Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Update for Bebe :(

We got a call from the surgeon late last night.
Bebe was doing great when out of the blue she had a grand mal seizure and they were unable to resuscitate her.  The surgery center shares the same space as the emergency clinic, so she had round the clock care.
The vet said that when he left at 5:30 she was alert and trying her best to figure out how to get past the cone to lick her incision.  He has no idea what could have happened.  He was devastated because he thought we had pulled her thru.
Bebe is now  running happy with our beloved babies at the bridge.  Although she could not stay with us, she knows we tried and she will always be one of our own.
Thank you all for being there for her.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

BeBe's Surgery Update

Sweet BeBe is out of surgery. She's not out of the woods yet, but at least the worst is behind her.

They were able to stop the bleeding and she is finally starting to pink up a bit after the blood transfusion. Pink gums, pink tongue which tells us her heart function is good.

The vet's think that she was pregnant but at some point early on the puppies died. Then her body had problems reabsorbing them. At that point it proceeded like a normal delivery and that's when things went terribly wrong.

She is now spayed and will never have to worry about that again.

Unfortunately, our bank account has taken a huge hit and we need help recovering ourselves! If you can make a donation of any amount, it will keep us in the black and help us be ready for the next big emergency.

There are several ways to donate:

You can make a donation directly on our website at

PayPal your donation to and add a note that it's for BeBe

Mail a check to: Legacy Boxer Rescue, 424 Plainview Dr., Hurst, Texas 76054

And don't forget to VOTE for Sharon Sleighter in the "Hero Next Door" contest.

Bebe Update

Bebe had her surgery consultation this morning. She is critically anemic. She will get a transfusion to get her red count up, and they hope to have her in surgery by this afternoon. The estimated cost for the procedure itself is $1,800-2,000.

Both the transfusion and the surgery are high risk so she needs everyone's moral support right now!

Legacy Boxer Rescue could use your help to pay for Bebe's vet care.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BeBe needs Your HELP!

This beautiful girl is BeBe. She's much too sick to write to you herself, so one of the LBR volunteers is helping her. When she get's better, she'll tell you all about herself.

As of right now, she is fighting for her life at one of our wonderful LBR vets. Her owner's took her to an ER clinic last night to have her euthanized because she has a prolapsed uterus. She has been sick for 10 DAYS! That's not a pretty sight, so we won't share those pictures with you, but let's just say it is life-threatening and very painful. And she's only 17 months old. Just a baby.

The ER clinic couldn't bear to euthanize her. They said that when they looked at her face, it was as if she was saying "Please don't kill me!". They contacted LBR for help. Our fearless leader, Sharon Sleighter took one look at her picture and told them to stabilize her and we would do what we can to help.

Within 30 minutes, we had a foster home lined up and transport from the ER clinic to our regular vet arranged.

BeBe has a long way to go and it's still unclear as to whether or not we will be able to save her life or not. She is scheduled for surgery at 10AM in the morning at a vet that specializes in very complicated surgeries. Her ER bill alone was $809. And that's just a drop in the bucket of what it will take to save her.

But that's what Legacy Boxer Rescue does best - Save The Boxers!

What can you do to help BeBe and other boxers in need?

Go to our website: and follow the link to cast your VOTE for Sharon Sleighter in the "Hero Next Door" contest and help Legacy Boxer Rescue win $5000 or make a donation directly towards BeBe's care.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wine Tasting

Legacy had their wine tasting event this past weekend and I wasn't allowed to go! I don't know why, I love people and wine (when mom's not looking, shhh don't tell her). Mom said the event was a great success and a lot of fun. I think it would of been even more fun if I'd of been there.

This is Booker, he got his own cupcake and everything! Booker's mom is the president of Legacy so I'll cut him some slack for eating my cupcake. Mom said he was a very good boy.

This is my mom and her friend and fellow volunteer Joni. My mom's the one in the glasses. They sure do look like they were having fun!

This is Andrea and Melodi. They volunteer for Legacy too. Don't tell mom I said so but I'm glad all these wonderful volunteers and Legacy supporters had a chance to get together and enjoy themselves and make some money! It's very important for the all the dogs in Legacies care, they like to eat you know!!

The next time ya'll (I'm a Texas girl you know) are in the Dallas area check to see if there's an event you can come to. The Legacy Volunteers are sure to keep you entertained.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Booker is begging....

Booker is begging you to vote for his mommy, LBR Founder Sharon Sleighter, for the Hero Next Door award. I really don't like Booker to beg, but this is a WORTHY cause and I will have to admit, I fall over if I try to beg like he does, so the job is all his. Please vote for our mommy, we love her lots and she says this $5,000.00 will help a lot of other boxers like us! Thank you!


Love and kidney bean wiggles,


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pet Fair!

Pet fair yesterday was a big success.  I was not allowed to go, but lots of other boxers were there.  Buster Blue was there doing his froggy doggy pose, as usual.  

Keebler was there showing off his new fur coat.  He is one leggy boxer boy, isn't he?

Also, Rome was there, talking and singing to everyone.  Kathy B had a whole conversation with the boy! Hear for yourself...

If you want to meet some of our boxers and be part of the fun, come out to one of our Meet Our Boxer events!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please Help!

A little birdy told me that Legacy Boxer Rescue's "Pack Leader", Sharon Sleighter, has been selected as a Top 10 Finalist in's "Hero Next Door" contest. Here is Sharon with two very cute puppies that LBR rescued.

My friend Sharon (who also saved ME!) wants everyone to know that if she wins, Legacy gets $2500, and she will donate her $2500 to Legacy also.

That's $5,000.00 for Legacy Boxer Rescue! That will go to boxers like Noel, who needs some groceries!

Voting runs through February 26th, 2010.

Here are some ways you can help get the word out to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

  • Forward this newsletter to your contact list and ask everyone to vote for Sharon Sleighter/LBR, and ask they they do likewise.

  • Post to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and personal blogs. Repeat postings throughout the contest duration. Ask your friends to do likewise.

  • Send periodic reminders during the contest duration, through February 26th.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I like big lips and I can not lie...

Muwah! Don't you just want to kiss those lips? Keebler has great lips.

Roxanne's lips are pretty kissable too.

But Winston is the most kissable EVER!
(okay - so maybe his Mom is a little biased)

Look deep into my eyes...

Huckleberry here. Listen to the sound of my voice....You are getting sleepy. Verrrrrrrry sleepy.

WAIT! I'm not ready for a nap. I would rather play with Jellybean and Keebler in the snow.

I have a GREAT right hook. You better watch out Jellybean, or you might get punched!

Snow Boxers!

Yippee! Woo Hoo! Look at me RUN!

Gosh, did mom order all this fun white stuff just for me?!?!!?

Look how fast I can go...try to catch me now Keebler!

You'll have to get off the porch if you want to play. Come on Keebler. Come on Huckleberry. It's FUN!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boxers in the Snow!

I'm not too thrilled with all of this snow in North Texas, as you can see.  However, as you will see, lots of the other Legacy Boxers love it!

This is Dudley (white boy) and his sister, Roxy.  They think that snow is super!  Dudley was adopted by LBR volunteer, Terri.  

These cuties are Freckles (white), Dixon and Helen.  Freckles was adopted by her foster mom, Lorie.  Dixon is still looking for his forever home.  Helen is a Legacy Keeper.  That means she gets to stay the rest of her life with her foster mom, because she has tumors that are inoperable.

Schatzie got adopted by LBR volunteer, Susan.  She wasn't too sure about the snow, but she figures that running makes it better.  

This is Stark and his forever dad, Zach!  

This is Sky.  He is part of the Boxer Gang.  His dad, Jeff, has a whole gang of foster and forever boxers!

This video shows Rex and Connor (and their non-boxer siblings - lol).  Rex was adopted by LBR volunteer, Leslie.  Connor is still searching for a forever family.  Connor is the skinnier boxer.

The LBR boxers love the snow!  I was feeling a little lonely in the snow-hating department, until I saw Magnum.  He prefers to stay out of the snow, like me!

Then I saw this picture of Ivan, and I knew that there are some wise boxers like me out there!  Ivan was adopted by LBR volunteer, Mel.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Public Service Announcement

I have discovered something about the other dogs that live here and wanted to share my knowledge. They are really gulliable.

I mean really, really gulliable. It is so very easy to get what I want with them. Playing with a toy, chewing on a bone, sleeping on my bed? No Problem!

You need to have your innocent face down just right. Like this.

Then I simply find another toy to play with and when they drop the toy to come investigate I take it. Works great with chews too, see?

Sleeping on a bed that I want to sleep on? Just go find a human to play with and sure enough they jump right up. Then I just go curl up and snooze.

Works every time. They just aren't that bright.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Kotton and Indica Want YOU!

I want to introduce you to two special boxers.  Kotton is a handsome white male boxer. He came to LBR with his mom Indica when their family got divorced. Their mom tried to keep them, but she had to move back home where they were not allowed to live with her. 

Indica loves all the toys, but give Kotton a ball and he’ll be entertained for hours. They are crate trained and like to share a crate to snuggle in when their foster parents are away. 

They are both very vigilant in protecting the home against those darn squirrels.  They are both very agile as they can jump at least 6 feet in the air! This is especially good when stealing kisses!  Their foster dad calls them Pinky and the Brain. He tells me that Kotton is Pinky but that’s just because he's happy go lucky and since he's white he tends to be on the pink side. 

We hope you will consider adopting them to be part of your family, as they have lots of love to give. All they have ever known is each other, and LBR would like to adopt them as a set, but at a single adoption price. Ask to meet Indica & Kotton and, I promise that they will be the easiest, most fun and most loving family members you will ever have!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whatever! Jellybean...

Yea, you heard me. I say "Whatever" to Jellybean because she knows I could catch her if I wanted to!

I just let her win because she's a "girl" and Mom says I need to use all my energy to grow hair.

Speaking of hair - WOW! Look at all my pretty hair! When I first came to my foster home, I didn't have any hair. Well, I did have one tiny patch of hair left on the back of my neck, but that was it. And it was SO cold with no hair in the winter. Mom bought me some really cute shirts to wear so that when the cold blasts of air hit me when I went outside to potty, it wouldn't hurt so much. I used to cry when I had to go outside, but not anymore because I have HAIR! Lots of beautiful, brindle and black hair. There isn't a spot on my body that doesn't have hair anymore. What a relief. Since it's been so cold out this winter, having my hair back has sure helped a lot.

Mom says I should show you what I looked like before. That was me the first day I got to my new foster home. See my cool shirt? I had never been allowed inside before, but obviously it didn't take long to figure out that being inside and warm is the place to be.

So, don't believe Jellybean's lies. She's fast and she can jump really high, but I'm bigger and sweeter and my brindle hair is prettier than her brindle hair. Mom says we shouldn't bicker about such things. She says that if we're really good and keep learning new things and getting better, that someone will want to adopt us and love us forever.

I'll be waiting right here on my soft pillow until then.

Naptime. I'll write more later.
Slurps and Wiggles,
Keebler ....z z z z z z z z z z z

Monday, February 1, 2010

Jellybean Here!

Hi Everybody!

It's me, Jellybean. Just stopping by to say hello. Mom took a picture of me riding in the car after I got to go visit some people a couple of weekends ago. She tells me all the time how pretty I am.

That was a very busy day! I had lots of fun and it was nice getting out of the house for the day. I got to play with a puppy and show him how fast I can run and how high I can jump. He wasn't impressed. I could give flying lessons if I just had some wings.

Hopefully I'll find a family soon that will appreciate my gazelle-like leaping abilities. Mom says that I'm so funny and I make her laugh with the way I run in big, leaping circles around the yard with Keebler trying to catch me.

She says if he ever catches me, I'm in trouble!

Whatever. I say "Good luck with that, Keebler!"

Slurps and Wiggles,


Puppies are HERE!

Isis had 3 of her puppies yesterday, but my mom starting fretting yesterday evening because she said there were two puppies that didn't want to come out. I don't get that, we have chicken jerky here! They should come out and have some with me!! Mom said the vets had to do something called a sea section to get the other two to come out. I hope they all got chicken jerky after that! Mom also says the sea section was really expensive, she said it was 2.5K, but I don't know what that is? It sounds like a lot of chicken jerky though!

Here's a picture of mom and the three babies that came out on their own. Aren't they cute?