Monday, February 1, 2010

Puppies are HERE!

Isis had 3 of her puppies yesterday, but my mom starting fretting yesterday evening because she said there were two puppies that didn't want to come out. I don't get that, we have chicken jerky here! They should come out and have some with me!! Mom said the vets had to do something called a sea section to get the other two to come out. I hope they all got chicken jerky after that! Mom also says the sea section was really expensive, she said it was 2.5K, but I don't know what that is? It sounds like a lot of chicken jerky though!

Here's a picture of mom and the three babies that came out on their own. Aren't they cute?



  1. Ouch, that's a whole lot of kibble! I heard there's a contest where people can vote for your mom to get a lot of money to pay for Isis's puppies and other stuff...

    Welcome to the family, puppies! We'll all share jerky with you.

  2. Sure hope Isis and the puppies are doing good. Love the photo. Is there a contest? I have a website about Breed Rescue. Would it be ok if I featured Isis and the puppies on the Spotlight Page. Let me know. Thanks Joann

    Breed Rescue

  3. We would love for you to feature the puppies! We have more pictures if you need them.

    We do have a contest going on right now where we could win $5000. Vote for LBR’s Pack Leader, Sharon Sleighter in the “Hero Next Door” Contest. VOTE HERE: