Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boxers in the Snow!

I'm not too thrilled with all of this snow in North Texas, as you can see.  However, as you will see, lots of the other Legacy Boxers love it!

This is Dudley (white boy) and his sister, Roxy.  They think that snow is super!  Dudley was adopted by LBR volunteer, Terri.  

These cuties are Freckles (white), Dixon and Helen.  Freckles was adopted by her foster mom, Lorie.  Dixon is still looking for his forever home.  Helen is a Legacy Keeper.  That means she gets to stay the rest of her life with her foster mom, because she has tumors that are inoperable.

Schatzie got adopted by LBR volunteer, Susan.  She wasn't too sure about the snow, but she figures that running makes it better.  

This is Stark and his forever dad, Zach!  

This is Sky.  He is part of the Boxer Gang.  His dad, Jeff, has a whole gang of foster and forever boxers!

This video shows Rex and Connor (and their non-boxer siblings - lol).  Rex was adopted by LBR volunteer, Leslie.  Connor is still searching for a forever family.  Connor is the skinnier boxer.

The LBR boxers love the snow!  I was feeling a little lonely in the snow-hating department, until I saw Magnum.  He prefers to stay out of the snow, like me!

Then I saw this picture of Ivan, and I knew that there are some wise boxers like me out there!  Ivan was adopted by LBR volunteer, Mel.

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