Friday, April 30, 2021

I'm BACK!!

 Did you miss me?? I missed you guys, even though I was having lots of fun with Miss Cheyenne, my pawesome dog sitter. You guys are really smart, you guessed exactly where Momma was going! She and our Best Guy had almost as much fun as me, visiting the sunny island of Hawaii.

They wore flowers around their neck, they drank fruity drinks, they saw the gawjuss local scenery.

They even made friends with some of the local wildlife!

I'm glad we all had fun, but boy, I was glad to have Momma back!!

She didn't furget about me either. She brought me some souvenirs -- a purple bandana from the place with the dinosaurs, and a tropical collar! It's not purple, but I thinks orange looks nice with my furs too.

But souvenirs aren't nearly as impawtant as having our snuggle time back! I hope Momma doesn't go anywhere else for a while. We have a lot of cuddling to catch up on!

Monday, April 19, 2021

What do you mean by that, Momma?

 So Momma put this on me and then told me we're not going to be able to update my blog for a week or so. And apparently my dog sitter is coming.

 Hmmmmmm.... I'm not sure if I've given approval for this.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Daycare: Before & After

 I gots to go to daycare again this week! It's so much fun!! Momma laughs and says she knows I like going because this is me on the way:

I run right inside and happily trot off with the nice lady who takes me to the play yard. Momma used to get sad that I didn't look back at her or anything, but now she's just happy I'm having so much fun. Then after we get home, I tell Momma all about my day.

I'm so happy to have all this extra play time!!

Monday, April 12, 2021

A Texas tradition

 Here in Texas, we have a tradition every spring. That's when bluebonnets start to blanket our roadsides and fields with masses of gawjuss Texan flowers. It's a tradition for people to haul out their kids and take pictures of them in the bluebonnets. Our Best Guy is a photographer, and he complains about how hard it was in days of film to develop all those pictures with the right balance of blue flowers, human skin tones, and usually white clothes. So Momma was surprised but happy that he volunteered to get some pictures of Yours Truly in some bluebonnets he spotted near his work.

And the result?


Yeah. I know. I'm gawjuss. BOL! Thanks, Best Guy! 


PeeS: I was safely leashed during the pictures, because it was near a road, but the leash was edited out of the picture.