Friday, February 5, 2010

Kotton and Indica Want YOU!

I want to introduce you to two special boxers.  Kotton is a handsome white male boxer. He came to LBR with his mom Indica when their family got divorced. Their mom tried to keep them, but she had to move back home where they were not allowed to live with her. 

Indica loves all the toys, but give Kotton a ball and he’ll be entertained for hours. They are crate trained and like to share a crate to snuggle in when their foster parents are away. 

They are both very vigilant in protecting the home against those darn squirrels.  They are both very agile as they can jump at least 6 feet in the air! This is especially good when stealing kisses!  Their foster dad calls them Pinky and the Brain. He tells me that Kotton is Pinky but that’s just because he's happy go lucky and since he's white he tends to be on the pink side. 

We hope you will consider adopting them to be part of your family, as they have lots of love to give. All they have ever known is each other, and LBR would like to adopt them as a set, but at a single adoption price. Ask to meet Indica & Kotton and, I promise that they will be the easiest, most fun and most loving family members you will ever have!

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