Monday, July 30, 2018

Working on the weekend

Guys, you won't BELIEVE how hard I worked this weekend! I was practicing my greetings a LOT. I met one of Momma's friends, and he was skeery at furst but then much nicer. By the end of his visit, I was climbing in his lap to kiss him! Then yesterday Grandma came!! Pigeon told me all about her, and she IS super nice! I warmed up to her real quick. She's the best!

But the biggest work of the weekend was with Pigeon.

"Hi deres! I'd really like to play!" 

 " DON'T put my paw on top of her. Got it."

 "So I can lay here real quiet, and she won't run away from me? Yay!"

 "Hey again, li'l sis! C'mon, let's be furiends."

 "Well....I GUESS you're not so bad, goggie."
"She likes me!!!!"

Yup, you saw right, Pigeon was giving me kitty headbutts and everything! It was WONDERFUL!!! ...Of course, then she got down to go back to her room, I chased her, and she hissed at me again. BUT! Progress!!! I think it was a successful weekend.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Final Fiction Friday

I'm going to try my paw at Yam Aunty's Final Fiction Friday. The way it works, you pick any book, go to page 87, and pick a word or phrase from lines 8, 12, and 16, then build a story around it.

So Momma is boring and only has legal books around her. Siiiiiiigh. We need to do this earlier next month!! We'll be taking our prompt from The Appellate Prosecutor by Ronald H. Clark. Our word prompts are: should, notice, and where.

Sneak Attack!
by Matilda

I am stealthy, like a ninja. No one will ever notice when I exercise my skillz.

Quietly, quietly, I wait out my quarry. Should I attack now? Will there be a better spot? Where will she go next? It is a mystery, but I am a master sneaker!

Finally, at long last, the mysterious prey known as "Auntie" selects her spot...and I select my attack!

SUCCESS!! She is so skeered forever and ever. And I got belly rubs out of it. Victory is mine!


Thursday, July 26, 2018

My furst sleepover

The fun thing about being a puppy is that I get lots of fursts! For example, this week Momma had to go out of town for a work thingy. She told me since I'd been so good, she was going to let me go have my furst sleepover back at my foster home!! How cool is that?

It was so pawesome seeing my foster sister Gala again!! We played and played and played, and I told her all about my new home and new Momma and new kitty sister. She was very impressed.

But I missed Momma BUNCHES. I was SO excited when she came to pick me up again.

Afterwards, Momma and I spent some quality time together. We watched some TV....

Then I got to try my furst Frosty Paws! It was so nommy, I tried to eat the little bowl after I was done licking it up. Momma took it away then. Darn.

Then we watched some more TV. I always get worried when there's a big chase going on. I have to watch to make sure everyone's okay.

Then it was time to snuggle. There's NO place like home!

Saturday, July 21, 2018


I wanted to make sure all of yous don't furget I exist just 'cause there's a goggie here now. Yeah, yeah, she's cute and all, but do you know how hyperactive crazy she is?? I spent most of my time napping in my room, because she's so crazy she wants to play and jump and lick all the time. Momma keeps telling me to be patient and she'll settle down eventually. I think I might just hide until then.


Friday, July 20, 2018

Flower Friday...somewhere

I heard it was Flower Friday AND Rosy's barkday, so I wanted to pawticipate this time. I went hunting in my yard for flowers, but all I found was grass and dirt.

Momma wasn't so happy about my search. Uh-oh. Happy furst barkday anyway, Rosy!!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Puppy class

My furst puppy class was Monday. I was pretty nervous about meeting all the other dogs, but they were SO nice! Momma said I was the best at hellos. I didn't growl at anyone, but I didn't cower and cry either. I just walked up and sniffed politely. WELL, don't tell Momma, but I think the difference is that I'm the only LADY in this class. Boys don't have as nice of manners!

 These are some of my classmates. There are six of us total, but one couldn't make that night's class and Momma didn't get a picture of Bruce. So here's Hachie the Pyr, Bentley the Golden, and Gunner the Miki. (His momma said that's a new breed that's a cross of a Yorkie, a Maltese, and something I don't remember.)

I won't deny it -- I was pretty bored in class a lot of the time. We spent a lot of time talking to the humans, and then worked a lot on Sit. Um, hello, I already Sit! I showed a few times how I had it nailed, then I was just bored. Momma said next class we'll cover more stuff that I don't know, so it'll be more interesting.

But I did find something interesting...

 That Hachie's pretty handsome, isn't he?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My very special blankie

I think Momma shared pictures of this extra-special blankie earlier. It was a gift to her from a dear, sweet friend after Casey and Jessie went to the Rainbow Bridge. She made it in their colors, and it even has paw prints in the fabric!

Momma wanted a special photo of me with the blankie. I was an extra good girl with it -- I know it's special!!

PeeS: I liked meeting all the other dogs at puppy class, but class was BORING! I already KNOW that stuff. Sit? Sheesh, I've got that nailed.

Monday, July 16, 2018

My first Blogville mail!

OMD, this is SO exciting! I actually gots my very furst mail ever!! Momma says that now I'm part of Blogville, I'm going to get lots of mail. But THIS one was special because it was furst.

I didn't even realize at first what she meant by "this mail is for you!" Then I was so excited, I tried to eat the card.

Thanks, Aunt Madi! You're the best!

PeeS: I'm starting Puppy Class tonight. I'm very nervous. Cross your paws I do okay!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Serene Sunday

It's particularly serene around our house today. Pigeon just came over to hang out on the chair with us. Look how chill I was! I didn't jump on her or sniff her too hard or anything.

We just looked at each other and then touched noses a bit. Momma got all leaky-eyed. Then Pigeon stepped right over me and I was a GOOD GIRL MATILDA.

This sister thing isn't so hard!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Training is hard work!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! For some reason, Momma is wearing kitties on her ears today. She says it's because she thinks Friday the 13th is lucky -- she was born on it! -- so she likes wearing black cats. Weird.

Anyway, the Momma training has been going pretty well. I've got her trained to come bring me out into the yard regularly so I've got company to go potty. Sometimes I still sneak off to go in the hall or something, but Momma is getting pretty good at knowing when I want company. I've also got her trained on toys! Every day, I go through the toy boy and pull everything out to examine and play with. Then Momma puts them all back in the box for me! Pretty neat trick, huh?

This is my slinky dog. He's SUPER long and hard to maneuver, so I had to work really hard to get him up on the ottoman.

When I did, I made sure to hold him in place so he couldn't get away again!

Training humans and slinky dogs is sure hard work!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Echoes of the Past

My new house has a MAGIC box. It's FULL of toys, and every time I go sniffing in there, I find something new to play with! Today I found a real live DRAGON, can you believe it? Some other pups might be skeered, but not Queen Matilda! I grabbed that thing and showed it who was BOSS.

Fur some reason, instead of being in awe of my accomplishment, Momma got all watery-eyed and said how much she loved seeing me love that toy. Apparently it used to belong to my great-brother Casey, and it was his most favoritest toy.

 I wish I'd known my great-brother and great-sisters. I'm glad that Momma tells me stories of those who came before me so I can love them almost as much as she does. Now every time I play with my new dragon, I'm going to know I have another invisible playmate.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hello Blogville!!

Um...hellooooo?? Is dis thing on? Okay, hi everybody! I'm MATILDA!

Sometimes Momma calls me Tilda, or Tildy, or Waltzing Matilda, or Puppy, or Baby Girl. My new sister Pigeon mostly calls me Hiss! You can call me any of dat. So Momma and Pigeon told me that I'm now a blogger. That seems like a lot of responsibility for a little pup, but I'll try my hardest! Maybe chewing on things will help? Mostly I chew things. Dat's how I relax. Momma has been nice and gave me a HUGE bone this morning to chew on while she goes to dat "work" place.

Okay, so let me back up. Momma says all my new Blogville Aunties and Uncles have heard the story of how she found me and we decided to be family. It's the BESTEST story! I loved my foster mom, but I knew I had a FOREVER Momma waiting out there for me. Then she showed up right at my foster home, and we both knew right away!! It was hard just having visits and waiting impatiently to come home for reals. Then last night, she came to my foster home and told me it was time to come home!!! I made sure to tell her how excited I was. She seemed pretty excited too.

 Then she gave me my very own FUREVER collar. It's purple, which she said is my new color because it looks best against my reddish furs. Of course I look good in it! I'd look good in anything. But purple is a ROYAL color. I heard there were some queens and even an Empress named Matilda. So my new royal collar is pawfect.

After about eighty gazillion million pictures, we said goodbye to everyone at my foster home. I'll miss Foster Mom and Foster Dad, and the cute little skin kid there. I GUESS I'll even miss my foster sister Gala, even though she was mean and yelled at me and gave me a bleeding broken toenail an HOUR before Momma showed up to take me home. I mean reallys!!! I's fine now, though. So Momma and I got in the car, with my fancy ROYAL harness and ROYAL leash.

 We got home and I sniffed EVERYTHING! Pigeon gave me a long hiss that I'm assuming meant "welcome home, little sister," but I don't speak Cat. Hopefully we'll bond a little as time goes by.

After talking to Pigeon and playing with toys, I went on my first grand exploration of the area. Momma calls it "walkies."

But it wasn't just a walk. It was a SAFARI!!! Look at who I bravely encountered!

 They were in awe to see a real Queen come by. They were scared stiff!! Maybe they'll relax the next time we go by.

Afterwards, Momma and I played a bit, then she said it was playtime. I got real excited and started jumping all over her as she laid down to play with me. What fun!!! But oh, she said it was BEDTIME. So I laid down next to her and took a nice long nap. Then I woke up and played with my squirrels again, but I was nice and only squeaked them a little. Then I slept on the padded storage bench at the foot of the bed. Then Momma took me out to potty again, then we went back to bed. This time I realized that UNDER the bed is a pawfect Matilda-sized hidey hole. So I snoozed under there and was totally hidden. Momma couldn't see me at ALL this morning. It was pure luck that she squeezed my paws sticking out from under the bed and told me good morning.

We went for ANOTHER walk -- are we going to do two every day?? That would be pawesome!! Then I had breakfast.

 Then Momma and I played Tug a bit. I'm SO much better at it than she is. Hah!

Then I settled down on the bed with my squirrels again and watched Momma put on nice clothes without dog hair on them. She said it was time to go to "work".

I'm not sure what that means, but she gave me a HUGE pawesome bone and closed the door of my crate while I chewed on it. I don't really mind. This is a seriously amazing bone. But maybe a little later I'll try out some of my escape artist skills. Momma said my great-brother Casey was a super escape artist, so I bet she'll appreciate that. I doing okay on this blogging thing? I don't think getting Momma to take pictures is gonna be a problem, so I'll give you more updates on my royal adventures. Until then, Matilda and Momma, signing out!

PeeS: People are asking, so I guess I should add how old I am. I was born on February 20th, so I am 4 and a half months old!