Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Update for Bebe :(

We got a call from the surgeon late last night.
Bebe was doing great when out of the blue she had a grand mal seizure and they were unable to resuscitate her.  The surgery center shares the same space as the emergency clinic, so she had round the clock care.
The vet said that when he left at 5:30 she was alert and trying her best to figure out how to get past the cone to lick her incision.  He has no idea what could have happened.  He was devastated because he thought we had pulled her thru.
Bebe is now  running happy with our beloved babies at the bridge.  Although she could not stay with us, she knows we tried and she will always be one of our own.
Thank you all for being there for her.

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  1. Poor BeBe. :( I know you'll have a lot of new friends waiting to welcome you to the Rainbow Bridge. You were part of the family, even if it was for too short a time.