Friday, September 27, 2013

Good news!

My buddy Patches had his appointment with the specialist yesterday to see why his heart was so big.

It's because he's so loved, of course!

The good news is, although he has heart disease, he isn't in heart failure and doesn't need any medication! He has leaky valves in his heart, but they still work. He has a little tumor in his heart, and that's probably the reason he had his collapse a few weeks ago. But otherwise it's not interfering with things, so we're just going to monitor it and make sure he's still doing okay. He won't have to go back to the dogtor to check on it for six whole months, so they're confident he's doing okay for now.

PHEW!!!! What a relief to his worried foster family -- and his whole family here at LBR!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Power of the Paw for Patches!

Blogville, can you do me a very special favor? I need the biggest Power of the Paw you can summon for my buddy Patches! He had been improving a lot in his foster home, but at his latest vet appointment he'd lost two pounds. They did an x-ray to check on him, and his heart is twice the size it should be. :(  Having a big heart is a grreat thing figuratively, but not so hot fur real. He's going to see a specialist on Thursday to see why his heart is enlarged and if it's something we'll be able to fix or maintain. His foster family is so so worried about him and just want him to be all better. So please cross your paws and send those vibes Patch Man's way!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

A very special pawty

This sure was a FUN-packed weekend! Wags & Waves was Saturday, and if you haven't seen all my pawesome pictures of it yet, go check here! But Saturday was another very special day too. It was my sissy's 12th birthday!! Yes, Cinderella is almost a teenager.

She doesn't look a day over 10!

So what do you do when Cinderella has a birthday? You have a big pawty, of course!! Momma and I even stopped on our way home from Wags & Waves to pick up a pupcake just for her!

So on Sunday we invited a few of our friends over for the pawty! Cinderella and I loved seeing the visitors and really got into the spirit of things.

Even my kitty sister Pigeon decided to get into the spirit, but I think she looks a little traumatized.

Then we lit the candles and sang Happy Barkday to Cinderella! She licked at the icing while Momma blew out the candles. :)

Oh dawg, was that cake YUMMY too!! It was carob and peanut butter, and Cinderella and I devoured it. Om nom nom. Then we spent some time hanging out with our guests.

This is my boy. He comes to visit me, even if it's Cinderella's birthday.

Auntie Kristen showed Cinderella how to play with her new toys.

Cinderella had lots of fun, and she got presents too!! (She told me I can play with them. Maybe.)

Happy barkday to my sweet, sweet sissy. I loves you very much!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wags & Waves!

Oh boy, guys, you'll never guess how much FUN I had yesterday!!! Want a hint of what I was doing?

Handsome guy in a life jacket. Safety first!

Yup! It was time for our annual trip to the waterpark! Wags and Waves 2013, here we come!! 

Never quite sure what to make of this "water" stuff at first.

Wags & Waves is a day when a local waterpark opens its doors to we canine citizens just before shutting down for the season. A bunch of local rescues work together to run the event, including Legacy Boxer Rescue. Lots of LBR alums come out for the day to splish splash our little hearts at.

Can't stop, Momma, it's play time!

It's time for my action shots!

Momma and I had such a fun time! We splished and splashed and ran all around the play area. I don't like the weird spots where the water goes really deep and you have to (gulp) swim, but I love love loves it when I can run around and splash in the water. Wheeeeeee!!!!!!

I believe I can flyyyyyyy!

We had a grreat time! I couldn't do anything but sleep the whole drive home. Oh boy oh boy! I think I'll need to start sleeping already to prepare for next year!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Avast, me hearties! Listen well! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Of course, some of us don't just be actin' like pirates for a holiday. Some of us be TRUE pirates and show it all the time!

So from Long John Casey and First Mate Momma, happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Now give me a big ARRRRRRRR or you'll walk the plank!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Patch Man

Sorry I've been quiet for a bit, guys! I've been busy patrolling the house and keeping an eye on all of my Legacy cousins. We've had a couple of hard cases lately, and I wanted to make sure they were doing okay. I want everyone to say hello to my buddy Patches.

Now, he may look pretty bad there, but he's actually doing a LOT better than when we first got our paws on him! He and his two sisters all had really bad cases of mange, a skin infection where you lose your furs and get all itchy and yucky. I had mange when LBR first found me, and it's no fun at all! Patches had the worst case of the three, PLUS they were all really emaciated, and he had a big nasty sore on his hip that we don't know where it's from. Here he is when he first came to his foster home.

As you can tell, he definitely has a long way to go! He's one medication for his mange and is getting lots of food to put some meat on his bones. And lots of baths! I wouldn't enjoy that last one, but I remember how good nice, gentle baths and massages felt when I was getting over mange and had all that yucky flaky skin, so I know Patches is really enjoying it.

Patches has settled into his foster home and really loves his foster daddy. As you can see, the feeling is mutual! His foster parents call him "Patch Man," and he loves following his foster daddy wherever he goes. This weekend, they watched lots of football, and Patch got to share the popcorn!

 Keep your paws crossed that Patch keeps recovering and gets all healthy and furry again. But I don't think you have to worry about whether he'll find himself a furever home. Something tells me he might already be there. :)

PeeS: Don't worry about Patches's sisters! They got saved too. They're just with another rescue. Here they are getting their ride to freedom.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun Updates!

Sometimes I tell some sad stories about LBR pups. I thought I'd give a few updates today on some of our recent stories so you can see what grreat work Legacy Boxer Rescue does!

Furst, what about Miss Anna Belle? She came to LBR a skeered little girl about to have her puppies in a shelter. She was still a puppy herself, only 9 months old, and didn't want to be a momma! But she had her beeYOUtiful babies and is being a grreat momma to them. Once they're in their own foster homes, she'll get her spay so she never has to go through that again. In the meantime, she's getting occasional breaks from motherhood to meet the other dogs in the house and remember what it's like to be a puppy herself.

What about Celestina and Luna, the Parvo Princesses? Our dogtor gave them only a 50% chance of surviving Parvo when we pulled them from the shelter, and Luna especially was very sick. But they fought back and recovered SO well! They're almost finished with their 30-day quarantine, and as you can see, they're ready to start meeting other dogs!

Pretty little Dolce, our starved baby, is settling in nicely at her foster home! She's gained lots of weight already, and she's learning what comfort it like.

And finally, Harper! Harper was also starved and hurt her leg, but LBR has been nursing her back to health! She eats like a champ, and she's been regaining her boxer spirit.

Woohoo, LBR!! You rock!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pet Memorial Day

Did you know that today is Pet Memorial Day? It's a chance for pet parents to think back on the pets that are waiting for them at the Rainbow Bridge. So today is dedicated to my sweet angel aunts, Kaitlin and Nina.

This is my aunt Kaitlin. She was Momma's last dog while she lived with Grandma and Grandpa. They got her when she was just 3 months old, when Momma was in high school, and she went to the Rainbow Bridge when she was almost 14 years old. She was a very sweet and smart girl. Momma likes to talk about how she was housebroken in less than a week. She was also very dainty. She always walked on pavement if she could manage, or on nice trimmed lawns. She'd go out of her way not to walk on regular ground. If Momma wanted to keep her off the couch or an area, she'd just put up a single strip of Scotch tape, and Aunt Kaitlin wouldn't disturb it!

Aunt Kaitlin loved her tennis balls more than anything else. She would chase and chase and chase it as long as anyone would throw it for her. Momma used to take her to the park they lived by and throw the ball from the top of a huuuuuuge hill. Kaitlin would go running down it full speed and then charging back up with her ball held proudly. She also loved to swim, whether it was in a pool or a lake or the ocean. Momma said Aunt Kaitlin always snuggled with her whenever she'd go back for a visit. She was a wonderful dog, and Momma loved her very much.

This is Aunt Nina. And guess what?? She's not just my aunt, she's my cousin too 'cause she's a Legacy boxer! After Grandma and Grandpa mourned Aunt Kaitlin, they decided they wanted to meet a white boxer from LBR. Nina won my grandma's heart in a second, and she was a very spoiled little girl. She loved Momma the best, even though Momma didn't live there at all, and snuggled with Momma whenever we came to visit. She liked me a whole lot too! We played and played and played. Sadly, Grandma and Grandpa had her for less than a year when she suddenly developed leukemia and went to the Rainbow Bridge. Momma still misses her a lot.

I couldn't let a Pet Memorial Day go by without mentioning Pumba. He's the only one of our foster dogs who's gone to the Bridge so far. He was a huge guy but thought he was a lap dog and loved to snuggle with Momma as much as he could. He didn't like other dogs very much, though, and we had our disagreements. He had a lovely forever home that loved him very much, but sadly we had to help him to the Bridge when he started getting aggressive towards humans as well as pups. Momma held him the whole time until he was gone. We miss him a lot.

I know that you're all having so much fun up at the Rainbow Bridge, but I hope you know how much we miss you down here! We love you!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's Date Day!

 Woohoo, I'm so excited! Today is Date Day/Night in Blogville. Thanks, Sarge, for hosting such a grreat event!

I was a little nervous when this day was first announced, because I wasn't sure what I would be doing for it. But I'm SO SO lucky! I have a date with the beeYOUtiful Miss Hazel from the Idaho Pug Ranch!

Doesn't she have a pretty smile?? I was really nervous about planning the pawfect day for her. See, most of my dates have been to events like a Valentine's Ball, so I've never had to plan the whole thing. Gulp. Right, well, first step is to look spiffy. At least I know I have that one down pat!

Cinderella was ready to give me lots of advice about how to get ready and how to treat a lady right. Sheesh, sis, I've got it! Now it's time to go pick up my date! A dog's got to have a grreat right to pick up his girl, right? (Especially going all the way from Texas to Idaho!)

Okay, I won't lie. It was more than a little intimidating ringing Hazel's doorbell and having to face her brother. I'm usually on the other side of that!! I had to assure Bailey over and over that my intentions were pure. Yikes! Finally I was struck dumb by the sight of  suavely picked up my beeYOUtiful date and we were ready to go!!

So what do you do when you take a gawjuss gal like this out? Well, you have to plan just the right activities! And I know the one thing that will please my girl the most!

What girl doesn't love ice cream? We ordered the super-ginormous ice cream sundae, and she dove right in!

What to do next? Well, I figure the best way to have a fun date is to think about what's the most fun thing to do. And what could pawsibly be more fun than a walk in the park? So off we went!

We walked and walked and talked all about everything. We chased squirrels and chewed on some sticks, and OMD it was fabulous! But I had a surprise hidden up my collar. Hazel thought we were just walking, but then we came out into this beeYOUtiful clearing for a romantic little dinner.

She was so surprised! After it was over, we sat and watched the sunset together. <sigh> What a pawfect evening.

Finally, the end of the night was upon us. I escorted Hazel back to her door and -- well, I was a pawfect gentleman, of course, but let's let some things stay a little private!!

I can't speak for everyone, but Date Day was a big hit for me! Thanks for such a wonderful day. I couldn't have had a better date! I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hug Day!

Benny decided that today is Hug Day, and we all should post pics of us hugging or being hugged (or kissed!) by our peeps.

My first hug with Momma in our Gotcha Day picture!

Here's a full-body hug from my boy Neil!
 Just to let Cinderella get in on it, here she is getting a hug from our friend Miss Jessica.
A nice recent hug from Momma. She can't stay away from me, you know!

Enough of that! I want in on the fun too. Love you, Momma!

What do you think?? I think we nailed it. :)