Friday, February 28, 2014

Can you guess?

I'm going to have SUCH a pawesome weekend!! Can you guess what I'll be doing? I'll give you a hint. Actually, two hints!

So what do you think I'll be doing??

PeeS: My new furiend Enid is having a Dress-Up Dog contest! I entered my kilt picture, because I look so handsome in it. Please go vote for me! (Or Cinderella. I guess you could vote for Cinderella. But mostly ME! :D)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some days...

 It just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Am I right, Lennox?

LBR foster Lennox

Thursday, February 20, 2014


LBR alum Trinity is hiding. Can you spot her?

Arrgh, bed monster attack!!! BOL, did I skeer you? Thanks to everyone who wished me well over the past few days. I'm feeling totally fine, and for some reason Momma keeps referring to me as a "little stinker". No idea why. After all, I'm bouncy and happy and not acting at all like anything was wrong or I did a thing to skeer her to death a few days ago. Why would she be annoyed about that?

But hey, just between you and me? It's starting to get a little weird how excited she gets about how good my poops are looking these days. I mean really....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Smell mail!

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but Momma got a little distracted yesterday morning. I'm not sure why... Thanks again for all the Power of the Paw you sent my way yesterday. I'm feeling a lot better and snuggled with Momma ALL night to comfort her.

Sunday Momma went away for a few hours, but when she came back she brought me lots of pawesome smell mail! It was a Pet Fair for Legacy Boxer Rescue, so lots of our available dogs came out to wow the public. Want to meet a few of them?

This is Gretta. She's the tiniest boxer girl you'll ever meet -- 26 pounds at a year old! -- and full of attitude. Take a look at that pout!

This is her brother Iggy. (Well, they came into the shelter at the same time. We think they might be brother and sister.) He's super cute, and he had a lot of fun chewing on an antler someone brought him!

 Maiani looks worried for some reason. I don't know why -- she had people lined up around the block to kiss her sweet face!

Major had the best smile, didn't he?

Marlowe looks very serious, but she was a bundle of energy the whole time! This was the only time she held still long enough for a picture.

 Another great smile! This one is from Nicholas.

This handsome guy is Oslo. When he came to us, his left eye was so badly injured that it had to be removed. I think he's handsome anyway. Besides, chicks dig eye patches!

 Here's Scooter! How's that for a handsome devil pose?

This is how Momma spent a lot of the pet fair. Memphis is quite the hugger and kisser!! It's okay, buddy, I don't mind sharing my momma for a few hours. I hope you find a momma of your own real soon!

Thanks for all the grreat smell mail, Momma!! It's always nice to touch base with my Legacy cousins.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy to be home!

Hi, everyone!! I'm super-relieved that I got to come home from the vet this afternoon. The vet says I have colitis, which is an inflammation of the GI track that she can treat with meds. Phew!!! Momma is watching me carefully for a while. I promise to take it easy and heal up. Thank you all for the Power of the Paw. I could feel it helping me!

Power of the paw please!

This is Casey's worried momma. Casey pooped an entire puddle of blood on our morning walk. He's at the vet right now to be monitored and have some tests run. Please send some power of the paw his way, I'm worried sick!!

Update: I just heard from the vet, and it's looking like it's just colitis! That's an inflammation of the lower GI tract, often caused by stress or some viruses. She's starting him on some medications, and I'm going to take him home at lunch. Thank you!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Queen of Hearts Dance: Kissing Booth Part 2!

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you've been having as much fun as Cinderella, Pigeon, and I have been at Madi's fangtastic Queen of Hearts Dance!! I'm so tired from dancing, I can barely move anymore. Maybe I should just plant myself at the kissing booth again... Oh wow, look at the line that's formed!! I'd better get busy!

Furst here's Misaki from The Misadventures of Misaki, patiently waiting at the head of the line!

Next here's Max from Maggie Mae Says, with a kiss from Cinderella.

Then Max hopped up so he could kiss his girl Puddles from We 3 Doxies.

 Ooh, and here's Muffin from The Doxie Life, waiting patiently on yours truly. Mwah!

Murphy from Murphy & Stanley wanted a kiss from Cinderella!

Oh, and it looks like his brother Stanley is getting a kiss from his date Taffy of A Wiener Dog Blog!

 Noodles from A Bowl of Noodles just jumped in so she could kiss her date, Frank the Tank. Aren't they cute?

Cinderella is back in action with the very handsome Ranger, from The Adventures of Ranger.

 Next up is Sarge from Sarge Speaks Out. Cinderella wanted to thank him especially for her pretty flowers!

OMD, Raz from Friends Furever just brought Mayoress Madi back over to the booth so he can plant a big kiss on her!

 Look who's up next, the beeYOUtiful Sasha from Silly Sasha the Lovable Shih Tzu!

Ooh, next up is the lovely Miss Stanzie from Gardening with Wyatt!

Oh, and here's her brother, Mr. Wyatt himself!

 Here's Mr. Socks from Alasandra, The Cats, & Dogs. He's kissing his fiancee Samantha of Life From a Cat's Perspective. Those crazy kids!

 I'm happy my next customer is Stella Rose of The Three Little Pugs.

Then she wanted to kiss her own handsome man, Stan. Grreat job, Stan!

Here's Sidebite from Susie & Sidebite, ready for a kiss from Cinderella.

And his sissy Susie, ready for a kiss from me!

Webster from A Day in the Life of Pugs just stepped up for a kiss from his grrl, Mimi Roo.

Cinderella is back to kiss the extremely handsome Sully!

 That's just about everyone, guys! I'm so glad you all came by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the dance. Oh, but wait! There's one more very, very special lady who needs a kiss. The incredibly gawjuss Maggie Mae of Maggie Mae Says!

Whoops, I guess I got a little carried away! But she's just so beeYOUtiful, and guess what? She's MY Valentine!!! So we're going to go off and dance together. Enjoy your night, everyone!

And if you haven't already, check out the Queen of Hearts post on Mayoress Madi's blog to make sure you catch all the events!!

Queen of Hearts Dance: Kissing Booth, Part 1!

OMD, everyone, the day is finally here!! It's Valentine's Day at last, and that means it's time for Mayoress Madi's Queen of Hearts Dance.

 Everything is just so beeYOUtiful. I escorted my lovely sissy Cinderella to the ball. Isn't she gawjuss? And just look at those flowers Sarge made for her!

 Who else would be lucky enough to take Cinderella to a ball?

We have an extra-special guest today too. My kitty sister Pigeon decided that she wanted to go to the dance too! This is her very furst Blogville event, and she's very excited. I hope all the handsome guys out there will ask her to dance and show her a good time. (But not TOO good. She's my sister!)

"Hi, everyone! It's so nice to meet you all."

 There are couples arriving right and left. Everyone just looks so incredible. Cinderella and I had better get set up for our big KISSING BOOTH event!!

Now folks, this is the BIGGEST event I've ever hosted. I had SO many responses pouring in. Just look at that line outside the kissing booth! Cinderella and I had better get some water and pucker up. While we're getting ready, Mayoress Madi wanted to start things off with a big kiss for all her Blogville furiends who are making her Queen of Hearts Dance such a success.

Of course, once she was there, Madi exercised a little Mayoral power to claim the very furst kiss from yours truly. This one's for you, Madi!

Next up is the beeYOUtiful Miss Greta from the Idaho Pug Ranch. Lucky grrl, you got to the head of the line! (It was nice of you to let Madi go in front.)

Oh, and her lovely sissy, Miss Hazel. Pucker up!!

Here's Angus from The Three Little Pugs, lining up for a kiss from my sissy. Mwah!

Angus also wants to share a kiss with his very special lady, the lovely Miss Liberty from A Day in the Life of Pugs. Go get her, Angus!

Oh, we have another request for a freestyle kiss. Here's Allie from Friends Furever and her handsome mancat, Mauricio from The Cat on My Head.

 Oh look, it's Frank and Ernie from Frankly and Ernestly Speaking! Frankie was worried about getting in trouble with his wives, so he asked for a kiss on the cheek.

 And Ernie will always stay true to his Roxy, so he asked for a kiss on the forehead!

 None of that fur me, though! I plant it RIGHT on the lips. Lily from One French Bulldog found that one out, BOL!

 Next I got to kiss the lovely Issa, one of the Critters in the Cottage...

 And her brother, handsome Mr. Duffy, lined up for Cinderella!

Frank the Tank decided to take advantage of Cinderella's line being a little short...

And so did the handsome Gambler J. Stancer, one of the Sand Spring Chesapeakes. Hubba hubba!

Let's have a freestyle! Here's Tubby kissing his lady Gracie from Goodness Gracie.

 Wow, look at the line that's been forming by my window! Here's Loveable Lily for her kiss!

 The lovely Maggie from The Three Little Pugs. Here you go, cutie!

Next Maggie wanted to plant one on her date, the handsome Mr. Peyton from A Day in the Life of Pugs. Grreat job!

Hoo boy!! I don't know about you, but Cinderella and I are exhausted from all this kissing! We're going to take a break to get something to drink (and maybe dance a little). We'll be back at noon with the rest of the kissing booth. Until then, be sure to check out the official Queen of Hearts post to find all the events!