Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter from LBR!

We chased those silly bunnies but good! Now the Easter Boxers are here!

 LBR Keeper Alouette



LBR alum Hooch 

LBR foster Milka 

LBR alum Schumie 

LBR foster ZsaZsa

LBR foster Shamrock sez, "Hoppy Easter everybunny!"

And of course, a very hoppy Easter from me and Cinderella.

I am not a happy bunny.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Snuggle Saturday

Happy Snuggle Saturday, everyone! I hope everyone is resting up to catch that big bunny that's coming for a visit tomorrow. Here are some LBR dogs cozying up for the weekend.

LBR alum Andi 


LBR foster Azara 

LBR alum Jessica 

LBR alum Jacobia 

 LBR foster Shamrock

LBR foster Carney 

LBR alum Stark

I hope you find someone to snuggle with and enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nurse Casey

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday. Yes, I had to put on my Nurse Casey hat because my silly momma let one of those bugs catch her. She kept sniffling and coughing and acting like she felts SO bad to try to get my sympathy. But I am stern and hard and unmoved.

It's SO hard making humans take care of yourself. Do you know she tried to still goes to work?! "I have work to do, Casey," she sez. "I'm going to get behind, Casey," she sez. HAH! Get your behind on the couch and stayz there! I may need to call in extra help for this one...

No worries, with Cinderella and I on duty, Momma will be all better in no time! Thanks for all your pawsitive vibes.

PeeS: Today is my good furiend Mayzie's FOURTH Gotcha Day!! Head on over to her wild pawty to wish her a happy day!

Monday, March 25, 2013


I'm trying to channel vibes from my buddy here, LBR foster Branson. We're all hoping for summer, but it was 32 degrees here this morning! Brrrrr. What happened to an early spring??

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snuggle Saturday

Time for another wonderful snuggly Saturday with the pups of LBR! Find a cozy bed or couch and a buddy to snuggle with, and enjoy your weekend!

LBR foster Niko, Barkley, and LBR alum Audrey 

 LBR foster Pink and LBR alum John

Layla and LBR foster Macie

LBR foster Herschel and Georgia

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Play time!

It's a beeYOUtiful spring day. Let's enjoy being outside and PLAY!

 LBR alum Sky

LBR alum Sync 

LBR alum Aero 

LBR alums Ferdinand, Zoe, and Dexter

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Falkor Memorial Fund

Yesterday was a GRREAT day for Legacy Boxer Rescue! We celebrated our 9th birthday with a blowout bash on Facebook. Our Pack Leader, Auntie Sharon, shared stories all day about some of the memorable dogs in LBR's history. We set up a birthday wish-list on Amazon, and our amazing fans gifted us with 1 Freedom No-Pull Harness, 18 Gecko toys, 4 Rubber toys, 5 blue collars, 5 blue leashes, 22 Bowls and 6 42" crates for our fosters! How cool is that?

We also used yesterday as a fundraiser for a very impawtant new project -- the Falkor Fund.

I'm sure many of you remember poor little Falkor, who came into LBR's heart just last week but left a big impression! He was horribly sick and emaciated. LBR tried to save him, and we set up a donation link to raise money for his care. Sadly, Falkor was too far gone to save, and he passed away at our vet's office. But his memory lives on!! At the urging of our fans, we've left open his fundraiser and turned it into the Falkor Memorial Fund! We will use it to help LBR care for more dogs like Falkor, the ones who've been abandoned by everyone and need extra help to find their legacy of love. As of last night, the Falkor Memorial Fund has $6,838.00!  LBR's fans rock, and I know the Falkor Fund will allow us to keep saving lots of amazing dogs!!

We will be leaving the Falkor Fund open for donations. You can go here to contribute.

Monday, March 18, 2013

What a special day!!

Today is Legacy Boxer Rescue's ninth birthday! That's right, nine years of preserving legacies, one dog at a time. LBR is taking a look back in time at some of their most memorable fosters on their Facebook page, so be sure to check it out! LBR also put together a little Amazon wish list for their birthday, in case you were wanting to get something. :)

There are lots of beautiful boxer babies that LBR has saved over the years. They'll be talking all about it over on Facebook, and I wasn't even there for lots of them, so I'll just mention one very special rescue that I'm so grateful for.

My life was sad and hot and miserable and itchy before you came along, LBR. You saved my life, and you did it without asking anything in return. Your volunteers are so dedicated to the beautiful boxers in their care. I know you go through lots of bad stuff trying to help us and can get sick and disillusioned at seeing all the bad things in life.

But you all say that seeing a scared, sick boxer with nowhere to go turn into a happy, bouncy, beloved member of a family is all the reward you need. Well, it's a pretty big reward for us too!!

Happy 9th birthday, LBR! Thank you for saving me, and thank you for saving so many of my boxer cousins over the years. Here's to 9 and 99 more years!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The pups at LBR would like to wish everyone a very happy St. Patrick's Day! Go have some green beer and go boxer-wild!


 LBR alum Hooch

LBR foster Milka 

 LBR alum Bonsai

 LBR foster Napoli

LBR foster Schumie

LBR foster Jewel
 And of course, Cinderella and I wish you a very happy St. Pat's. Erin go bragh!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Foster, um, Saturday

Hi dere, everyones! Dis is Jewel! I is an LBR foster dog, looking for my furever family. And dis week I've been SO lucky, because I gots to stay with Casey and Cinderella while my foster family was away on Spring Break!

I is gonna gloat SO hard once I gets home!

See? We've been having lots of fun!! Casey pawmised me at the beginning of the week that he'd let me do the Foster Friday post. But den he remembered dat Friday was Pip & Puddles Day PLUS Stuart and Ranger's barkday pawty, so he said I could post on Saturday instead. Dat's okay by me, 'cause I still hads to figure out what to say!

I thoughts and thoughts and thoughts about it.

Dis is mah thinking pose.

I was starting to gets worried, because I couldn't thinks of anything to say!

See? Blank inside. Tragic.

I looked everywhere for inspiration.

Any inspiration down here?

But nope, nothing!

When is dat post due again, Casey?

What's a grrl to do?

Dis is mah worried face.

But den Casey said to just be myself! Well... dat's easy, really. I know how to be me better dan anybody else in da whole worlds! Casey's a really smart guy sometimes.

I should've asked Casey sooner instead of worrying. I might've given myself a gray furs!

So here's me. I is a silver belle, as you can see, which means I gots beauty AND experience. I is about eight years old and the pawfect dog. No, really! I likes kids. I likes other doggies, big or small. I even likes kittehs! I likes to snuggle right up with all of them. I is housebroken and I'm super-sweet in my crate. I go right in when Casey's Momma asks me to and just wag my little nub for the treat I KNOW is coming. I'm even so good on a leash that Casey's Momma will walk me right with Casey and Cinderella, 'cause she knows I'll behave!

Dere's some really pawsome peemail down here, btw.

What I wants more dan anything in the whole world is to find a furever family of my very own. I knows dey're out there somewhere. Dey may not know dey're looking for me yet, but dey WILL! MAYBE dey'll even read this post and realize what dey've been missing!!

Dey've been missing me, Jewel.

So okay, furever-family-to-be, if you're out dere, I'm VERY ready to go homes with you. I will give you lots and kisses, play with you whenever you want, go on long walkies together, and snuggle up next to you all night. I will be a very good girl, and we will be very happy together! So stop wondering if I'm really talking about you, because you KNOWS I am! Just go here to fill out an application with LBR and say you wants JEWEL to be your furever dog.

 I'll be waiting!