Thursday, August 29, 2019

Tribble Thursday

Out of all my toys, my favorite right now is definitely my Tribble!

Momma named it that after some show she watched. I only will fetch a couple of my toys by name, but this is one of them. If I'm nosing around the toy bin, Momma says "Get your Tribble!" and I'll run off to where it is right away.

 Momma thought I'd rip him up real quick, but I love him too much for that. We spend a lot of quality time together, and I tell him all my secrets!

"Shh, don't tell Momma about the shoe!"
"My lips are sealed, Matilda! ...I don't have any lips anyway!"

What's your favoritest toy right now?

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

National Bow Tie Day

I'm not even attempting this one, guys. NO ONE could do bow ties like my great-brother Casey!

It's very appropriate that this day also falls on the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, when we remember all our angels on the Bridge. This is our favorite way to remember Angel Casey -- smiling and dashing! We bow our heads and remember all our angels this day.





You will always live in our hearts!!

Monday, August 26, 2019

It's exhausting!

OMD, why do humans always look forward to weekends? It is EXHAUSTING trying to keep them entertained for two whole days straight! Saturday was bad enough, but then on Sunday my extra special friend Patrick came just to see me (and maybe Momma) so I had TWO humans to entertained. I did my best, but by the end of the day I was just worn out. I fell asleep right in front of Momma with my toy still in my mouth. She watched, and I didn't move at ALL for thirty straight minutes. She had to watch my chest to make sure I was breathing.

When I finally woke up from there, it was just to stagger over to the couch and pass out again. What a tiring weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2019


We gots the news back about my chin bumpy biopsy, and it turns out it's just some kind of dermatitis. That's a skin condition caused by a skin parasite or maybe fleas or allergies. I'm going to take some meds first for the parasite, and if that doesn't help, we'll do some allergy tests. But it's nothing more serious. TOLD you so, Momma!

How DOES she do it??

You know, sometimes it's hard having a super-smart Momma. She has letters after her name and tells a bunch of lawyers and judges what they should be doing ALL the time. Which makes it hard on me at home. For example, I am SUPER DUPER REALLY GOOD at hiding. I can turn almost totally invisible when I gets into my pawfect hiding place. Squint REAL hard at this picture and see if you can find me. I know you can't!

But Momma finds me EVERY time!! Can you believes it?! All that edumacation of hers is the ONLY explanation. Sheesh. Anyone else cursed by smart peeps?

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tongue-out Tuesday

Hang on, Momma, I've gots a special picture for you just for today. Ready?

Close ME off with a baby gate, will ya?!

Monday, August 19, 2019

It looks better this way!

A few weeks ago, because I've been SO good and well behaved, Momma finally took the baby gate off the top of the stairs and let me wander the office upstairs. I have a whole extra toybox up there, so I loved being able to run up and down. But this weekend, the baby gate came back out. And it's all HIS fault.

Apparently when you've been quiet for too long, Mommas come to investigate, and when they find you giving a little makeover to something they had on a shelf, they get all upset about it.

I regrets nothing. But I'm trying to figure out how to get that baby gate back down!! So far I've been standing there and barking at it to try to intimidate it to fall over. Any other ideas?

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Momma remembered!

Phew, I'm not so worried anymore! Momma remembered to come back for me at the dogtor yesterday, AND she remembered to feed me! Thank goodness. I definitely gave her a stern talking-to about her memory when we got in the car.

It was kinda weird -- when I was at the dogtor, I felt really sleepy for a while. I think I must've fallen and scraped my chin, because it feels kinda weird and they had to give me some stitches.

The rest of the night, I just felt a little off and sleepy.

After Momma remembered to feed me dinner, we sat together on the couch. I propped my sore chin up on her foot, but I was so sleepy I kept sliding right off!

Today I feel pretty much back to normal. I hope I don't fall on my chin again, because that was weird!!

Update from the Momma: Matilda had a spot on her chin biopsied. They took samples from three places, and she got one tiny stitch in each spot. It doesn't seem to be bothering her at all, she's just sleepy! We'll have the biopsy results next week.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Getting furgetful

Folks, I'm kinda worried about Momma. She's getting pretty furgetful lately. Like this morning -- she furgot to feed me breakfast, and then she furgot me at the vet!!! Maybe I need to hire an assistant for us??

Note from the Momma: Matilda's having a bump on her chin biopsied today. It's probably nothing, but I'm a bit of a nervous nelly right now with my pets, so we're checking to be sure. Please cross your paws that all goes well!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Why so suspicious??

 Oh come on, Momma! I'm giving you some perfectly good tongue-out shots, and you're all suspicious now! Don't you TRUST me??

ba DUM... ba DUM....

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Innocent Tongue-Out Tuesday

 Yup, just a Tongue-Out Tuesday shot, Momma! Nothing at all to worry about.

 Tildy SHARK, do doo do do do do!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Belle of the ball

This weekend I gots the most AMAZING news from Momma! She told me that I had something very special to do. She was invited to something called a pool pawty . . . and they SPECIALLY invited me to go along!!

"Really Momma?!"

For some reason, Momma seemed a little nervous as we drove there. She reminded me about a MILLION times to behave and not jump on people and behave and be nice to the doggie who lived there and behave -- okay, okay, I gets it!!

Now, we don't have pictures of this pawt, because Momma was too nervous to bring her phone out. BUT . . . I was a HIT!!! As soon as I got there, I ran straight up to the nearest person to announce "I'm HERE!" and get petted. There were SO many people there, and every one of them wanted to pet me and fuss over me. A bunch of them were standing in this huuuuuuge water bowl, but I wasn't so sure about it. I'd go to the edge to let them pet me, but when they tried to encourage me to get in with them, I backed off. Don't they know you're not supposed to splash in your water bowl?

Anyway, I spent lots of time running from person to person, giving them plenty of attention. Summer, the doggie who lived there, and I sniffed at each other for a bit and chased each other around the yard a few times. But otherwise it was too interesting seeing all the people to waste time with a DOG. It was so exciting!! By the time they brought the food out, I was too tired to even remind them how much I also enjoy cheeseyburgers. I just sprawled out by Momma and let her give me bits of cheese.

All in all, Momma said I was definitely the belle of the ball! All I know is I had LOTS of fun, and Momma doesn't need to remind me so many times to behave next time!