Friday, July 31, 2015

Guess what?!?!

She's baaaaaack!!!!

 OMD OMD OMD!! She was gone FUREVER, but now she's HOME with US where she belongs!!!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Is the end near??

Momma?? Are you even out there? Do you remember us?? You said you'd be coming home today. We miiiiiiiiiss you!!!

 I'm just going to lay by the door until you come home. You're coming home, right?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another day of neglect

I don't know how much longer Jessie and I can survive with just this dogsitter instead of our momma. Woe.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wasting away...

Furiends, I don't know how much longer I can take this. Momma abandoned us!! Yes, she claimed she had something called a "conference" for that work thing she claims keeps us in kibble, and she sailed off without a thought for her poor innocent babies left behind.

Why would you leaves me, Momma??

So she's off in exotic climates like a hotel room while we suffer at home, with nobody but ourselves and a dogsitter who caters to our every whim to entertain us. I don't know how much longer I can go on.

 Just... too... depressed.

If we survive this, and if Momma ever comes back to us, we'll be back on Friday.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Puppies!!! Perfect 10!

Miss Tianna decided to celebrate TGIF by having her puppies tonight!! As of now, we have three -- two girls and boy. Tianna's foster daddy decided to give the pups Beatles-themed names. So introducing...

Puppy #1 -- Prudence

Puppy #2 -- Rita

And Puppy #3 -- Jude

We'll update this post in the morning after we get the final count. Grreat job, Momma Tianna!

Pupdate: And our family is now a pawfect 10!! Here's the rest of the pups.

Puppy #4 Penny Lane (girl)

Puppy #5 Sgt. Pepper (boy)

Puppy # 6 Lucy Sky (girl) -- This is mine and Momma's favorite!!

Puppy #7 Lennon (boy)

Puppy #8 Abbey Road (girl)

Puppy #9 Rocky Raccoon (boy)

Puppy #10 Eleanor (girl)

They're PAWFECT! Here's Momma Tianna with the whole family. Grrreat job, Momma. You're a rock star!!!


I've never been much of a ball guy. Bigger balls I might bat around a little, but tennis balls I just ignore completely. They're just not a toy in my world. So Momma was surprised this morning to see Jessie all of a sudden get super excited and start playing like kerazy. She looked and saw Jessie had found the lone tennis ball we had tucked away in the toy box.

It made Momma happy to throw the ball for her a few times. She said it reminded her of my angel aunt Kaitlin, a yellow Lab who loved NOTHING in the world like her tennis balls. :)

Jessie has sure managed to get the CUTE thing down pat. I keep telling her she's already a furever dog, she doesn't HAVE to keep it up. But last night she told Momma she didn't want to sleep in the crate. Unsurprisingly, Momma agreed! Could YOU say no to this face?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hot dog!

According to Ranger's Wacky Holidays calendar, today is HOT DOG Day. They sure do have WEIRD holidays on that calendar, but we're happy to celebrate whatever. So... here's to Hot Dog Day!

 Hoo boy, I was sure hot in THESE pictures! It was my first race with Momma, and it was SO hot. Just look at my tongue hanging out!

When I'm a hot dog, I like to cool down with a little ice cream.

 Jessie gets hot too. Her tongue grows about three times its size when she's hot!

But being hot can be fun too, whether it's rolling in the grass or running high speed dodging crocodiles!

I hope everyone enjoys Hot Dog Day!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jessie's adventure

Yesterday Momma came home from work and changed into her playing with the dogs clothes. I got excited, thinking we were going to go for a walk early (though it was REALLY hot and I wasn't sure what she was thinking!). But then Momma told me I had to stay home, and she left me to go on an adventure with just Jessie!

Hey Casey, I'll take over from here. Dis is MY adventure! Although it really wasn't much of one. Momma loaded me up in the car and put on my seatbelt. I much preferred the furst time I rode in the car and jumped right up into the front seat with her, then jumped into the back and collapsed the cargo cover. BOL!! For some reason, she's been real diligent about that seatbelt ever since. 

Anyways, we headed out, and it wasn't long before I recognized the way. We were going back to the dogtor! Now, don't get me wrong. They're really nice there, and give me pets and treats and tell me how adorable I am. (They have grreat taste.) But the last few times I've gone, Momma has left me there for HOURS while she goes to that "work" thing. I made sure to stick extra close to her this time and NOT let her leave me. And it worked! After the dogtor stuck a probe in a very uncomfortable place, she made it up to me by giving me lots of lovings while she listened to my heart.

And the verdict is... my heartworm treatment recovery period is OVER!! Momma gets to start easing me back into activity. She told me that means I can start playing with Casey any time I want. Woohoo!!! And it also means...

WALKIES!!! I got to go with Casey on morning walkies today, and I was SO excited!! OMD. Momma said after a few days, she'll start taking me on evening walkies too!!! OMD, this is just the BEST.

The one bad bit of news is the dogtor could tell from that uncomfortable probe that I'm still having colitis issues. (My poopies aren't in very good shape, and I've lost two whole pounds this month.) She gave me a heavy-duty medicine to take for about three weeks to see if we can knock my system back into order, and then hopefully we can keep it under control with just diet and stuff instead of meds all the time. BUT all that means I'm not medically cleared yet, so Momma can't sign the adoption papers just yet. She says it doesn't matter, I'm still her FUREVER dog even if I'm technically a foster, so I'll just work on getting 100% well as soon as possible. Woohoo!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Painting pawty!

Momma has done a painting pawty twice before, where they draw a picture on a canvas and walk you through how to paint it yourself. She's painted me once and Cinderella before that. There was another painting pawty this weekend, with proceeds to benefit LBR, so Momma decided she was going to paint Scribbles!

She always furgets to take a preliminary shot, so here's the furst one she remembered. This one printed your picture right on the canvas, not just drew it on like previous pawties. The only thing she's painted in this one is the green background. You can see the inspiration picture at the bottom.

Then she started working on the furs, and finally the eyes and nose.

 She was really worried about getting the eyes right, because Scribbles had such beeYOUtiful, unique eyes. But she was happy with how they turned out!

Momma was pretty happy with how it turned out in the end!

She couldn't get the muzzle to look like it was supposed to, but otherwise Momma was very happy with the end result. It looks JUST like Scribbles! What do you think?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Move over, AntMan!

Jessie heard that some new superhero called "AntMan" is a big hit. She thinks that sounds awfully silly. There's a better superhero in town. Make way for...


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Puppy watch!

That's right, folks, LBR is on PUPPY WATCH again!!! Miss Tianna was rescued from the shelter a few weeks ago, and shortly afterward we realized that she had a couple of STOWAWAYS!!

She's the most beautifulest boxer, and I know her babies will be just as gawjuss!! And we're expecting a BIG family -- she had a checkup yesterday, and the dogtor is estimating 8-10 pups OR MORE! He thinks she has about 3-5 days to go before we all get to meet the kiddos. I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cow Appreciation Day

Today is Cow Appreciation Day! (A much easier day to celebrate than yesterday's Nude Day. Gulp.) I love this day because it reminds me of my Boy. He looooves cows. He says cows are his spirit animal. :)  So for my Boy, here you go!

Taking pictures of today, I also thought of my sweet angel sissy Cinderella. She loved her cow plushie. I think she loved it so much she took it with her to the Bridge, because Momma looked everywheres for it for today and couldn't find it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

National Nude Day

Ohhhhh boy. Ranger's holiday calendar said that today is National Nude Day. I'm a little nervous about this... but I keep hearing there's nothing to be ashamed of. So... here goes! An ARTISTIC pawtrait of yours truly. In. Da. Buff.

OMD. Momma, put my collar back on! This ARTISTIC NUDITY is too much for me! And Jessie, don't even THINK about it. Artistic or not, you're TOO YOUNG!