Thursday, December 28, 2017

Happy howlidays!

We're BACK!! Momma swears that she's through the worst of playing with boxes and learning her new job, so she'll be able to post for us more often. We'll see! Fur now, we thought we'd share a few pics of our Christmas.

Of course, no Christmas would be complete without the obligatory dogs-in-silly-outfits photo. I lucked out this year -- all my stuff was still packed, other than my new Christmas collar. BOL! But poor Jessie -- Momma found a new dress for her, so she still had to wear it. HAH!

Aunt Gracie wore a Christmas scarf, which isn't too bad. She tried to shoot lasers at Momma anyway.

Then it was time to open presents!

Momma got a hippopotamus for Christmas! 

And we snuggled a lot in our PJs. (Well, Momma's PJs.)

Time fur a fancy brunch with Grandma and Grandpa. We didn't get to eat at the table OR have any of the mimosas, but we still got a special meal!

Then more snuggling. It was EXHAUSTING!

We had to come home just to get some rest. What an exhausting howliday -- but a grreat one! Jessie got a ribbiting frog toy that she is absolutely NUTS about, and I got a whole box of meatballs just fur me! We hope Santa Paws was nice to all of you too. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Howliday traditions

Today is the Blogville Holiday Traditions bloghop, where we can all share the traditions that make up our howliday season!

This year I've thought a lot about howliday traditions, because we've had one of the most UNtraditional Christmases imaginable. We don't even have a tree or any decorations up at the house! Because we moved to our new house right in the middle of December and Momma has been packing and unpacking our entire house, we haven't put up anything or done most of our usual traditions. BUT there is one that we'll follow every year, no matter what!

This is Momma's favorite version of A Christmas Carol, and that's her favorite Christmas story of all. Usually we watch it while Momma decorates the tree, but this year she pulled it out all on its own and we watched it curled up together on the couch. That was just fine by me! Then on Christmas Eve, when we all go to sleep, Momma will read A Christmas Carol in bed while Jessie and I snuggle her. It's the bestest tradition.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

That's my man!

Hi everybody, Jessie here! At least Mr. Mailman knows where our new house is, because guess what I gots??

Sniff sniff....OMD, it smells like my man Stanley!! 

Yup, it was a package from my handsome Stanley with my Christmas present! I feel so bad, I just sent him a card this year. But you don't think he minds, do you?

 Look at all these grreat things in my stocking!! I can only have certain treats because of my kidney problems, so Stanley specially picked out these tater fries just for me. And I've been playing with my new toy ever since unwrapping him! But Momma is being SELFISH and insists that those Crisp Kringles are for her. Hello, whose name was on the package AND the card?! HMPH.

Thank you so much Stanley, I love everything! And I love you! <3 <3 <3

Your girl,

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wordy Wednesday: We MOVED!

You read that right -- we MOVED! We're all settled in our new house. Well, Momma's still unpacking, but Jessie, Pigeon, and I have our comfy couch, our beds, our food, and our toys. So we're happy!

Furst, while Jessie and I hung out at Auntie's, Momma signed a whole bunch of paper and got the keys to our new house!

Her next move was to pack up Pigeon and take HER down to the new house. Pigeon says she hasn't been in the car that long in YEARS -- since before we even moved into our last house! But she was very chill while Momma drove, then she got to settle into a nice room all to herself.

Some nice guys came and packed up our ENTIRE house onto a truck! Can you believes it all fit? AND they didn't miss any of our toys. PHEW!

After that, it was just a matter of sitting back and relaxing! Well, and Momma played with boxes a whole lot. She's STILL playing with them, can you believe it?

We'll show you pictures of the insides of the house after Momma's done playing with boxes. Until then, I think we're settling in just fine!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017

Hard to sleep

I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night. It's all Momma's fault. Just as we were going to sleep, she said, "It's your last night in this house, guys."

...WHAT?! I mean, as soon as I thought about it, it made sense. Today we're going down to Auntie's house, and we'll stay there for a couple of days while Momma finishes everything on buying our new house. Then after the movers finish moving all our stuff, she'll pick us up and bring us to our NEW house. That's pretty pawesome, but leaving our old house behind is still kinda sad. After all, this is where I met my momma...

Where I learned all about crate training...

Where I played with my sissy Cinderella....

Where I (slowly) became friends with my kitty siblings.

Where we welcomed all sorts of foster siblings on their way to furever homes...

Where I wrestled lots with My Boy...

Where we celebrated all sorts of howlidays!

Where we learned all about being part of the Blogville community, getting packages and going out on dates and beating Momma in the Christmas card count!

Where I got my first experience with snow...

Where we said goodbye to Cinderella...

And then to Scribbles....

But said hello to Jessie!

Where we just chilled out...

 And goofed off!

Yup, this place is where we've been a family, and that's what makes it so special!

Here's looking forward to many NEW memories in our new house!