Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whatever! Jellybean...

Yea, you heard me. I say "Whatever" to Jellybean because she knows I could catch her if I wanted to!

I just let her win because she's a "girl" and Mom says I need to use all my energy to grow hair.

Speaking of hair - WOW! Look at all my pretty hair! When I first came to my foster home, I didn't have any hair. Well, I did have one tiny patch of hair left on the back of my neck, but that was it. And it was SO cold with no hair in the winter. Mom bought me some really cute shirts to wear so that when the cold blasts of air hit me when I went outside to potty, it wouldn't hurt so much. I used to cry when I had to go outside, but not anymore because I have HAIR! Lots of beautiful, brindle and black hair. There isn't a spot on my body that doesn't have hair anymore. What a relief. Since it's been so cold out this winter, having my hair back has sure helped a lot.

Mom says I should show you what I looked like before. That was me the first day I got to my new foster home. See my cool shirt? I had never been allowed inside before, but obviously it didn't take long to figure out that being inside and warm is the place to be.

So, don't believe Jellybean's lies. She's fast and she can jump really high, but I'm bigger and sweeter and my brindle hair is prettier than her brindle hair. Mom says we shouldn't bicker about such things. She says that if we're really good and keep learning new things and getting better, that someone will want to adopt us and love us forever.

I'll be waiting right here on my soft pillow until then.

Naptime. I'll write more later.
Slurps and Wiggles,
Keebler ....z z z z z z z z z z z


  1. You look wonderful! Life is SO much better once you have a snazzy fur coat, trust me!

  2. And you should know Casey :) Mom says LBR helped you get a new coat too. Not striped like mine, but still pretty doggone snazzy.


  3. Yup, thanks to Legacy I have a pretty awesome before and after comparison! LBR's the best!