Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dog of the Day -- Adopted!!

Why does Alyce Ann look so smug? Because this former Dog of the Day star has found herself her very own furever home! Alyce took her time and picked out the exactly perfect home for her, and she couldn't be happier. Neither could the rest of us!

Yaaaaaay Alyce!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Smell mail!

Oooh, pet fair! LBR holds pet fairs twice a month, and Mom always comes home smelling SO interesting. She won't let me come along -- she says everyone will cry when they realize I'm not available for adoption -- but she always brings me lots of smell mail so I can learn what went on.

Apparently my friend Alyce Ann put on a little fashion show. It's hard to find fashions that fit real-sized dogs like boxers, but Alyce says this fits and will keep her toasty warm this winter!

This is my buddy Ozzy, making his pet fair debut! He's an older gentleman, but he has lots of play left in him.

This pretty lady is Miss Celestial, also making her pet fair debut! Why is she so tired?

You'd be pretty tired too if you'd just finished raising a whole litter of puppies! (Hey, so this is why Mom had puppy-scent ALL over her. I'm jealous.) This is Taurus. He and his brothers Leo and Scorpio are on the look-out for their furever home. Their sister Gemini got adopted last week, and I bet the boys won't be far behind!

It's tough being loved all the time. Take it from someone who knows. Taurus eventually decided he'd had enough of being oohed and aahed over by everyone and slept away the rest of pet fair.

I can't wait for the next pet fair to see what cool scents Mom brings me!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dog of the Day

Say hello to...


Shiro is a really awesome LBR dog looking for his forever home! Here's what his foster mom has to say about him:

"Shiro (Japanese for white) has really come out of his shell. He arrived so skinny and scared but now has a very happy tail and wiggles when anyone arrives.

Shiro’s very gentle, submissive, and sweet. He really works to please. He is knows the doggie door and is housetrained unless it rains. He’s great with all dogs but the neighborhood cat looked pretty tasty so he’s not likely a friend. He is learning not to jump on us but messes up when he’s excited. He loves everyone, especially kids. He never licks or kisses but is a real cuddle-bug and won’t leave my side.

He is so cute and such a love, I fell in love instantly. I know you will too.

He is healthy and ready for his new family; please let us know if you would like to meet him."

You can meet Shiro today at our Pet Fair! We'll be at the Garland Petco on Firewheel Parkway from 11-3. (Well, okay, I won't, but my mom will be there, and so will lots of great LBR dogs!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dog of the Day

Meet DIXON!!

Hi! My name is Dixon and I am looking for my forever home. After raising me from the time I was 16 hours old my Mommy had to give me up because she fell on hard times and could not afford me.

She trained me well - I sit, stay, heal, will "leave it", come when called, like my crate, can give my paw and do high fives! I love being around people and really only want to be where my loved ones are.

My Foster Mommy says that I am so handsome and sweet but would probably be better in a home where I am the only dog. I like having all the attention! But I am fine with cats as I was raised with them! I also love my 2 year old skin sister.

My back legs have some arthritis in them so I need someone who won't want me to be too active and who will be gentle with me.

I am so happy to be with my foster family but I really want a home where I can stay forever! Please come meet me and take me home.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Very happy Atom Ant update!

Let's Dance!

Not sure if you heard
'Cause we just got the word
The tumor was completely excised!

I've a clean bill of health
That is better than wealth
And no news could come more highly prized

Like I told you before
I am ready for more
I still have so damn much to do

It's not my last dance
I still get my chance
I am now ready to write chapter two.

Love and kisses!

Atom Ant

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dog of the Day


Alyce Ann is a wonderful, lovable girl looking for her furever home! Here's what her foster mom says about her:

"Alyce is a sweet, happy, goofy girl, looking for a loving forever home to keep entertained with her comical, expressive, snorts, chortles, snores & barks that communicate exactly what’s going on in that big pretty head of hers. She IS large for a Boxer. . . .even taller than my big slim 68 lb boxer girl (Maggie Mae) and her head is bigger than Maggie’s too. She is potty trained, crate trained, know how to “sit”, “shake”, catch a treat in her mouth and, even lay “down” (when tempted by a tasty treat).

Alyce is always thrilled to see me when I get home. When I open the door she dances, prances, snorts and huffs around in her crate. . . . then settles down to grab a little dinner while the little dogs go potty. . . . after which she can take her turn and run around playing with Maggie Mae. She runs around in short bursts then, when I go outside with them, circles back around to come hang out and get some snuggles. She loves hanging out with Maggie and I because, in her former life, she was crated 24x7 with only potty time outside.

Alyce was an owner surrender, raised in a home with pre-teen children. She’s been good with any non-dominant large dogs to which I’ve introduced her but, is dead set that little dogs and cats are evil creatures she must get before they can get her. ;-) "

Are you Alyce Ann's perfect family? Go to Legacy Boxer Rescue today!