Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Puppy update, and a Celebration of Tongues!

First, an update! Remember the puppies left in a box at Wal-Mart I told you about last week?  Well, they're in LBR foster homes now and doing grreat! Don't they look better?  Here's Marty on the left, and his big brother WallE on the right.  Aren't they adorable and tiny?!?!

Okay, now onto the funny! You may have noticed that we boxers are rather blessed in the tongue department. Tongues are wonderful things. You can give grreat big slobbery kisses with them, and use them to lick nummies out of Kongs or peanut butter jars, or just let it all flop out on a hot day. So in honor of pawsome boxer tongues, here's your photo shoot of the Tongues of LBR.

LBR alum Bonkers
LBR alum Coda

LBR alums Huey and Josi

  LBR foster Molly

LBR alum Nike

  LBR alum Odie

LBR alum Oakley

 LBR alum Timber

 LBR alum Windsor

 My sissy, LBR alum Cinderella

And of course, how could any tongue blog be complete without ME?!

LBR alum Casey 

Happy licking, everyone!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering on Memorial Day

Today I have a warm bed to sleep in, food and yummy treats to eat, toys to play with, and a mom to snuggle. Thank you to all the heroes, two-legged and four, who sacrifice to make sure we have all of that. We honor you on Memorial Day, but we love you every day!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Taking "Boxers" a little too far! Plus Frankie Friday

Okay, people, let me get something straight. Do you know why we're called "Boxers"? It's because we BOX with our front paws, just like my picture I showed you last week.  THIS is not why we're called boxers!

Can you believe these poor little guys? They were abandoned in a box at a Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday! Fortunately, somebody found them and took them to a shelter, and the shelter called LBR right away because they know Auntie Sharon is a sucker for a puppy LBR never turns down a boxer in need!

They're only 5-6 weeks old. Poor babies. Luckily they're pretty healthy, just a minor skin infection. They've got foster homes already, and pretty soon they'll be happy, healthy, and ready to find their furever homes!  Right now we're calling them Wally and Marty, BOL! They'll probably get new names when they go to their foster homes (they're at the v-e-t now), so I'll update you later with new names and new pics!

There's one other very important event today that I need to share with you.


Today Blogville is celebrating our esteemed mayor, Frankie Furter. Frankie was very welcoming to me when I started blogging, and I'm happy for everything he does for the residents of Blogville. I'm sending 87 boxer kisses to you today. Woohoo Frankie!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Save your money, Momma!

They were talking to the news this morning about a lady getting a DNA test to find out what breed her dog really was.  I told Momma not to waste her money on something like that for me.

I'm all boxer!  BOL!

Monday, May 21, 2012

I report, you decide!

Hey there, folks, Reporter Case-ster checking in with all of you for a very important news story. There's something I've reported on a few times in the past as part of my role as Boxer Ambassador, and it seems the problem just keeps recurring.

See, as a rescue group, Legacy Boxer Rescue doesn't just find new homes for dogs. We get dogs from somewhere, after all! So there are dogs surrendered to us and to shelters, and we hear all sorts of reasons for it. And one in particular really scares me -- apparently, boxers eat babies!  I know, I know, I could hardly believe it at first, but we hear all the time, "We just love Fuzzums so much, but we're having a baby and he has to go." Yup, there's no point even risking seeing how the dog handles the new arrival, because everyone knows it's just a matter of time before he starts eying that kid as a snack.

But then I started thinking -- where did this horrible plague come from? I mean, there aren't any baby humans at my house, but my Aunt Joni brings them to visit me a lot, and it's so much fun licking the crumbs off their hands and hearing them giggle when I play. And when they start to get older and can play with me, oh my dogness, it's so much FUN!!  So I've done an exhaustive survey of LBR fosters and alums to find out if this baby-eating plague is really so prevalent. And because I'm a completely non-biased, professional journalist, I'm not going to present a conclusion. I'm just going to give you the facts, and you decide.

Baby-eaters or baby sitters?

LBR foster Bernie -- bedtime stories or bedtime snack?
LBR alum Bo -- kisses or taste-testing?

 LBR foster Buttons -- is he helping with homework, or reading a recipe?

LBR alum Elka taking her children for a car ride, or picking up dinner?

LBR alum Harlee

LBR foster Heidi in a sneak attack

LBR alum Jake (He's the one on the right)

LBR foster Leddy keeping her boy warm . . . but for what purpose?

LBR alums Nike, Beau, and LeeBoy keeping close watch on their charge -- or their snack!

LBR alum Piper

LBR alum Rebel is not letting that baby out of her sight.

LBR foster Rosalie

LBR alum Tulip is starting young!

Well, there you have it! Only the highest journalistic standards from LBR, I promise! So what's your verdict? Is there any hope for boxers as family dogs, or should we just admit they're all baby-eaters after all?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Forging a truce . . . and a family!

I talk about my sissy Cinderella (Cindy Lou!) a lot, but did you know I have a kitty brother and sister too?

This is Scribbles. He's the oldest in the family -- he's almost 14! -- and kind of a grumpy old man sometimes. But he was Momma's very first furbaby on her own, after she moved out of Grandma & Grandpa's house, so he's very special. 

And this is Pigeon (or "Pidge"). She's very beautiful and sweet, but she's very skittish.

We had a bit of a problem when Momma first adopted me. See, boxers don't always get along with cats because we have a high prey drive. That means we like to chase things! Usually that's lots of fun, when we chase bunnies or birds or squirrels, but it's not so great when Momma wanted to have a boxer and not have her kitties eaten.  That's why she went to LBR in the first place, because she knew she could meet lots of boxers and find one that would get along with her kitties. So she got ME!!

Except, um, I spent the first few weeks like this:

Hmmmm.  The problem wasn't that I wanted to eat the kitties, of course. They were my new brother and sister, and I loved them right away! I wanted to tell them how much I loved them... which was the problem! And they just didn't want to give me a chance. <sigh>

Momma said she worked really hard to find a cat-friendly dog, but she didn't think about starting with dog-friendly cats!

"Come down? There's a dog down there!"

 But we worked really hard to get to know each other. I had to learn to listen to Momma about not running over to play with them, and they had to listen to Momma when she said, "Come on down, Casey's not going to eat you!"

Observe the self-control. Must. Not. Pounce!

 But you know what? After a while, it was worth it! Scribbles was the first to change his mind. He told me that he'd been boss of the household for a long time, and he wasn't going to let a silly dog ruin that! I don't mind if he thinks he's boss. I know Momma's really in charge, BOL! But we forged a truce and started hanging out to watch Animal Planet and stuff.

"Can you pass the popcorn, bro?"

Pigeon took a lot longer to convince. She spent about a year and a half after I first moved in hanging out on the cabinets! She finally started moving down closer, and finally she realized I'm not such a bad guy after all.

"I think you're a purrfect sister."

It's hard being siblings, especially when some of you are different species! But if you work really hard at it, it's SO worth it in the end!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A special welcome home, and nickname results

LBR welcomed a special friend to her furever home yesterday.

Baby Skittles is home with Auntie Sharon, LBR's Pack Leader. Auntie Sharon says, "She will have a special place on my desk and she will be a reminder to me, daily, of why I will keep doing what I do. Even when it hurts."

Every time I think I'm as proud as I can be of this group, something happens that makes me even prouder of them. <sniff> Welcome home, Skittles.


Now for the results of Sarge's Nickname Game

 You've all voted, and Cinderella and I have our new nicknames for next week.  It was kind of a blowaway victory for one of mine, but Cinderella had two names in a dead heat for a while and it came down to just one vote!

Anyway, for the next week, you're looking at...

Case-ster and Cindy Lou!

Thanks everyone for voting! We promise that we will go by these nicknames for an entire week! Sarge, I can't wait to hear how all of the rest of the voting goes!

Boxer burns,

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

PeeS: Don't forget to vote in the post below this for Sarge's Nickname Game! I'll count up all the votes that come in by midnight tonight. So far it looks like Case-ster is winning for me, but Ella Bella and Cindy Lou are in a dead heat!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The name game!

I decided to play my buddy Sarge's Name Game. The rules are simple -- I give you a list of all the different names my people call me, and y'all vote for your favorite. Then I'll go by JUST that name for a whole week! In return, I get entered into Sarge's drawing for PAWSOME prizes.

So here we go...

My full name is Casey Houdini Momma'slastnameshedoesn'twanttopostonline. I know, it's a mouthful! I sometimes get called:
- Casey
- Casey Man
- Casey Boy
- Casey Dog (Momma is not always creative!)
- Handsome Man (duh!)
- Case
- Case-ster
- Casey-Wasey
- Buddy Boy
- ADD (I don't know why she calls me tha-- ooh, squirrel!)

Not too many names, sorry.  But Momma said I could share my special song! She has a song for each of us, and she'll sing it to us sometimes. I love my song. Here goes. I bet you can figure out the tune!

"C-A-S-and an E-Y, he's my Casey Boy! Casey Boy (he's so smart)! Casey Boy (he's so sweet)! He really is the best dog in the world! C-A-S-and an E-Y, he's my Casey Boy!"

My sissy says she's tired of it always being about me, so she wants to enter too!

Her full name is Cinderella Louise Momma'slastnameshedoesn'twanttopostonline. And she sometimes gets called:
- Cinderella
- Ella
- Ella Bella
- Cinders
- Cindersoot
- Cindy
- Cindy Lou
- Cinderelly
- Princess

Here's Cinderella's song, to the tune of "Cinderelly" from the Disney movie.

"Cinderelly, Cinderelly, yes she is my Cinderelly! She's so pretty, she's so sweet! She really is a princess. Oh I love my girl, my Cinderelly!"

Okay, so you've got names AND songs! I think I've done my duty for Sarge's game. :)  So vote! I will close the voting tomorrow night and announce the winner on Thursday morning, then Momma promises to call us both by our elected names all week.

Thank you to everyone who sent the Power of the Paw to help Baby Skittles last night. I'm sad to say that she wasn't able to pull through. Her little body just wasn't strong enough. We're all very sad here. I don't understand how wonderful humans like my momma and Auntie Sharon can be the same species as those humans that let Skittles get into that kind of condition. She was only six weeks old. :(

We love you, Baby Skittles, and you'll always be part of the LBR family now! Learn how to do some boxer burns on the Rainbow Bridge!