Thursday, June 28, 2018

Truthful Thursday

Really, Momma?

You were just running late at work, that's all? Hmmmm, let's see what the sniff test tells us.

 Uh-huh. Let's work on honesty from now on, Momma. I always know.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Matilda Monday

This is Matilda and her foster sister. Her foster momma sent us an update this morning. Look at that double head tilt!

Matilda has her furst vet visit this afternoon, so cross your paws all goes well! Momma says other than being too skinny, she looks super healthy. I'm ready for her to get here. Blogging is severely cutting into my naptime!


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Selfies

Well, Angel Casey sure has been working extra hard since he went to the Bridge. He couldn't rest until he found another pup to watch after Momma. He knew it's too much work for one kitty to handle! And this is what he sent us!

Momma wasn't sure if she wanted to foster again or just adopt, so she started looking on both lists with LBR. And one particular face called to her. It turned out, when she contacted LBR Foster Sookie's foster mom, she's one of only three volunteers who lives in our new hometown!! Momma arranged to come by for a visit. Sookie is supposedly pretty shy at furst -- she took a few passes through the living room to eyeball Momma from afar and try to figure out who she was. But then Angel Casey gave her that nudge and she came wiggling over right to Momma's lap and started licking her ear, just like Casey always did!! So I guess I have a new sister.

Momma said that Sookie has some vet issues to deal with, so she's not going to come live with us until right after the Fourth. She's going to come for a little visit next weekend so WE can meet. She lives with a cat at her current foster home AND was around them before she was surrendered to LBR. I'm thinking that Angel Jessie was watching out for ME and wants to make sure I have a real sissy again to cuddle with. I'm so excited to meet her, and I know she's going to be just what this house needs.

"Sookie" just didn't seem to fit her, though. Momma looked at her face and immediately knew, "Her name is Matilda." So say hello to Matilda, or Tildy for short! We can't wait to introduce her around Blogville!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The best day of the year!

It's International Box Day! This is it, the day we cats spend all year waiting for!

So find your box, hop in, and be an honorary kitty for the day!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Lost wisdom

There are no new pictures this week, but here's an older picture of all I did this weekend.

It was HARD work, let me tell you! Momma for some reason decided that she wanted to be less wise. Aren't humans weird? Anyway, she went to a mouth doctor, and he pulled out her wisdom teeth! I had to cuddle and nurse her all weekend. I told her to stop being such a baby, though -- she only had four teeth out. Remember when angel Cinderella had fourteen teeth pulled?! Sheesh. Humans.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Not a baby anymore

We have a special guest star today. Some of the long-time readers will remember Baby Austin, a pup born into LBR's care who was very beloved by all LBR's members. Casey was his honorary uncle! Here's Momma with Baby Austin in 2012 and 2013, at LBR's Mums & Roses event.

Well, you wouldn't believe how old our little baby has gotten! This is him last week, celebrating his sixth birthday!

We love seeing stories like Baby Austin and their forever homes, thanks to the magic of LBR!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Casey Houdini Westerfeld

It's been exactly a month since Casey went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I realized I never put up a final photo tribute of him. It still doesn't seem real that he's gone. I hesitate when people ask me if I have pets, because I still want to say that I have dogs but I don't right now. It's a strange situation. I'm planning on starting to look at the Boxers in Need page for dogs that need foster homes after June is over. I don't know if I'll be willing to take one yet, but I'm hoping that seeing faces of dogs who need me will help spur me over the hump. Whatever new ones I take in, I know I'll love and make many new memories with. But none of them will be quite like Casey.

Casey got off to a rough start in life. He belonged to a hoarder who kept him in the house when he was a cute little puppy, then abandoned him to a grassless, shadeless backyard in the merciless Texas sun when he was a little older. He was about a year old when pulled by Legacy Boxer Rescue and in dire need of help!

Luckily a loving foster home took him home and got him healthy again. Even more luckily, no one else fell in love with him for those five longs months he was in foster care. I don't know how they couldn't just adore his sweet face and serious personality, but maybe he was just waiting for me.

My first picture of Casey, the night we met

Casey had a solemn face with beautiful, soulful eyes.

But he had his sweet and goofy side too. He was SO good about playing dress-up for me, mostly because he knew he'd get lots of treats and attention for his fun costumes!

He was a wonderful brother, foster and forever! He had a way of making all the dogs who came to our house feel right at home. And he and Cinderella and he and Jessie had very special relationships together that always made me smile.

He loved his humans too, especially his Boy!

But his favorite place to be, no matter what was going on, was by my side. He was my little Velcro dog and went with me everywhere we could manage it. He was the best snuggler, and I've never known a better dog about sleeping peacefully in the bed with me.

 He was my best friend, the man in my life, my soulmate. There will never be another like him.