Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Tex

I wanted to give everyone an update on my buddy Tex! He's the poor baby who was hit by a car and had a badly broken leg. They tried putting in a plate to stabilize it enough to heal, but that didn't work and they decided they had to amputate the leg. Tex was pretty skeered, but he told me that he felt lots better after ready all your encouragement!

Well, he came through surgery just fine and is adjusting to life as a tripod. Even when he was still in the hospital, he was giving grreat kisses!

He says it's a little weird missing a leg, but he still manages to play with his toys just fine, thank you!

He gets along so well now, you'd never guess he was missing a leg! Isn't he handsome?

 But he is definitely milking his recovery for all it's worth! Yesterday he got a special visit from one of LBR's junior rescuers. She reads stories to all the foster pups in her house, and she decided that Tex needed storytime too so he could heal properly. Tex said he had no problems with that.

You're doing grreat, Tex! Your perfect furever home is just around the corner!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Monday!

I hope all my furiends out there had a grreat weekend! I sure did. My momma was silly and flip-flopped weekends in her head, so all the plans she thought she had this weekend are actually for next weekend. That meant she was around the house almost the whole weekend!! And the weather was really pretty, so guess what we did?

Yup, we went to the dog park!! It was so much fun! I sniffed at trees, and sniffed at other dogs, and sniffed at peemail. Sniff sniff sniff!

Then somebody turned the sprinklers on in the water play area, so I licked at them and got all wet and cool.

It was so much fun!!

Then we went home, and Momma and I spent the rest of the weekend like this.

Ahhhhhh. We need more quiet weekends, Momma. I like this.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mail call!

This was a grreat week! I got mail TWICE! How pawesome is that? I don't get a lot of mail except at Christmas, so this was very exciting. I got the furst package on Monday. I gave it a good sniff.

Oh! I know what it is. It's one of my auction wins from the Moore Tornado Benefit Auction. I smell Susie and Sidebite on it! Look at my pawesome picture! Now I need to find a pawfect place to hang it.

The next package showed up on Thursday. I couldn't wait for Momma to open it and shoved my snooter right inside.

Ohh, yes, it's the beeYOUtiful earrings I bought at the auction. They look very pretty against my fur, don't they?

Don't be silly, I know I don't have pierced ears! Here, Momma, I got them for you.

I'm glad we were able to raise lots of money for Moore and get some pawesome mail at the same time!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Foster Friday: Meet Raider!

Happy FRIDAY everybody!! I loves loves LOVES Fridays! It's the end of the week, which means Momma gets to spend two whole days cuddling me instead of going to that silly WORK place. Plus it means I get to share another of Legacy Boxer Rescue's totally pawesome dogs available for adoption! I've got a grreat one for you today. Say hello to RAIDER!

Isn't he a handsome guy?? Raider is about three years old and is trying very hard to find his furever home. He's a smart guy, too! He knows how to sit, shake, wait to eat (wow, I've never managed THAT one!) and some other commands. He even knows to go right into his crate when his foster momma tells him to.

Raider can be a little shy of other dogs when he first meets them, but then he gets along with them really well! He lives with six other dogs in his foster home, and he gets along with all of them. One of them, LBR foster Bexar, is his bestest buddy. They play and snuggle all day long. Raider would really like a furbrother or sister of his own at his furever home so he can keep playing all the time.

And did I mention he really likes baths?! BOL!! What a strange pup.

But we love him lots, and he has LOTS of love to give to his furever home. Think it might be you? Check out his bio page today, then fill out an application and say you need RAIDER right now!

 "Dreaming of my furever home."

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vibes for Tex!

Hey guys, do you remember me telling you all about my buddy Tex? He's a foster dog with Legacy Boxer Rescue, and we think he got hit by a car before he turned up at the shelter. His leg is broken in two places, including right by his hip. He had to have surgery and put a plate in his leg to keep the break steady so it could heal.

Well, poor guy! His plate failed, and his leg rebroke. :(  We've talked to the dogtors, and the only option now is to amputate his leg. I've known some other three-legged dogs, and they get by so grreat you'd never guess they were tripods!

So please send Tex some well wishes and let him know that he'll be okay with just three legs, okay?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pet Fair

This weekend was a Pet Far for Legacy Boxer Rescue. I didn't get to go, 'cause if I did everyone would obviously want to adopt me and that wouldn't be fair to all the other dogs looking for homes. But Momma went and brought home lots of smell mail for me and Cinderella, and some pics for you! I guess I should keep her around, she's useful sometimes.

This handsome guy is named Beni. Momma was totally in love with him. I was a little jealous at all the smell mail he left on her.

And here's handsome McCoy! Doesn't he look snazzy in his bow tie? I tell ya, clothes make the man.

Handsome Finley was a little nervous about Pet Fair, but he loosened up as time went by!

Hrm, Beni again?! Here he is getting a friendly greeting from Miss Etta. She's a firecracker!

Oh, look who paid us a visit! It's Obi! He's doing a lot better after a week in his foster home. Momma snuggled him lots.

Here's Tyler, who is now adoption-pending after the pet fair! How exciting! His foster sister Etta is photo-bombing. :)

Here's a better shot of Etta. She's getting over mange, so she still needs to regrow a little fur, but she's still beeYOUtiful.

Flossie loves her foster daddy!

And to think some people think boxers aren't lapdogs! McCoy proves otherwise.

Miss Polly shows off her gawjuss smile.

Little Miss Gidget is another firecracker! Doesn't she look pretty in her flower?

Sweet Flossie is a silver belle just like my sissy Cinderella! I hope she finds the pawfect home to live out her golden years.

If one of these dogs looks like the dog for you, go fill out an LBR application today!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's National Ice Cream Day!

I was totally ready for the National Ice Cream Day Post. But Ms. Opposable Thumbs refused to help me get it posted. HRMPH!! So... it's National Ice Cream Day (Extended Edition)!!

Om nom nom nom, it's Frosty Paws!

Yes, Momma, we want the Frosty Paws. Stop taunting us, woman!

YES! Ohhhh, how I loves my Frosty Paws.

Hey, sis, you look like you could use a little help with yours...

Happy National Ice Cream Day everyone!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The big reveal!

Okay, you can finally find out what we did on Sunday that required a BATH on Saturday night. Let's see if you think it was worth it...



Yup, Cinderella and I went to a professional pawtographer to get some family photos made! We even all dressed alike. Don't Cinderella's orange flower and my snazzy bow tie go pawfectly together??

Oh yeah, there's a handsome guy.

And my beeYOUtiful sissy! Isn't she pretty?

 And Momma wanted in on the act too!

 I loves this picture. Momma says it's the pawfect picture of her with the man in her life.

 Our family is pretty happy together. Wouldn't you say so?

Monday, July 15, 2013

The saddest part of rescue

I'm going to delay telling you about my super-fun, bath-requiring day yesterday for one more day because I want to talk to you about something very sad and impawtant. It's hard work being part of a rescue. Momma said that people always ask her how you can foster a dog and give it up again. Well, we've done that, and it's sad every time, but it's also happy, because you've taken this sad little pup, gotten them all healthy and happy, and sent them off to a furever home where they'll be loved and taken care of for the rest of their lives.

That's why returns always hurt so much. Sometimes, no matter how hard we work to make sure all of our approved adopters are the bestest people ever and will take pawfect care of our dogs... well, it doesn't work out. Sometimes things change, like someone loses their job and can't take care of their dog anymore, or they have a baby and it turns out to be deathly allergic to dogs.

Sometimes, though, the returns are because the adopters are the grreat family we thought they were after all. :( This is Obie and Pancake. No, they're not boxers. There aren't good bulldog rescues in the area, so we'll sometimes take them in as "honorary boxers" when there's one in need. Obie is a very tiny Old English Bulldog, and pretty Pancake is a French bulldog.

Obie and Pancake ended up adopted by the same home, and we were SO happy for them. We knew they'd be loved and spoiled and taken care of for the rest of their lives. Well... here they are last week when we got them back.

Turns out "forever" only means "until we get a divorce." Then their momma just left them, and their daddy put them out in the backyard and didn't take care of them. Poor Obie is badly emaciated and has lots of problems. His poor little toenails were horribly overgrown -- one of them had even grown all the way around and embedded in his paw pad!! When our volunteers trimmed it, blood and pus came out. Ugh.

Pancake was in better shape, but she was still skinny and hadn't been taken care of.

Fortunately, they are both back with LBR now and in new foster homes. They'll have a chance to get well again, and this time we'll see if we can find them real furever homes. But it's so hard to think about giving them up again, because we already promised them furever once. :(

Keep your paws crossed for both of them today, please! They're going to visit the dogtors for full check-ups. Our biggest worry is that they'll turn up heartworm-positive, since they were being kept outside and probably weren't on preventative. Both had heartworm treatment during their first round with LBR, and a second treatment often has complications and can be fatal. So we're really hoping for HW-!!

Welcome home, Obie and Pancake. We're so sorry you had to go through this. :(

Update: Good news! Obie is heartworm negative!!! Woot! He still has a lot of other health problems -- he has to have lubrication drops on his eyes and his, er, manhood to deal with problems, he has meds for skin infections all over his little body, and he's going to have to go to a dental specialist to see about getting teeth pulled. His anal glands were full of gunk, and he had so many fleas that they're still coming out after three flea baths! Yuck. Long road to go for poor Obie.

I haven't heard back from Pancake's foster momma yet, but she was in a lot better shape than Obie!