Monday, March 1, 2010

Pet Fair Update!

There was a Pet Fair on Saturday and I got to ride with Daddy to deliver some crates that my mom needed. I wanted to go inside so bad, but Dad was in a hurry and had to stay in the car. I was NOT happy!

When mom came home I got to read (smell) the "pet fair news" from her clothes, and they had a good day indeed! Mom was really sleepy when she came in, so she sat on MY chaise lounger and fell asleep. I had lots of "reading" time because she was asleep.

MagZ and Bonnie both found their forever homes!! Yay for those two girls!

Here's some pics.

The "pet fair news" tells me this is my friend Susan with Hennessey and MagZ.

The handsome boxer getting love from a visitor is Connor. That could have been ME getting some lovin' if Dad had let me in there!

The handsome dog on the floor is Logan. Hennessey, Connor and Logan are looking for their forever homes still!

Maybe someday mom will let me go to a pet fair, but she keeps telling me that I am so cute and sweet that I'd probably get adopted if I were to visit. I don't want to be adopted, I love my mom and dad, but I do want to go in there!! They have fun in there, I just know it!


Some day they will realize that they should give me everything I want. I am the most awesomest boxer ever after all. :)

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  1. I don't get to go either, Hammer. It's not fair. I don't know why Mom keeps taking Pumba and not ME! I'm her favorite, after all.