Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pet Fair Pups

Legacy had a pet fair yesterday and mom brought home lots of smell mail.

This is Buddy. He's almost 10 years old and full of spunk. My mom and Cubby's mom both think he should come live with them but Buster and Cubby say No Way! I think they're just jealous.

This is Iggy. He's recovering from mange. It's pretty sad the shape that people allow their dogs to get in. He's awfully cute now I bet he's going to be super handsome when he gets all of his hair back.

This is Amos and Deuce. Two very cute boys looking for a forever home of their own.

This handsome fellow is Buster Blue. He already found a home and his mom brought him up to visit. The foster homes really love it when they get to see their foster dogs.

And remember those cute little puppies from last week? We'll here are two of them and they have gotten big! They're ready for their forever homes now.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Roses for Rescue

We had our spring Roses for rescue event last weekend.  Thanks to the hundreds of past adopters, volunteers, and rose-lovers that came out to support us! 

There were also lots of boxers out there on that beautiful weekend.  Even Mother Nature wanted us to have a great event, and that we did.  Sharon said we made enough for us to spay or neuter over 200 boxers!  Wow!

This is Hennessey and his foster mom, Susan.  I went out to the event for a couple of hours, but Henni was there for the long haul!  (And he didn't bark at the other boxers like I did - hehe)

Here is Jason in front of a bunch of roses.  He rode in my truck right next to me, and I got to slobber on him! It was great!

We're all looking forward to another great rose sale in the fall - don't miss it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I Smell Puppies!!

Mom got to vaccinate puppies today and she didn't take me with her! She knows how much I love puppies and she didn't let me go. She got the smell down when she got home.

This is Babe, better known as Piglet. Hey! That's one of my nicknames.

This is Crash. Mom wanted to bring him home but my brother Buster would of been mad!

Awfully cute aren't they?

She better take me with her next time!