to try to find some relief for his boss. He's looking for character witnesses to support Sarge in his hearing before Mayoress Madi's court on May 15th. There's also a collection for Sarge's bail bone fund.

I am donating my favorite giant rawhide bone to the fund. Nothing is too much for our Sarge!

I urge everyone to go visit Ranger if you can help with the bail bone fund or serve as a character witness. Please show your support for Sarge! We're all behind you, buddy!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day, Momma!

Hello there, pups and cats! While ordinarily I'm more than happy to do all the blogging myself, today is a very special day. A day that -- dare I say it -- might even be beyond my poor skills as a blogger. So today I am inviting all my siblings in to help wish our momma the very happiest Mother's Day EVER!

Scribbles: Momma, I've been with you the longest, and I'm still not sure why you invited these canine things in to interrupt our comfortable lives. But no matter who else you bring in, I'll always be your baby boy. Although I pretend like I still want to be the tough alley cat I used to be, I'm so happy you brought me home. I'll always be here to keep you on your toes, and I know you wouldn't have it any other way!

Pigeon: Momma, you're the best purr-pillow any kitty could ask for. Any time I feel like curling up and just purring my little heart out, you're always there with a scratch and a cuddle. I had other places to live before you, but you're the one who gave me a home. Thank you for taking me in and giving me a family. I'll always purr for you.

Cinderella: Momma, I'm just so happy I gots to be your dog! I tried to tell you when I first came to live with you that I knew you weren't supposed to be just my fairy godmother, you were supposed to be my momma! It took a while, but we made it come true. You give the bestest belly rubs ever, and I loves sleeping curled up next to you while you're on the computer. I love being your baby girl!

Casey: Well, Momma, what can I say? We all loves you, but you're my momma. You know there's no one else I'd wear such silly outfits for, and no one I'd rather curl up with at night. You brought me home, and then we found LBR together and helped change the lives of all sorts of doggies! We cuddle together and play together and snuggle together -- well, we does just abouts everything together, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you for being such a grreat momma to all four of us -- even though I know I'm your favorite!

To all the doggy and kitty mommas out there, I want to wish you a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! Just because your kids have paws instead of hands doesn't mean you're any less of a momma.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Silly Momma

I never understand how a human's mind works. Last night, I was chilling on the couch as usual, just enjoying the nice cushy cushions and smiling because I was so happy.

For some reason, Momma started laughing every time she saw me. She even had to go get the flashy beast to bother me some more.

I really don't get it. Are your humans silly sometimes?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Caseylocks and the Three Cushions

The first one was too hard. The second one was too soft.

But this one? I think it's just right.

Why are you looking at me like that, Momma? There's room for you too!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snuggle Saturday

I don't know about where all of you pups and kits live, but around here, it's been weirdly cold for the past few days. Pawfect snuggle weather, if you ask me!! So find your favorite special someone and snuggle up! Some LBR pups are glad to demonstrate if you're confused.

LBR alums Dempsey and Chelsea 

LBR foster Dublin 

LBR alum Gummi Bear 

LBR fosters Raider and Bexar 

LBR alum Shankley 

LBR foster Si 

Mochi and Taro

And featuring an extra-special Snuggle Saturday guest star...

It's BABY AUSTIN! And he's gotten HUUUUUUGE!! Way to show us all how to snuggle, big guy! Your skin sister looks like she's enjoying it.

PeeS: Today is Star Wars Day! So... May the Fourth be with you. BOL!!!