Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pet Fair!

Pet fair yesterday was a big success.  I was not allowed to go, but lots of other boxers were there.  Buster Blue was there doing his froggy doggy pose, as usual.  

Keebler was there showing off his new fur coat.  He is one leggy boxer boy, isn't he?

Also, Rome was there, talking and singing to everyone.  Kathy B had a whole conversation with the boy! Hear for yourself...

If you want to meet some of our boxers and be part of the fun, come out to one of our Meet Our Boxer events!


  1. Rome sure is a good singer! If I start trying to show off my stunning vocal skills, my mom just yells at me to "HUSH!"

  2. Buster Blue looks like a boxer rug. He really should have more respect for us boxers. ;-)