Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dog of the Day

Howdy, folks! Why don't you pull up a chair and sit a spell, while I tell you 'bout this here dog of the day! Sheriff Toby's the name, and keeping order 'round his foster home is his game!

He's a tough cowpoke, but he's got a soft side too. He likes to snuggle with his foster parents, and he knows how to take it easy. At 3-5 years old, he's had lots of time to learn some manners and learn it's more fun to snuggle sometimes than to run around everywhere at full speed.

But don't worry, he's still got lots of energy and playfulness in him too!

What Toby would like the most is a home of his own to patrol and a forever family to snuggle up to. If you're interested in Toby, check out Legacy Boxer Rescue today!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mercy's story

Hi there! My name is Mercy. I used to have another name, but I don't like to think about that now. See, after giving more than eight loyal years to my family, they brought me to a place called an animal shelter. I don't know why they brought me there, and I heard the shelter workers saying they were full and could do something called eu-tha-nize me any time. But my family just left me there anyway! I was so sad, and really scared! I missed my family, there were no soft beds to snuggle on or toys to play with, and all the other dogs were really loud! Sometimes the shelter workers would come and take one of the other dogs away and not bring them back. I hope they went some place nice, but the shelter workers seemed so sad...

But then yesterday things got all better! The nice lady came back to see me. She came by on Saturday and played with me and snuggled me and said I was beautiful. All the things a girl likes to hear! She said she was with a boxer rescue group and would try to find me a new family. I like the sound of that! Then yesterday she came BACK! She knelt down in front of my kennel and said she'd found a new foster home for me!

I was so excited! A foster home of my own, where I can have soft beds to snuggle in, and toys to play with, and best of all a family to love me! The nice lady said I can stay with them until I find a forever family of my own. It may take a long time to find one, since a lot of people don't think about bringing a wonderful mature silver lady like me into their home, but I know my perfect family is out there!

I even found a cute new friend! I got to hang out with my new friend Casey and his sister Cinderella before I went to my foster home. I think he's really cute! And he let me write up a blog post all my own. Isn't that nice of him?

So thank you, Legacy Boxer, for taking me out of that scary place and giving me a loving home to take care of me until I can find my furever family. And furever family, if you're reading this, please come find me soon! I can't WAIT to meet you!

Friday, February 18, 2011

My favorite job!

Do you know the best part of writing a blog about a dog rescue? Let me give you a hint.

This is Stevie.


Yup, the best part of my job is when one of my awesome cousins finds their very own furever home with one of our wonderful LBR adopters. I know they're wonderful, because we choose every one with care. Well, let's just let Stevie show you all about it.

This is Bevo, Stevie's new brother. At first, he really wasn't sure what to make of her.

But before long, they were best buds!

Stevie says she loves the soft, cozy beds at her new home, and all the fun toys she gets to play with! (Look, her brother is even sharing. That's nice of him. When MY sister plays with toys, I run up and grab them from her!)

But Stevie's favorite part of her new home is snuggling with her new mom! Her mom was looking for a snuggler, and she sure found one. Stevie is happy as can be, and so's her new family! Welcome home, Stevie!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bella the Boxer, who is a blogger friend of my buddy and LBR Alumni Cubby, has written a book called Secrets of a Working Dog: Unleash Your Potential and Create Success. Her book is chock-filled with tips, tricks and tales to help humans work smarter and be happier. Bella’s book will appeal to anyone who loves dogs, but boxer people in particular will relate to her silly (and mischievous) sense of humor.

Nothing makes Bella happier than using her book to help other boxers in need, which is why she is partnering with Legacy Boxer Rescue. For every paperback book sold directly from her website, Bella will donate $8 to Legacy Boxer Rescue. She’ll personalize and “pawtograph” it for you, too! The book makes an excellent gift and costs just $19.95 which includes free shipping (in the U.S.). She also donated some books to the silent auction.

Here are the details: Order the paperback book directly from Bella’s website ( Unfortunately, they can’t track e-Book sales or sales made on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You’ll be directed to a PayPal page where you can place your order. Before you checkout, make sure to enter “LEGACY BOXER RESCUE” in the field marked “Promotional Codes or Offers.” That’s it! Bella will make sure that 40% of your purchase order, or $8 for every book sold, will go directly to Legacy Boxer Rescue. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact Bella (or her humans, Ellen or Patrick) at

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Do you see the relief in Hamlet's eyes? We just heard back from the vet about that horrible growth removed from his tail. It turned out it was 1.5 pounds!! And the more important news... yes, it was a Grade II MCT (bad) buuuuuuut he had clean margins on the removal! Yaaaay!!! Now Hamlet can start the tough job of looking for his perfect furever home.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So did you watch the dog show? We had a Westminster party here, and my mom, my sister Cinderella, and I all settled in to cheer on my cousin Scarlett! She was rated the very best boxer at the show, which everyone knows is the REAL "best in show" category.

It was only fair of her to give the other dogs a chance and let another dog win the Working Group. We're proud of you for representing our great breed, Scarlett!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good news!

Here's my buddy Hamlet recovering at his new foster home. That yucky growth has been removed. We're waiting for the lab results, but our wonderful vet thinks that he got everything. YAY!!! And he even has a little bit of a tail left over.

Things are going to be great from here on out, buddy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Power of the Paw!

Hey, folks, my buddy Hamlet here could use some good vibes from the Power of the Paw!

This is Hamlet. Isn't he handsome? He's also a very lucky guy, because he just got rescued yesterday by a wonderful LBR volunteer! He has a new foster mommy who already loves him very much, but he isn't home with her yet. He was taken straight to the vet, and here's why.

My mom screamed when she saw that horrible growth on poor Hamlet's tail. :( I didn't even know that could happen! We've all been praying for no cancer, because it's going to be pretty much impossible to get clean margins on a tumor like that. Hamlet went to see an LBR vet today, and he said that there are some mast cells (boo!!), but he thinks everything can be fixed by amputating the tail. They're going to do it today, so Hamlet could really use some positive vibes from everyone. I want him to know how loved he is by his new LBR family already!
Get well soon, Hamlet!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dog of the Day

Hi there! No, I haven't been slacking at all, but my mom/typist has been just awful about finding the time to let me update! Good help is hard to find. Sheesh. But we're back! How about celebrating with a gorgeous new Dog of the Day?


Drake is an incredibly awesome dog who my mom loves to snuggle with at pet fairs. She says he's one of the best kissers she's ever met! (I may start to get jealous.) He loves to cuddle up with his people and snuggle all day.

But why try telling you about him myself? Here he is in his own words...

"Yes, I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne. I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon and cut through all this red tape." Okay, so I don't really like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain. But, I'd really like to meet you! Please help me find my forever home! I am crate-trained and house-trained. I'm dog-friendly - heck, who wouldn't love a handsome guy like me?

While most boxers have selective hearing, it is important to note that my hearing abilities far exceed that of most boxers, as I can't hear anything - I am completely deaf! Please don't let that piece of information scare you. You could call me Drake, or you could call me something else totally different if you would like. I know some sign language and hand signals, and would really like a fur-brother or sister and a family who is anxious to help me learn more! My foster brother and sister, Zeke & Alabama, say that I can be rather loud when I’m in my crate. But hey, when you’re getting ready to stand-in for Smokey Robinson during an upcoming concert series, you need to know that practice makes perfect. No apartments for me if you want to have happy neighbors!

I think I'd like a forever home with one or two humans, maybe more, just no humans under age 10 - I have heard that some young-uns have a hard time communicating with me. It only took a few days for my foster dad to realize that I need to see his face when he talks to me, so I can pick up on his body language and hand signals. I'd also like to have a fur-brother or sister (maybe both?). He or she will help me adapt to my new surroundings, and it will be easier for you to let me know that I need to come inside if I'm busy romping around in the yard. Because I can't hear, sometimes I get startled easily, especially when I'm concentrating on the food in my bowl. My foster dad says there is an easy solution...just feed me in my crate!

I make a great armrest, so long as you'd like to give me a massage. At my foster dad's house, I get to spend time with Alabama and Zeke in a nice fenced backyard. He watches us when we go outside, just to make sure I come in when he calls for my buddies. I check on my foster dad a lot if we’re not in the same room – I want to make sure I know where to find him if Alabama or Zeke are getting into something they shouldn’t. I love, love, love squeaky toys and tug-of-war, and I am good about sharing my toys. I walk great on a loose leash and I would love to help introduce you to people in the neighborhood - perhaps a trip to Petco is in order? Please let me show you what an awesome boxer I am!"

Doesn't this amazing guy deserve a forever home of his own? If you're interested in meeting Drake, check out today!